Nick Jonas: Our Fans Will Be With Us Forever

Nick Jonas: Our Fans Will Be With Us Forever

Nick and Joe Jonas sit side-by-side on the Barbara Walters Oscar Special on Sunday night (February 22).

The siblings, along with big bro Kevin, tackled relationships, music and purity rings with the legendary news anchor.

The JoBros also shared a mutual praise for their fans. Nick said, “We do believe that our fans are amazing and that they will be with us forever. It doesn’t usually happen, but these fans are different. We’re all growing up together. They mean a lot to us and I think they do know that we really do care for them. I believe that the favor will be returned.”

The Jonas Brothers – Barbara Walters’ Oscar Special, Part 1, 02/22

The Jonas Brothers – Barbara Walters’ Oscar Special, Part 2, 02/22

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  • nicklovesemily:]

    it is different..not a boy band craze.
    its so true were growing up together.
    i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE them so much:)

  • leyton

    Yeah right, i doubt that once they grow ugly, none of their crazy fangirls will bother… once they all start growing beards they will end up nobodies and hasbeens like zac efron and that vanessa girl.

  • joeil4u

    you can bet on it!

  • canadiangirl

    We will be with you forever!
    JB 4 Life!

  • brigget


  • JustGonnaSay

    i hate these kinds of interview where they have to be serious and not funny.:P

  • kristen



  • kristen

    oh.. jk theres a part 2… AHAH YES

  • kristen


  • katie

    nah. sorry, nick, but at the end of the day you’re just another boyband. these girls have to go through puberty eventually.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nick is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I looooooooooooove him sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and his brothers who cant love all 3? They’re the BEST!

    To #10
    I’m just asking
    but whats that supposed to

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    And #6 I totally agree with you
    Btw I like your name its
    pretty cool!

  • yeaboi

    we will be with you forever!
    I’m pretty sure I will!!
    no matter how old I get
    or how many kids I have haha

  • harmonygrace

    I really hope that happens. I know that I’ll always love them.

  • smiley

    hey this is smiley i agree with u #6 why ant they be funny on interviews like that u can tell that njk wanted 2 be funny am i right #6 i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo with u anyway arent they cute njk all the way love smiley:p
    o and nick jonas girlfriend u are right 2 he is cute so is joe plus kev

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    doubt their fans will be with them, once they get old, fat and ugly… well old and fat in the future forgot they are already ugly just now.

    their fans wont be with them, and disney will eventually find a new kiddy pop group to replace these wannabes.

  • yoyo

    they are awesome.
    who’s gonna watch the 3d movie?
    check this video out on youtube… it promotes their video. lolll

  • sarah

    I definitely will be with them forever it doesn’t even matter about looks number 15 – even though it helps : ) i just love there music and Barbra was so harsh to them! major attitude.

  • ilovejoenas

    I will love you guys forever : ] And your’e right it’s a love not like any other celeb we’ve had. You guys are diffferent. The loves different. And that’s whats makes us love you even more. We will never grow old and not love you.

    XoXo Alysse form Australia : ]]

  • Yvonne

    Way to go Jared for once again pushing Kevin to the side w/o him in the pic and mearly mentioning him like he is tagging along. He is as important as Joe and Nick ya know

  • Juanick

    i completely agreed!!!

  • alexandra

    I hate JB!
    they think thath being a celeb. is HAVING EVERYTHING!
    They think that heir fans will always be right next to them.. ‘course NOT! …. NONE! has that kind of FANS..
    they are JERKS!

  • KK

    love you all- nick, joe and joe
    such sweet , down to earth guys ^-^
    and just becuz they have love problems..doesn’t make them womanizers
    seriously get your facts right.

    what goes around , comes around hunny
    maybe your the one who will grow up ugly;)
    and not people like the jonas brother, zac & vanessa

    # 10
    of course there a boy band.. there the jonas brothers?
    duh! mostly girls would go for guy bands like them.. O.O
    girls go through puberty?
    well i bet you haven’t, so calm your hormones down, if you don’t like them :P

    # 16

    oh, this coming from jimmy the choo freak
    well…how would you know?
    you don’t know anything about the future!
    so hence, don’t bother to say nothing!

    your wrong!
    no matter how they look or how their music sounds
    i bet you anything, that FANS ( unlike you dumba** haters, who do nothing )
    will love them through w/e no matter what!
    accept the truth =P

    # 22
    well welcome to the REAL world..
    of course all celebs get what they want, ONCE they work hard at it.
    again, how would you know they don’t have fans?
    like i said, you haters don’t know nothing
    so shut up atleast!
    the jonas brothers DO have REAL ppl who ARE FANS
    and just because there girls, doesn’t change the fact, that they don’t -.-
    wait about 20 years, and we’ll see who’s right & who’s wrong.

    haters get a life or find one
    makes more sense, then coming on here, doing nothing.

    # 19
    completely agree!
    wither they change or not- we’ll still love them! <3

  • Yassy

    I agree!
    I know I’ll stay with you forever <3
    And he’s right, it is different (:
    I love them!

  • Someone

    I will always be there for them!
    They are all lovely and sweet (:

    And for the Jerks here at JustJaredJr, a lot of Jonas fans are older than Kevin, and puberty does notr change us!!! U!! And they arent womanizers, AT ALL!

    Love JB forEVER!

  • Rachel

    forever and ever guyss.

    ill be 80 yrs old and have posters all around my house and on my phone and everywhere.

  • cc27

    Joe! :) Joe looks soo cute haha xD I love Jonas Brothers!!

  • diana_jb

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx well, i’m from egypt , i luv the show im 14 .
    i was very glad when he said( the mean alot for us and we will be together for ever) wooow thanx guys i luv u all bye i hope … i mean i want to go ur parties in USA bue i can’t and i will get 100 years old and i’ll put all ur pikx in my romm 4 eva thanx cya

  • luis

    HELL YEAH!! I will be their fan forever and ever.. They have given a lot to us the fans and I think this is all that we can do… THEY ARE THE BEST!!! IM A JC AND JB FREAK!! ….


  • cc27

    I love u Jb 4ever and ever :) even if i turn 90 yrs old u’ll always be apart of us :)

    They are so kind to their fans :)

  • Joe’s future wife

    I love u JB <3
    Don’t you worry. True fans will stick with you til the end and I am proud to say that I am one of them!

  • http://JJJ laurenj

    barbara walter should have had better research done about the boys because it would have been very interesting to hear proper answers to proper questions….please how r u suppose to feel at 14… about digging old wounds out again poor nick….as for joe he was rude for laughing about his question about taylor swift….taylor is going to bite back….her feelings are still raw especially with ur picture being plasted everywhere with camilla….yet another sappy song….we know u r not friends u r virtually worst enemies of the century… 4 kevin it would have been great of him to at least acknowlege danielle he is legal and she has always always been there for him…we know u r a couple and we love u guys as a couple because of your maturity so show it kevin….danielle is here 2 stay forever becuz she is the real genuine gem we love and adore

  • Camille

    And whoever said that puberty comment, you’re wrong.

    Even if Disney drops them, I’ll still listen to them. I don’t base my taste in music on popularity. If I did, I wouldn’t be listening to them.

    I love JB! And most people would never expect that from me. So stfu.

  • pooky

    i have sort of a love-hate with jb.
    love them when they aren’t being douches.. hate them when they are.
    either way, i’ve been here for them for a couple years with no complaints.. i think i can handle a few more.

    my children’s children will know them. ahahahahaa

  • c

    thats right!!


    i LOVEyouu joeeee with all my heart<33333

  • ashley

    u can count on it!!! were gonna with u guys for ever!!!! and those who says the opposite, look at yourself first before talking about the most awseome guys and the cutest!!! im pretty sur youre gonna the stay the same what ever happens!!! i love youuu so muchhhhh!! btw i hope joe you dont have a girl friend cus if you do im gonna kick her ass!!! i love you soooooooooooooooooooo much joeeeeeeeee you are my favorite of the jobros!!!!!!!!!

  • ella1170

    I will always love the Jonas Brothers for as long as I live!
    Plus, did anyone noticed Nick smiling when she mentioned Miley? XP

  • a friend

    i LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! and nick your my superhero. I love you very much. :D

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