David Archuleta: Guest-Starring on Hannah Montana!

David Archuleta: Guest-Starring on Hannah Montana!

While getting ready for his concert tonight, David Archuleta updated his official site for all his fans.

The 18-year-old American Idol alum writes, “I’m reporting from Virginia, where we have our first 2 tour shows! Really exciting stuff. I’m really nervous! Ah! But I can’t wait at the same time! We’ve been practicing and practicing and practicing. It’s so weird to go on my very own tour, it doesn’t feel real!

“All last week has basically been me and the new band getting ready for tour. They’re all really fun to work with and really talented. It’s fun just hanging out with them and we have a good time rehearsing, even though it’s a lot of work. When we rehearse, it’s basically just running through all the songs all day long. We try to tweak them, and see what we can add to it to make it more fun. It’ll be fun to just get out there and sing, and I think you guys will have fun listening to the new songs from the album! I’m excited to perform them.”

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“Some of the songs are really high though, and I have no idea how I hit them… But I manage to lol. When I recorded some of the songs, like ‘Running’, ‘Barriers’, ‘Crush’, ‘A Little Too Not Over You.’ I was thinking… ‘How the heck I was going to be able to sing them?!?’ But I always managed to somehow. And the more you push yourself, (But not in a way you hurt your voice. It’s more like you go for things you were afraid of doing and sing with confidence!) you become more comfortable. And the more you practice those scary songs, you find a comfortable place to sing them that you never knew about before. But yeah there’s my little thought for the day I wanted to share I guess.

“Another thing that happened over the last week is I went to LA to film my guest appearance on Hannah Montana. It was another thing I was really nervous about and wasn’t really sure about at first. However, once I got there I had a great time! Everyone there was fun and Miley [Cyrus] was a cool person to hang out with. She has a lot of energy and is really funny. Getting to watch how they rehearsed the scenes for the show was really cool too. It’s always interesting to see the behind-the-scenes things. I’ve never really watched the show before, but it was sooo funny watching the other scenes!

“I think it’ll be fun to see how the whole show runs altogether, because it was just cool to see how great of actors the other kids were. Anyhow, I better get to rehearsing for the big day tomorrow! I’ll talk to you guys later! Ah! I’m pretty pumped for tomorrow! Let me know if you’re going to the Virginia Beach or Richmond shows ok? You can let me know if you’re going to one of the other shows this week too. Peace!”

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  • Anna

    Omg!! Yay!! I can’t waitt!!

  • http://irina renata



  • b chick

    its funny how david a. ended up being more famous than david c.

    i always knew that he was the real winner of american idol…

  • melissa. *

    love you David! (: hope to see you on the show <3

  • rii

    cool. any info on what episode or when it airs?

  • = ]

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAITTT!!!

  • JustGonnaSay


  • mrsefron.

    COOL!! I wonder what he is gonna be playing. I hope this ep airs in March. Well i guess it has to before April 9th, for the Hannah movie.

    cant wait:)

  • Volunteer

    This is better than guest starring on iCarly. Yay. I hope he’ll guest star on Wizards next.

  • andrea

    haha hes never watched hannah montana before thats funny people were trying to say hes such a huge fan of hers after he went to her party but hes an 18 year old guy he doesn’t wacth that
    and he said his sisters r into the anime thing so they probalt don’t either

  • Eh, whatever.

    I haven’t watched Hannah Montana in awhile, but I’m excited for this!

    Anyway, b chick, you think David A. is more famous because he’s going to be on HM?
    If David C. wasn’t famous his album wouldn’t have gone platinum already. They are both pretty famous you just don’t know how famous David C. is probably because you’re not a fan.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    SHUT UP !! OMG YAY !!

    Eep !! I so cannot wait for THAT epi. Bring on David A. !!

  • Virginia

    oh god.

    i’m sorry, but i saw his icarly appearance, and it was the most AWKWARD guest appearance ever. He seemed like those middle schoolers in skits, it was very uncomfortable.

  • Lindy

    Yayyyy :)
    Hannah Montana is a good promo for him.

  • Victoria

    oh i am so excited!
    i cant wait

  • Cheyenne

    You have got to be kidding me.

  • grace

    I was expecting his blog because today’s Monday. He spoiled us for his regular weekly report. That’s why fans love him ; his loyalty to his family, friends and even fans. Tomorrow, his first show is sold out. I couldn’t buy tickets for the Chicago show because they sold out in 15 min.

    David is so marketable. He is involved in so many things including merchandise such as t -shirt, bags, hoodies, build-a-bear download CD, BAB David t-shirt, even bears to go with t-shirt, poster, wrist band etc. On his shows, these items are selling like a hot cake. Today they announce that his band is wearing the Nappi Clothing line. All David related merchandise is selling well meaning David is drawing money in.

    I always thought Disney could have made a lot of money if David had won on Idol. Think about making CDs of Disney movie tracks. What about baby lullaby songs with his gentle voice. Disney can use his voice in Pixel movies and make Disney + David merchandise. He is such a safe role model kids can look up to. Well, instead, Disney is stuck with older, balder, pitchier guy.

  • ingrid

    omd;;;;;;;i love hanna montana this is amazing

    i love him <3
    i love his songs
    i love his smile
    i love his voice

  • heheh

    #3, uhm, he isn’t. David C sold more albums. David A just gets more appearances on kids television shows obviously. They are both talented, but David C is wayyy better.

  • yellow2

    #11 and #19. agreed.

  • Soy

    Ugh, why do people ALWAYS have to compare David A. and David C.?
    THEY’RE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Both are very talented in their respective ways, and their genres/styles are almost polar opposites. I wish people would stop comparing them! It’s so aggravating…

  • shale

    omg he is amazing

    the new song of david is amazing,amazing,amazing

    i love it


  • kelsye

    yay i cant wait!! i love love david so much! he is so awesome!

  • Nancy

    He and Miley also recorded a song together. Don’t know when they is going to show up. I have no idea if it was for the show or will be released for Itunes. I hate the Cook, Archuleta comparisons also. Why can’t we let them both be successful! I love love love the song he is releasing on his album in Japan. It is amazing. I wish he would release it here as a single. I can’t wait for the Miley appearance on the show. After AI, Disney tried to get David to sign with them but he did not want his career to go totally Disney, so I am glad he is able to go in the direction he is going and still do some disney stuff.

  • Kerri

    Stop with the cook and archuleta comments. We could argue this point over and over, everyone has their favorite so grow up and stop it. They care for each other like brothers so why can’t we have that brotherly love. I am so excited to see this episode with David on it. I didn’t know they did a song together. I can’t wait to hear it. I loved Miley’s last song.

  • jj

    Seriously, Cook and Archie are equally successful. Archie is just in the public eye more thats all.

  • Teresa

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soo exited! :D I love them both. And,Hannah Montana is one of my favorite shows. So,woot! :D

  • Kait

    BIG Archuleta fan here who can also see/hear that Cook is quite talented. No need to compare, because there are plenty of other musicians out there in the music marketplace.

    I’m hoping for much success for both Davids.

    And I can’t wait to see David A. on this spring tour!!

  • andrea

    i’m not a hugee fan of mileys(my opinion!!!) and i haven’t watched her show since the jonas brothers episode but i’m watching it for david:D
    he should go on wizards of waverly place(tha’s a good show.)

  • andrea

    it is stupid and babyish to compare cook and archie just cause they have the same name they are both really good but complete oppisites

    but #11 your exagerating a little people go platinum in a month or less cooks album came out in november so if your trying to prove some point know wat your talking about

    they r both good now give up the comparing!!!

  • kara

    It’s so much fun so see David getting out on his own! I love that he’s trying new things and I think he did wonderful on iCarly!

    Also, David’s solo tour began last night in VA – he was wonderful and soooo happy! I wish him the best in everything!

  • Eh, whatever.

    Andrea, I know exactly what I’m talking about, thank you.

  • archiefan/archieangel:)luvhim!

    archie is soo cool! i luv him! he is cute and reall inspirational and a great singer! he has the best voice and has the most adorable personality! i luv him! and he is more famous than david cook! thats weird. but i dont care, i luv archie!!!!!!!!!

  • http://justjared icee

    david is cute but not cuter than jake t austin now thats the truth