Harper Finkle Meets Harper Finkle

Harper Finkle Meets Harper Finkle

Jennifer Stone and special guest star Rachel Dratch (formerly of Saturday Night Live) smile from ear-to-ear in this new still from The Wizards of Waverly Place.

In the upcoming episode, “Future Harper,” Alex (Selena Gomez), Justin (David Henrie) and Max Russo (Jake T. Austin) travel into the future to find a best-selling author who is using their lives as the basis of her novels, only to find out the author is Harper Finkle (Dratch). After the discovery, Justin must ensure that Alex and Harper stay friends to preserve all of their futures. Rob Reiner also guest stars.

“Future Harper,” airs Sunday, March 15 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

20+ Wizards stills inside…

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Photos: Joel Warren/Disney Channel
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  • saudia

    loves it ! can’t wait for this episode, this show is hilarious

  • Victoria

    what, rob riener guest stars on this too, he was just on HM

  • Anonymous

    What’s with all the guest stars on WOWP and HM?

  • lauren

    I don’t know why.. but i HATE Jennifer!!! she looks so … ew… and she is fat! and she acts like she’s thin!!!!

  • julia

    PLUS she thinks she is Selena’s BFF when she’s NOT

  • jenna

    go wowp

  • riana

    julia and lauren u guys r mean- give harper a break just cuz she isnt as pretty as the otha stars

  • Bob

    Wow, this show is turning into Hannah Montana. YAY!!!! I mean only Hannah and now Wizards have all these guest stars. It’s good to see Disney spend money to get all these guest stars on Wizards. In the first season, Disney kinda ignored the show. Now I see they are giving the show the same treatment as Hannah Montana. Good thing too cause Wizards totally deserves it. But Rob Reiner? That’s just too cliche since he was just on Hannah lol.

  • KK

    that’s harper in the future :O
    pretty cool ^^
    can’t wait for new episode of WOWP!!!
    it’s the MOST best – amazing show ever on disney :)

    yeah, whoever said, why there are so many guest stars
    i was wondering the same thing
    for new people on HM and wizards :S
    guess it’s because, there the highest rated tv shows

    can you say annoying much?
    honestly, you don’t know anything about her
    and hating jenn just cuz of her weight and looks
    is really pathetic.
    i bet you don’t look nearly as pretty, skinny, or have friends to know any of this!
    the obvious is: jenn is selena’s friend. they hang out together on/after wiz’s/ they make youtube vids together/ jenn never claimed to act like she’s thin or mentioned her weight/ just because she’s not like any of the other stars- doesn’t mean she’s not talented enough—- ever heard of a person to feel and look different in their own unique ways?
    or never judge a book by it’s cover?

    learn things, before you say anything
    cuz it def shows how much you don’t know!
    haters get lost and get a life!

  • KK

    # 8
    wizards isn’t turning to HM!
    if that did happen..i would def freak!!!!

    as you can tell, wizards is diff and alot more funnier than HM.
    A secret of a wizard family compared to a popstar/ normal life girl?
    same idea sure.. but not even close to being alike =/

    the only reason they put guest stars, is so HM can win back there fame …and be more popular again, since wiz’s is like close second or something to be the fav tv show.
    yeah your right..wizards def deserves guest stars to help them out, cuz there show was ignored and never given a chance before.
    glad disney’s finally noticing ^^

  • piinkyprinxcess

    LOL this sounds funny
    i wonder how alex and justin will look like in the future

  • Bob

    #10 “KK”, what I meant was Wizards’s status is turning to Hannah Montana status. Which is really good. But I’m still VERY mad that this show doesn’t get a franchise and merchandise when Hannah Montana and Camp Rock(barf) do. Got any ideas on how to tell Disney to give Wizards of Waverly Place a damn franchise?

  • Duma

    #10 and #12 actually disney is making wizards doll of alex justin and max soon so i guess WOWP is finally getting sum franchise so no need to worry. i cant wait to see how they sell though. disney are about to cash on on WOWP.

  • Duma


  • Bob

    #13 “Duma”, Really?! Wow my niece is gonna be so happy lol. I would want one of those cool wands they use on the show though haha. This is really good news. Hopefully these dolls will branch out into a huge franchise and maybe Disney will finally let go of High School Musical and Camp Rock. :) Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wait, #13 where did you hear this information from?

  • JustGonnaSay

    Hannah Montana and WoWp rocks….i dunno bout WOWP cuz this show repeat all episodes here! It’s so annoying and im getting sick of it! I cant wait for them to air new episodes here! Plus, Hannah and WOWP is both cool.

  • Gwenie

    # 15


    Also, on Selena’s saynow message, she said there’s gonna be tons of Wizards merchandises coming out.

    Oh and lets not forget the Wizards MOVIE! whoooo!

  • JustGonnaSay

    i could imagine that lady beside jennifer stone as the future of Alyson Stoner.

  • Bob

    #17, Wow this is really good news. I’m excited! My niece and I checked out the pic of the doll on oceanup and it actually looks pretty cool. She can’t wait til it comes out.

    But I was extremely disturbed at the rude comments about Selena that the Miley fans left on the oceanup site. The comments were so bad I had to make my niece leave the room. I’ve always questioned Miley’s postion as a role model for kids. But seeing the behavior of the Miley fans, it makes me think about the harms of girls obsessing over her. Seriously, the Miley fans are not good ones

  • Bob

    Wow, Jared changed my sentence in the previous comment lol. I guess I used too much inappropriate language. What I meant in the last sentece was the Miley fans are getting really bad.

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