Sabrina Bryan: Blogging From the Slopes

Sabrina Bryan: Blogging From the Slopes

Sabrina Bryan is loving her “Month of Love” and just updated her Facebook with a new note. Check out what the 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl had to say:

“This blog is coming to you light speed from me! I just got to the Mount High for a day of snowboarding with my sister (Starr)! We started early this morning to drive out here and spend the day together. Neither one of us has been in years and about every ten or fifteen minutes we keep busting up with the thought that this could be extremely hazardous for us!!! Hopefully it’s like riding a bike…our family used to go a lot so I hope we’ll be fine!

“I’ve already started a list of things I should have brought…chapstick, iPod, sweatshirt….socks haha jk!! Anyway wish me luck…I brought the flip cam so expect more pics and videos from our adventure! Talk to you guys soon! Xoxo Sabrina.”

Sabrina also took good friends Tre and Shawna to a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew on Thursday night (February 19). Check it out at!

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  • ERIN


    Yay Sabrina, Thanks for posting about her Jared – we want everything you’ve got!

  • randa

    I love sabrina!!
    she was my fav. cheetah!!

    snow boarding sounds soo much funn!

  • ashfan

    she is so COOL !!!
    i love her….

  • Sussy

    OMG, that sound like so much fun!! She looks so cute on those picture!! LOVE HER!!!

  • sonia

    She is the best!! She rocks thanks JJR for showing more of Sabrina Bryan!!

  • Albert

    She looks more beautiful everyday!!!!

  • Kim

    Awesome! it is so great that Sabrina got to enjoy some time on the slopes with her sister, Starr. Sabrina, we are loving the Month of Love!

  • Littlecheetah47

    I love that Sabrina is having alot of fun on the slopes with her sister Starr! Sabrina you ROCK. Thanks again JJJr for posting Sabrina’s news! :)

  • faith

    Just saw this on her facebook! She is so cute as button and somewhat resembles Mariah Carey there. Sabrina keep giving us the fan’s the scoop love you and thank Just Jared for showing a class act with her.

  • bailey

    She is just adorable

  • Aylin

    I love her, thank you Sabrina for the Sabrina Month Of Love!!!

  • Jesus

    La AMO, cada vez esta mas hermosa!!!!

  • Lauren

    Hope she had fun and didn’t get hurt :P Sabrina Rocks and so does JJJr for posting this article!!!

  • polvopaw

    She looks so cute and like she is having a great time, so cool that she went with her sister, cant wait to see what tomorrow’s surprise its going to be!!!!

  • kusumi

    aww really cutee :)

  • vanessa

    Sabrina <333

  • B_L_B

    Love to see her so happy and looking so beautiful, thank you Sabrina for sharing all this with us, YOU ROCK!!! Thanks JJJr. for keeping us updated on what our favorite Cheetah is doing!! Keep them coming please!!!

  • JustWatchMeNow

    LOVE SABRINA!! It’s always nice to see her out having fun!!! Thanks JJJr!!!

  • Jair

    She is gorgeous, I LOVE her!!!

  • cheryl

    This is so kewl!! Nice to know that Sabrina is close to her sister Starr :) I so want to mee her someday I hope!

  • krissy

    what a rockstar that she got to do that love you Sabrina.

  • rush

    That’s my type of girl who likes to go sowboarding and having fun all at the same time. Marry me Sabrina?

  • luther

    cute girl

  • jessica

    She has the most awesome personality and she is just to cute. love her!

  • mario

    Sabrina looking gorgeous there I wish I had my arms around her she is just divine.

  • sarah

    LOVE her outfit, she looks simply cute!!!

  • gina

    She’s very down to earth, carries herself well. She’s also very, very funny.

  • clay

    She seems like such a nice person and so hot.

  • max

    i freaking love her :P

  • alan

    She is smoking hot with the snow gear

  • meiko

    Sabrina looks amazing as always and to see her smiling alot more lately!

  • claudia

    She rocks – always. You go, girl!

  • emily

    She’s sooooooooooooo cute :)

  • ashley

    I adore her. Lookin’ good !

  • molly

    She looks amazing love to see her again thanks JJJ :)

  • asia

    Im impressed! That she goes snowboarding and that she looks happy. Go Sabrina Go!! Look forward to seeing more of you.

  • tiffany

    Gorgeous! Love her smile. She just gets cuter and cuter! Love Sabrina=]

  • robert


  • johanna

    I love her

  • michael

    She is adorable

  • brenda

    Wonderful girl , she seems so sweet!

  • jayden

    She’s a real cutie pie.

  • caleb

    She is so beautiful

  • erica

    adorable. I love her outfit

  • jennifer

    I just love Sabrina…. she is such a cute girl and I am so entertained by every project she does!!!!

  • gigi

    Keep keep’n it real Sabrina. I look forward to your next projects.

  • billy

    sweet, love Sabrina!

  • amy

    She looks great!

  • chelsie

    i just love this girl! :) :)

  • chelsie

    i just love this girl!! :) :)

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