The Jonas Brothers Batter Up

The Jonas Brothers Batter Up

Hey Batter, Batter Swing!

The Jonas Brothers spend their day off playing in a softball game with some of their friends on Saturday afternoon (February 21) in Brentwood, Calif.

Joe and Nick hit a few balls while big bro Kevin brought both their dogs to watch them play — Elvis and new addition, Texas Teacup Daisy. Daisy was a Christmas gift for Kev‘s girlfriend Danielle.

The JoBros hosted Radio Disney today, premiering the soundtrack to their upcoming flick, The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, which hits theaters THIS Friday.

The Jonas Brothers Host Radio Disney, 02/20

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Credit: Boaz; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Yassy

    Aww how cute!
    I love them :D
    First? :D

  • Ashley


  • amber

    omgggg, someone tell kevin to never wear cowboy boots with skinny jeans ever again. that is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen.

  • hannah


  • Laura

    nick is looking so good :D

  • sam27

    haha cool, Micheal Bruno (of Honor Society) was there…i wonder if the rest of the guys were there too.

  • nicklovesemily:]

    aww i love them soooo much:)
    why didnt kevy play:(
    and joe is lookin soo buff:)
    nick baby i just love you!!!!!!!!<3
    andd i love elvis.
    anddd nig rob!
    this was just adorable!

  • randa

    how fun would it be to play baseball with the jonas brothers!!

    there should be some contest!
    I would love to win that prize!! hahah

  • swe3t23

    kevin is gay… he doesn’t want to mess up his nails….

    come on kevin…….who wears boots to the baseball field

  • ihateu

    oh geez kevin….. boots and the yokie dog….how much gayer can you be

  • heheh

    they’re so awesome. I am so mad I missed all the JB events today. :( uughhh I hope you know I’m not any less of a fan. My heart is broken I missed the chat.

  • cc27

    OMG!! Joe looks soo buffed and strong haha :)

  • Laura

    the guy in the second picture appears to be wearing a blue jays cap. go toronto!!! we’re better at hockey than at baseball. except we havent made the playoffs in about 4 years i believe.
    sorry thats totally random.
    <3 jonas brothers

  • uknow

    their actually acting like guys

  • karr

    ..Joe is the one who looks gay..those shorts are NOT good for him.
    Kevin’s looking fine..aha, cowboy boots at the baseball field, that’s interesting but hot :D Oh, and those white shirts that Joe and Nick are wearing, (yes I know guys have worn them before) but Zachary was the one who wore them first. And Zachary looks better in them. Just saying.

  • Ella

    Joe is so SEXY!!! :D

  • Emily

    Elvis has gotten so big!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    Everybody STFU about Kevin. He is hot and Daisy is so cute. God I hate Kevin haters

  • nicole anderson

    omg!!!!!!joe looks off the hook

  • vannie

    # 3 i agree with you LOL He looks like a homo. Ummm ok is that his gf? If it is i’m happy for him, he is the only normal one and it seems most down to earth and the fame has not gotten to his head and he is not trying to bang every chick out there like his brothers are. Anyway i am so mad that they have a COLLAR on their little Yorkie, they should not be wearing collars, they should wear a HARNESS! Collars can be dangerous and kill them! gosh!

  • tay

    ahhh nick n joe r macher how cute =)
    i love them smexy jonas boys!!!!

  • Alicia

    People just need to stop hating on Kevin already. It’s getting old.
    On a brighter note Joe and Nick did look good in those white v-necks.

  • jobro lover

    omg they are so hott
    they play baseball
    so do i except i play softball
    omg they are so hott
    i can wait till frieday
    im going to the jobro concert in
    theater and then a brad pasiley
    concert later that night im
    stoked!! omg i love the jonas
    brothers nick is so cute!!!
    take that back nick is FINE
    hott omg okay im done

  • jobro lover

    omg they are so hott
    and they play baseball
    even bigger turn on
    i play softball
    omg they are hott
    and i cant wait for there
    3d concert on friday
    i love nick he is so FINE
    OMJ!!!! i love the JONAS

  • Maheen

    during the time wen they r talking bout wiffel ball, nick says miley and me are good at it.. i can tell that they r still close frends

  • JustGonnaSay

    nicks head is smallfor his body in pic 1. ;p

  • JustGonnaSay

    nick’s head is small for his body….:P

  • JustGonnaSay

    im disgusted…

  • jayjay

    aww the dogs are so cute!!!!!

  • ally

    OMG one of the people with them is wearing a toronto blue jays cap!!! How cool is that? They are thinking about canada and they don’t even know it!! LOL

  • me

    aww nick is so cute
    ny yankees cap <3
    haha and i love how honor society was there

  • listen to mayday parade

    normally i am team Joe!

    but Nick is looking FIT!

    keep it up bb

  • Cathy

    they’re looking sooo hot!!!!
    nick is cuter and hotter than ever!!!!
    oh come on just leave poor kev alone… if he doesnt want to play it’s his problem… just back off!!! plus it’s his sense of style, if you dont like it screw u!!! dont mess with him!!!

  • duddeee:]

    kevin, why can’t you just be my studmuffin for ONE day?!?

  • Afora

    who is that girl with the guys

  • kara

    hi kevin. i’m sorry but skinny jeans are not for you. you have woman legs and it just looks weird. : /

  • duddeee:]

    woah elvis got humogeous!!! good lord! and wtf is that little wimpy rat dog kevin is holding?…sick. elvis is the man though. :D

  • Lauren C

    That’s Danielle’s puppy Daisy It was her Christmas gift from Kevin
    That is sooo sweet of him

  • nickxoxo

    nick looks amazing as always <33
    and the yankee cap is such a turn on <3

  • misse

    i thought they said in their live chat that elvis was back in texas?…

  • Annelisee loverss milezz

    ahh adorable!

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    Add us, Rate and subscribe!
    Huge Miley, Demi, Selena, Jonas Brothers fans! Check us out if you are too! :D

  • kim

    whoever said kevin was gay just because he wasnt playin need to shut up. hes played baseball before. he dont have to do everything his brother do.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nick is soooooooooooooooooooo HOTTT I love him soooooooooooooooooooooooo much hes so HOTTT in cleats, b ball shorts & v-necks. And #42 I couldnt agree more with you hes not gay just because he didnt play w/ Nick & Joe he probably had to watch the dogs or something.

  • Alexis

    kevin girlfriend got him a puppy aww how sweet i like daisy must be a girl but how sweet that what you call a girlfriend

  • Stacy_Loves_Joe

    Wow, Joseph is looking very hot in that tight shirt and those shorts. And look no Camilla lol.

  • (Lexi) Alexaca Woodruff

    Nick is Really good at being Compedutive in Sports
    Iam proud.

  • julie

    wth is up with leaving kevin out of all the display pics?

  • http://hgjh brittney


  • http://facebook janile campbell123456789009876

    joe is not guy you are just ogly and if you are a boy then you are guy how do you like them sweet appples hu