Vanessa Hudgens: New Moon Possible?

Vanessa Hudgens: New Moon Possible?

HSM starlet Vanessa Hudgens had a busy night last night at the 2009 Oscars.

The 20-year-old actress ran into Extra last night on the red carpet and commented on the rumors still surrounding her and the Twilight movies. She shared with Mario Lopez, “It’s still a rumor. I’m really interested, I think it’s a great project but nothing’s happening as of now. Yes, love it [the movie]. My sister [Stella Hudgens] has read all of the books too.”

Be sure to catch Vanessa‘s interview on Extra TOMORROW, February 24th.

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  • lena Nguyen

    I have a new fashion blog!

    same dress as vanessa hudgens!

  • aw

    Oh this movie again. Obviously some idiots here don’t understand the meaning of the word “rumor”. Read what she actually said.

    I love that even the actors of the franchise itself hate on it left and right. Rob disses it constantly and Kristen just gave it the big f*ck you by stating her reasoning for not going to the Oscars.

    Obsessive Twilight fans continue to show that they really are the most pathetic. Funny the same witches complaining are the same one who signed an enormous petition to get their beloved Rob to not star. Idiots.

  • vancrazed

    OMG…i think she has the power to do anything she wants. She was grabriella. Zac didn’t become that character…she created her, and she has been in another action film she did quite well in. To say that, i don’t want her in New Moon. i hated the first one, and there is not way the second one would be better than that. I don’t want to see her in another teen flick that appeals to most girls because they are in love with the lead. They hate all females that would be cast, and it is rediculous. I would love to see her do something more grown up, and we know she is getting offers, and I hope that works out for her.

  • Harriet


  • Boji

    To be a good actress you do not have to be the race of the person you portray. As long as you can take on the character, accent and have the same colouring you can get away with anything. There is such a thing as stage make-up, prosthesis, and latex makeup. Look at Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder and then, there’s the two bros. who dressed up as Hot White Chicks. Hell, anything goes these days.

    To the point, I would love to see Vanessa in the Twilight sequel as it is a big hit, any decent film for that matter. Can’t wait to see what’s next on her platter. She did shine in her Oscar performance, I must say better than Amanda.

  • Boji

    Another thing is that it is all very well to say that Vanessa should turn down the role and move on to bigger things but remember the saying” Bigger is not necessarily Better”. Alot of actors and actressess had humble beginnings. Granted, it may be a small role but that doesn’t mean it will throw her into oblivion. Besides talent there is this thing called being at the right place and the right time. There are many talents out there, yes but they’ve yet to be taken notice of. Vanessa is being noticed and god willing she will in good time move on to better projects and movies.

  • mm

    for some reason I just think that she would be a serious miss-match for the film.

  • blah


  • zane

    there’s nothing wrong if Vanessa will be in that movie. she will do great!

  • k


    having her in it will have a huge impact on the film and its audience.and i dare say it wont be a good one.the producers and directors and casting people and whoever makes the decisions should really think carefully about putting her in it.she wont boost its profile.

  • lili

    I dont think ppl should judge the way shes acts…i mean we’ve only really seen her recently as Gabriella…who knows…maybe shes got more in her!!!…

    I actually pictured leah to look like vanessa….i think she should do it!

    But Leah isnt really in New Moon…they only really mention her…and the way she looks…thats about it…

    Anyway…Go baby V!

  • nikki

    I LUV U 4VER!!

  • barry

    I hope she won’t do New Moon!
    I really can’t imagine her in the Twilight Saga!
    She should stay away from it

  • Boji

    YES to Vanessa Hudgens in NEW MOON. I can see a new moon rising! She’s sassy, sexy and I’m sure she’ll contribute to the movie’s popularity. Wooo Hooo, I’m behind her a 100%.

  • teteu

    good luck for her *-*

  • witchygirl

    I would love her in it

  • sara


  • yets

    i love vanessa i will surely support her all the way.

  • oth ! (L) (:

    im a really big fan of her, but i think she should find something better.. i mean, ofcourse she is going to be in more than one movie, but she has never got the chance to show that she can really act. i know u need skills to do hms too, but thats more dancing and singing…
    anyway(: love her <333

  • claudie

    No, no, no, no and NOOOOO!!!!! Not again this stupid rumor, PLEASEEEE!!!!

  • gesal_germany

    you guys who dont want her to see are unfair !
    shes a normal actress,so why not?
    just cause she played exactly a leah-opposite before ?
    that’s foolish..herself, i mean venssa,she said once that she is the opposite of gabriella …i just think you cant imagine her in ECLIPSE ( not new moon,there’s no leah part in it !! ) because ya’ll think she is a lil gabriella,but shes just an actress so give her a chance,damn ^^

  • Izaa

    OMG! she could act as EMILY *-*
    will be perfect .

  • zane

    there was a new ACCESS HOLLYWOOD interview of Zac and Vanessa before they entered the Governor’s Ball. It was so cute and funny when Zac shared his ackward moment w/ Angelina jolie. More holding hands from Zac and Vanessa. i think they are very comfortable now showing their affection to one another. I love them both.

  • Nelliefrellie

    i think its funny how all the twilighters keep saying she’ll ruin the movie…the 1st film sucked all on its own lol I don’t think the twilight series needs any help at sucking. If anything twilight would ruin Vanessa, she can do SOOOO much better than that crap series. I hope she takes other roles and completely stays away from the suckfest that is twilight. I know she likes the books and everything, but I think its time to take on some more serious roles or at least some with character depth. She’s a smart girl, she’ll do the right thing. Your fans love you V! Thanks for posting so much Oscar coverage on V and Zac JJJ :P

  • justjaredfan

    she could do so much better then disney.
    you people need to stop hatin just because shes dating zac efron,get a life please.
    vanessa is amazing and has GREAT talent
    she is beautiful and deserves alot more then what you people give her credit for.
    dont hate someone just because shes pretty,in this case beyond pretty.

    i can see it now in the credit of new moon.



  • justjaredfan

    vanessa deserves a leading role in a gREAT movie OUTSIDE of DISNEY!
    she would be great
    and all of you saying she isnt a good actress is stupid.
    you think they can show their talent on disney channel? NO!
    they cant help what people want them to do in movies.
    just cause she was in hsm doesnt mean she wouldnt be great in a movie like new moon.if you didnt no vanessa would be in a HUGE movie and you went to watch it and you find out vanessa plays a BIG part in it you would love it and then your mind would be changed..if she didnt start out on disney then you all would be in love with people really need to learn respect and give new people who ACTUALLY DESERVE it a chance,like miley cyrus,i cant stand her but i wouldnt say im not watching something JUST BECAUSE SHE is IN it.. so what if vanessa doesnt get the part in new moon or the next one but she could go find a BETTER movie and star in it just to show you people what shes made of. shes 20 years old and you all are talking about her like shes 10. GET A GRIP!
    you wanna no what i think?
    i think vanessa hudgens shouldve been in hairspray INSTEAD of zac efron..i think vanessa hudgens should have her own show and movie ALL about HER instead of miley cyrus..i think vanessa hudgens should film in something outside of disney like 17 again and NOT zac..i think there should be a HUGE section of clothes and jewlry and shoes and socks instead of all these other stars..i think she should have her own clothing line..she has the best fashion sense and im not talking about for little kids..

    and what i truly think is that

  • de

    she deserves so much better than that stupid twilight saga.
    LOVE U V!!!!!!!!

  • V…4ever
  • http://http/ daniel

    #13 jelaous c’mon vanessa will be bring a favor to twilight
    she is the best

  • http://http/ daniel

    That movie would be lucky to have vanessa
    twilight never won to harry potter is too much
    losers fans of twilig

  • http://http/ daniel

    vanessa is too much for twilight

  • Jess!!

    Honestly i think Vanessa would be perfect to play the role of leah so dat she can show everyone wat a great actress she really is she couldnt really do dat wit hsm dnt get me wrong she was great in hsm! but for all of u pple saying vanessa’s gonna ruin da movie i actually think she will bring up ratings more pple would definitely go see it if she was in it..If she wants to do dat role i’ll definitely support 100% … i totally agree wit u #76…pple who say she cant act jus wait until bandslam hits theaters she’s gonna prove everyone wrong!!!!

  • mizzie

    i would love to see her in new moon. i think she could show case her talent.

  • angel

    vanessa can do anytype of characters coz
    she is a good actor n she looks beautiful onscreen
    n m always support her..
    baby v rocks……….

  • alicia

    i love u
    your song “sneckernight ” is the coolest
    i love your cd ” V ” its great
    when you have time read me

  • http://http/ daniel

    go girl
    vanessa you don’t have to married please wait
    the time will say

  • lslsharon

    she would be gr8 in the movie!!!!!!!!
    hope everything goes well with baby v!!!!!!!

  • vanessa fan

    fans off vanessa hudgens, enter here please *-*
    copie this link:

  • vanessa fan

    fans off vanessa hudgens, enter here please *-*
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    ♥ !

  • Divine Goddess

    She’s very sweet and I like how she answered. I hope she is in the third installment. Lov this girl, talented and beautiful. She looked FANTASTIC @ the Oscars!!!! I hope she’ll be a nominee in 10 yrs

  • Sharona

    Eww!! She will definitely ruin the movie…Please no..-.-’
    The previous cast was perfect: the actors weren’t too famous..
    God no.. not her!

  • meeeee

    i really wanter her as Leah Clearwater and btw, doesn’t Leah’s character start from Eclipse?

    anyways, someone PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ tell me who has been cast for Leah, cuz my friends told me that a Leah has already been cast. i really hope its not true cuz i want vanessa in New Moon, Eclipse which ever…

  • NBA

    Personally, I’m not the biggest Twilight fan, but guys, saying she’s gonna ruin the movie is unfair. Sure, she’s best known as Gabriella, but that doesn’t mean all her roles will be like that. Please, just give her a chance. You never know, maybe she will do good for the movie. But, she hasn’t made a decision. Just wait. If they accept her, give her chance. If not, then you won’t have to criticize her anymore.


  • Aldana

    I don’t think so…
    He is a girl of Disney
    She can do a great Shop!

  • ♥Vanessa♥

    I hate Twilight/ New Moon but it would be great if she would act there.
    A really good reason: She musn’t act there because I wouldn’t watch it!
    WHO CARES??! You’re not a really fan of Vanessa!
    I agree with Vfan (she’s a really fan! :]) she hasn’t been able to show her skills. She’s only known as a teenie-star who only can act in a ‘dancing and singing’-film.
    Vanessa has got so much talent!! An actor/ an actress can slip in other shoes and I’m sure she will do her job good!
    If you would be a real fan you would grant her that!

  • gelai

    yeah you look fabulous!! but i dont like you. you such a loooosseerr!! i canr forget your scandal!!! DUH??? eww. your nothing but a second great trying hard coficat!!!!! i dont like you

    DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate you.

  • bellisimaaa

    I love really Twillight and Vanessa my favorite song is Vanesa and Miley! ok it is really cool ;)

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