Kristen Stewart Covers Nylon

Kristen Stewart Covers Nylon

Kristen Stewart stands out in a polka-dot mini and jean jacket on the March 2009 cover of Nylon magazine.

The 18-year-old Twilight leading lady dished to the mag on her real-life leading man, her David Letterman appearance and co-star Robert Pattinson. Check it:

On the Twilight madness: “Anywhere we’d go for Twilight was a psychotic situation. The sound was deafening, and it’s thoughtless, as well… You get a slew of all these bulls*** questions like, ‘What’s it like to kiss a vampire?’ and ‘How much do you love Robert?’ Then you’ll get one that’s actually real, but you’re like, ‘No, I can’t right now, I can’t even consider [it].”

On her memorable David Letterman appearance: “I feel like I have nothing to say on those shows… I’m not good at the funny thing—most people are really great on those shows. I don’t have a contrived personality that [I can] just pump out [for] a five-minute segment, so I end up sitting there and looking kind of baffled. Embarrassing.”

On the rumors about her and co-star Robert Pattinson: “It’s just totally false… Rob and I are good friends. We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized, like the way I stand next to him. And it’s like, I know this guy really well [laughs]. It’s only natural that we’re sort of leaning on each other, because we’re put in the most psychotic situations.”

On who she’s actually dating: “He’s older than me—he’s 20 now—but when you’re 13 and he’s turning 16, it was always sort of an out-of-reach thing. Then you get a little older, and you realize, ‘Oh, What am I thinking? I can have you, like, lickity…He’s awesome.”

Check out Kristen Stewart‘s Nylon shoot below…

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Photos: Courtesy Nylon Mag
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  • Sar

    She looks SO preety!!

  • Michelle

    She looks great! Im glad her and Michael are still together :)

  • JustGonnaSay

    the hair looks….high. and her eyes are scaring me. i guess i think she’s creepy. she’s gonna drink my blood if she’s a vampire.:P

  • jaime

    she’s gorgeous! she’s not ony of those fake hollywood stars, she’s who she is!

    kristen! <3

  • kate

    I love Kristen ! :)

  • carolineee

    I like the way she looks, althougha cting let’s say is um… not her strong side….

    I saw the interview, what was so memorable about it ? i mean she’s a little creeppy and awkard-looking but aren’t people used to seeing her like that?

  • Scarlet from the UK

    Shut up all you haters! Kristen is the best and she rules! She’s not one them fake hollywood bimbos. She is just so awesome so shut it!

  • Coii

    agree jaime!! i luv her!! she’s so pretty! i luv those pics of her she looks totally awesome!! she’s so genuine!

    Team KStew & RPattz forever!!

  • Coii

    LOL Scarlet!! i’m with you!!!

  • Russian girl

    She’s really beauty. She is different. Not like other sweety faces girls. It’s pretty cool. I love # 6,7 & 9 pics)))

  • Scarlet from the UK

    I agree that kristen has true beauty. She wears very little make up and her face is absolutely incredible. She is so fantastic.

    ROBSTEN <3

  • Lek

    I wonder…..does she even “realize” when she’s insulting people??? I want to like her(I really do)…but she just keeps opening her mouth and coming off so condescending and arrogant (in interviews)…esp with regard to her peers. “Contrived” personalities??? Isn’t she an actor….who is promoting her “work”. Act like THAT….I think that’s all those whom she’s labeled “contrived” personalities are doing. Bull crap questions… **sigh**. Maybe she should pass around a list of approved questions.??
    Yah… some of the fans ARE psycho… but when you walk INTO a situation with an attitude… you walk out with one. Just saying.
    Look at the bright side… you could be unemployed and living in a box.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I like her
    to me shes pretty
    in an odd way.
    Same with Robert
    Patinson but I love them

  • http://jjj miley

    i love her and she looks really amazing! the outfit and the make up are gorgeous! go kristen!

  • jasmine

    I find her very naturally pretty. and her no bs personality is refreshing.

  • shiley

    she is always sooo relaxed
    love her

  • dd

    she looks sooooooooo pretty!!!!

  • may

    Why does she always seem so pissed off. “Contrived Personality”, maybe some people don’t act depressed all the time because they think that’ll make people take them seriously. Lighten up and be happy about what you’ve got. A million people would kill to be in her shoes, and she calls it bullsh*t, I hate young actress coming up now.

  • katy

    i LOVE Kristen :)

  • Shannon

    freaking luv her at least she’s staying tru to herself

  • Miss Lautner

    Love Her !!!!

    She Well Pretty =]

    Cant Wait To See Her Up Commin Films !

  • bellamor

    Love Kristen. And she looks absolutely beautiful here–thank GOD I subscribe to Nylon! I am STOKED to get this issue!!!!

  • Diana

    she is just so cool. love ya kristen!

  • Florencia

    Salio muy bonita en la revista ^^


  • Kelly

    I think Kristen should be carefull of not alienating fans for simply being fans of Twilight and asking her Twilight like questions.

    She’s a good Bella, but Bella came before we knew of Kristen.
    As a twilight fan and reading the comment she makes about the fans… well it makes me a little mad.

  • blu-ray

    pretty and a real talent

  • Destined

    There is a fine line between being real and being a**hole and Kristen def plays on that a lot. I agree with you Lek, its just something about her attitude that just doesn’t sit well with me. She seems like she regrets doing Twilight from the way she references it or things related to it. Kristen be thankful because its plenty of better looking and acting actresses that could of played Bella.

  • yashi

    again she has been misunderstood!!! some people are so small minded and r soo used to fake hollywood starlets they dont see how real kristen is , im sorry to say this kelly but she is right most of the questions she is asked realeted to twlight are just plain stupid u just gotta see her interviews to see why she says what she says i understand where she is coming from cause she is not into the fame game like paris, lindsey and britney , she is her true self and tries to maintain her sanity unlike the hollywood stupid girls ur prob into


    she is a incredibly talented actress ,a great singer (even if she says she sucks lol) , modest and humble and very down to earth AND IN THE WORDS OF ROBERT PATTINSON THE GREATEST ACTRESS OF OUR GENERATION !!!

    and if some of u dont see that is cause u need to open ur minds and ur eyes

    OHH AND FOR ROBSTEN SHIPPERS THE INTERVIEW IS LIKE FROM THREE MONTHS AGO cause angarano is 21 now his bday was on dec 3rd an we all know things have changed for those two

  • 11

    I luv that she’s being so blunt…I think shes the funniest when she doesn’t try to be funny ….. like lickety …shes great beceause she’s not out there being one of those hollywood bimbos. I agree with the psychoticness of it all the screaming is really annoying, whats the point going to see them and want to know what they have to say if you cant hear anything but deafining screams and those questions are stupid she doesn’t kiss a real vampire(not that there are those out there) and shes tried to make it clear she has a b/f . Not every co-star needs to get together although they did co-star in Speak

  • Kelly

    @ Yashi, I am merely saying Kristen Should respect her fanbase. I am a fan of Twilight!!

  • Par

    I agree with everything Yashi says.

    Kristen is beautiful, down to earth, and speaks her mind.
    She isnt a bimbo, and she is getting better and better at acting all the time.
    I cannot understand why some people say she is bad at it, If you think she can’t act, you obviously have not watched ALL her movies. That lame vamp movie was bad for a number of reasons, and it wasnt all her doing. She was wonderful and so moving in ‘Speak’ and all the other little indies that you guys don’t give any time to see.
    So give her a break, she is 18, and wiser than alot of hollywood 23 year olds. She will go far, just wait and see.

  • Kelly

    I was not saying she cannot act… I was saying she should stop trashing the fans!!!

  • twilight fan

    I’m a huge twilight fan and I think she was dead on…some people especially overly obsessed fans waste time asking stupidly retarded and unrealistic questions.

    If you’re a fan and you take offense then your most likely an overly obsessed teenage fan girl that needs to grasp reality. She’s not kissing ‘vampires’ she’s kissing an actor and even so there’s no real way to explain the experience of kissing a person. Go out and Kiss someone you have the hots for thats the only way you can really know what its like to kiss.

    If you want to be a fan learn to ask good questions like “What scene was the hardest emotionally to shoot” or “Do you look forward to running through busy streets in Italy or riding in the Yellow Porsche.”

    Kristen keeps it real even if she is brutally honest in an awkward sort of way.

  • vanessajonas


  • Shaina

    Wow, she looks so great! I envy her for her job and look!

    She’s awesome and a great actress!

  • camm

    ever since i saw kristen in speak, i “fell in love” with her. she’s been one of my favorite actresses since then. she has this natural beauty about her. i love that way she doesn’t try to be like anyone, she’s just herself and she’s staying true. i’m so happy that she’s getting the recognition i thought she always deserved. i’m for sure buying this issue.

  • Sar

    I agree #33.

    As blunt as her answers are, she is not a fake hollywood celebrity. She’s showing us that she’s a real girl too and that she gets annoyed with certain things like everyone else does.

  • magen.

    I don’t like her.
    she ruined Twilight, the book is way better

  • Kris

    I love kristen !
    She’s simply amazing and talented and so extremely smart !
    she’s not going to give BS typical “let’s make the PR people happy” answers..
    What’s great about her is she speaks her mind .. she knows what she’s doing and she’s passionate about her work ..

    for all the haters saying she comes off as a b**** or whatever.. You simply just misunderstand her personality .. She’s not going to a bubbly over bearing Miley Cyrus type of person ..
    && i LOVE that about her ..
    she’s extremely refreshing and she gives real answers coming from her and not a cue card that she’s supposed to read..

    Those interviews are extremely boring .. && She speaks her mind and the fact that she’s not the conventional hollywood type girl makes people think she’s not appreciative and that she’s a b**** … when she’s really not..

  • Maria

    I swear to God this girl is my hero.

    Kristen you’re a goddess no matter what anyone says.

  • Maria

    I swear to God this girl is my hero.

    Kristen you’re a goddess no matter what anyone says.

    She looks beautiful.

  • vanessa

    i agree #12
    she comes off as really arrogant
    and i want to like her
    but i just cant!
    she did okay as bella in twilight

  • shea

    i love her personality.and its pretty true what she said about the rob and her rumors,people just wanted so badly for something to be happening.

  • Cris

    I am so in love with this girl. She’s effortlessly gorgeous and has such a refreshing personality. People are so used to contrived personalities and rehearsed answers that they take Kristen’s honesty the wrong way.

  • yashi

    she does respect her fanbase kelly , she actually hugs and is very sweet to her fans , talks to them , and signs every autograph she can ive seen vids of her with the twilight fans and fans of her b4 twilight she just doesnt like the hype and the craziness surounding twilight , she is really happy about the movies and exited to do them , she just doesnt like the insane fame that has come to her so suddenly , some people dont get that

  • camz

    i love how she’s not afraid to just be herself.

  • Nancy

    Aw I can’t wait to get this issue!! :D

    btw, this interview is old, so her and MA’s status is probably diff now. This was done last yr in Nov. n a lot has changed since then.

  • ace

    The interview made me laugh simply b/c i know that it would come across as arrogant. I personally love Kristen’s no bullshit attitude and I think she didn’t censor herself a lot more here, b/c this mag isn’t highly tween subscribed.
    I think people have Kristen and Rob blurred sometimes. They didn’t materialize as Edward and Bell right after they made the movie. But they both deal with people’s idea of them being mirror images of their character differently though. For Rob, who has stated that he isn’t as ‘perfect’ as Edward, deals with the fans false vision of him by not saying anything and just being a canvas for other peoples ideas. Kristen is different, she will say it because she wants to. She’s not proving anything to anybody, I think she just has a strong sense of her identity and I think during interviews when they ask her stupid questions for the media’s entertainment, she plays along but struggles with it.
    And I don’t think she’s dissing any fans here either, I think she’s dissing the absurdity of the phenomena that Twilight has had over the world.
    So truly, people should just lay off her and let her speak her mind. If they want Bella, then read the book.

  • pup

    No offense, but man she’s weird.

  • blaster

    love kristen!!! she very honest.. doesn’t sugarcoat words like those disney stars!! she’s an actress not a disney mascot that smiles on cue..

    very pretty and intense.. great actor..

    can’t wait to see her as joan jett on THE RUNAWAYS

>>>>>>> staging1