Ashley Greene Read 'New Moon' Script!

Ashley Greene Read 'New Moon' Script!

Ashley Greene recently celebrated her 22nd birthday at Prive nightclub in Las Vegas and caught up with Extra to dish on fan favorite sequel, New Moon. Check out what she had to say:

On the new script: “I’m so excited. I finally, finally got the script….and it’s good. It’s really good….I’m really excited to work with Chris [Wentz, director]. I finally spoke to him the other day. I like it [script] better than the first one. I might be biased because I have a bigger part.”

On friend AnnaLynne McCord joining the cast: “AnnaLynne is actually a friend of mine, so I have heard about her being cast. There are a lot of rumors, but that one holds a little bit of weight…but I hope so. She’s a great girl.”

On her character Alice: “It’s nice for me because as Alice, a lot of people don’t recognize me because my hair is longer and everything’s a little different so it’s kind of slowly happening. Versus poor Rob [Pattinson] went from nobody knowing him to everything being documented. I finally got asked to bite someone at a convention.”

On if she has a boyfriend: “I have no social life….Right now it’s my career…It’s very, very difficult to have a boyfriend.”

Check out Ashley‘s full interview TOMORROW, February 24th on EXTRA!

JJJ caught up with AnnaLynne at the GBK Haven Oscar suite over the weekend and she told us all about the New Moon rumors. She shared, “I don’t think it’s happening. I really, really tried to work it out but I have some personal things that I have scheduled for a very long time and the scheduling was off. Sorry, I’m not gonna miss my trip!”

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  • lisa :]

    i love her and her character alice :]

  • Ms A

    first ! yay i cant wait for NM its gunna be awesome ! Ashley is an AWESOME ALICE :D

  • rocket.queen


    She should date with Jackson ♥

  • Julia Brazil

    I’m so happy that she gonna have a BIG part!!! ;D
    I Love Aclice Cullen and Ashley Greene

  • Karina

    New Moon, will be awesome !!

    Twilight is perfect , the best movie ever !!

    So new moon have evething to be perfect too !!

    Love Alice so much !

  • Mari m.

    I love her.. she’s allways so sweet!

  • mandy

    OMG im so excited to see new moon! I cant wait! ahhh thanks JARED for posting this your awsome!!!! keep posting more twilight stuff! =]

  • arantxa

    i love her :)
    i agre with ·3
    they look cute :D
    but she looks cute too with CHACE CRAWFORD !(L)
    they are friends :)

  • rocket.queen

    # 7
    Yeah, she looks cute with him, but i don’t know.. Jackson is Jackson, and he recently admitted he has a crush on Ashley, so, it would be the perfect match ♥

    sorry for my english :S

  • joss

    love her! i think she should be dating jackson! they make a cute couple but i can’t wait to see her in new moon!

  • vanessajonas

    i hope new moon tops twilight…
    yeii annelyne its not in NM

  • zanessa 4ever

    I want she date with kellan (emmett) LoL

    they would be cute together :)

    they’re both beautiful <3

  • Eve

    I like her acting. Her character in New Moon will have a very important role in the plot and I think she’ll nail it.

  • Miss Lautner

    Love Her <3

  • josephine urie

    i love her. she’s so perfect :D ♥

  • heidib

    Oh Ashley, it’s nice to see you on a web page, rather than always Rob-
    Happy 22nd Birthday !! Your such a beautiful woman. I really can’t wait for “New Moon” . it’s driving me crazy for the wait, but i’m bummed out because i heard the creditors are not coming back here to St.Helens Or, ugh!!!!
    and of course YOU’LL BE THE STAR THIS TIME!!!!! YOU SAVED BELLA and got them back together !!!! ;) <3

  • http://woow melanei

    this is so coool the book is grate the movie will be beter i can not whate

  • http://woow melanei

    woo this is a verry good book and even beter movei i hope i can not sleep i am 2 exited i am reading all night and day i can not stop it is so good yyyyaaaaaannnnnnnnn i am tierd can not stop reading oh edwer you are hot

  • melanei

    eddwerd is so hot

  • bee

    ashley greene is so much prettier in person. which is hard to believe, since she’s adorable ion camera as well.
    she’s also really nice.
    it’s good that she got the part.

  • karine

    ♥ashley and jackson

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