Buy Your Jonas Brothers Tickets at Fandango!

Buy Your Jonas Brothers Tickets at Fandango!

Check out the cool collectible Jonas Brothers movie gift card you can purchase at Fandango!

The movie ticket website is reporting that tons of show times for the JoBros flick, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, are already sold out across the country, even though the movie doesn’t open until Thursday, February 26 at midnight.

If you buy your tickets from Fandango, you’ll also get a free download of the JoBros music video, “Tonight” from iTunes!

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  • yellow2

    I got mine! :) Hope it is awesome! I invited alot of friends.. but only a few are coming. and no guys. :/ haha I wish the JoBros would come. Then I could finally meet them.

  • Wickedchessie

    ahh thats so cool! i cant wait till the movie comes out over here in UK!!
    i doont think Fandango will give out cards to UK people though :(

    I cant wait to see the movie!! :) xxx

  • joanne

    heck no!

  • Holly


  • kris

    i did, but i didn’t get a free dl for the tonight video :(

  • Madelyn

    thats dumb I bought my tickets on there a month ago and i didnt get any of that

  • Romy

    i did, in fact i got my tickets in fandago not too long ago and they had the free download thing, but i never got it!
    any one knows how that works?

  • alecks

    I got my tickets a little over two weeks ago. 10:30am on opening day. I was kinda ticked about having to pay 15 bucks a ticket when I had to buy five tickets.

  • brigget


  • karina

    Thts sucks I baught my tickets more then a month ago and I can’t get that its unfair

  • Jade

    i got mine and its going to be the most amazing thing ever!!!! its going to blow the lamee hannah Montana movie out of the WARTER TEAM JONAS FOREVER!!!!

  • lauren

    yep bought for me and my three friends :) i cant wait to see it!!

  • FineTakeYourBanana

    man I live in Germany so I have to wait …… :-(

  • yzydorithax


  • Jenonymous

    Yes, I’ve already bought my tickets(:
    My friend actually bought it for me and surprised me!
    I’m very excited, going to see it on opening day at the earliest time they have.

  • nickjoekevjobros…LOVERS!

    I HAVE to wait a lot for the movie!
    I live in Argentina…
    but when it came her I will be the first in the line to watch it! I am not going to sleep if it’s necessary :)

  • mandy

    i live in the netherlands
    we have to wait till april 22

  • Ria

    I’m excited, i’ll by tickets when its the uk premiere!

  • mrs.nickjonas

    yes i bought mine!!! and im going at midnight!!
    i cant wait its going to be sooooo good!!!!!
    my friends are skipping school for the movie!!!!

  • kara

    i got mine the day they came out
    on team jonas. i think it was the
    4th. :)


    I bought my tickets about a week ago. (:

    I am SO excited and I am excited that they are doing the
    3-day tour thing. I hope they come to Columbus.

    This is gonna be the biggest fan event ever!

  • eileen

    I didnt buy my tickets yet.. Im waiting til the day of the movie cause i live in a small town and i dont think it will be sold out


    Oh yeahh.
    Can not freaking wait.
    Its gonna be amazingg. :)

  • Laura

    yeah I live in Denmark, and I don´t think that it will come in theatres here :( it sucks!
    but JB said it would come out here.. but im not sure if its right..
    I will just have to wait and see (:

  • http://h andreaa loves jonas (:

    yyyyaaaa this is gonnnna be the best movieee eveeer:D

    immmmm soooo happpppy thinking about it fjfakerwhgkagharw :D

    pooor taylorrrr.
    shee wasnt even at the premiereee,
    ughh that makes me madd ohh welllll
    jonas furr lifeee =D

  • Samantha

    I got my tickets and I have 7 friends coming and one of them Is a boy who likes the jonas brothers!

  • Anc

    I have had mine for a few weeks!! I can’t wait.

  • Laura

    I’ve had them for like a month now.

  • Emma Jonas

    im so happy for you boys :]

  • Colleen jones

    I got my tickets and the free video, I can’t wait (it’s going to be awesome!!!) I love JB!!!! also waiting for DJ Danger’s cd to come out!!LOL

  • Nicole

    woooooow Im so excited! :B
    this movie will be great! i sure ! :D

  • Stef


  • rosy

    Yo quiero unossssssssss pero estoy lejos jeje

    esperare a que llegue a Mexico

  • jessica

    damn Sweden.. It will not come to theatres here…

  • Maryclaireee

    ahhh i gott minee!!! i can’t waitt. i made a shirt and everythingg. on the front it says i love JB and on the backit says the 3d experience. its soo coool with glitter. ahhh im so exciteedd!

  • Brenda andrade

    I didn’t buy my tickets yet, I’m waiting , ’cause i live in a Brazil .

  • Saviee HArris

    Wow Thats Amazing SOLD OUT! :)

    NOt come out in the UK :( But when it does it gonna be Sold Out Too ! :)

    I Got My Tickets To Watch You At Wemberly :) Im sat Row 1 seats 17-20 ssecetion D2 :)

    I Made this up for you : :L

    Wemberly , Wemberly
    They Are they Famous Jonas brothers
    And there going to wemberly
    Wemberly , Wemberly
    I am a fan of Jonas borthers,
    And Im going to wemberly



    #1 Fan Savieeeeeeeeeee Harris

  • Harriet

    I got my tickets a month ago. I am so excited for the 3D movie! Everyone go buy your tickets to go see it!

  • diandra

    i’ll have to wait till march 25 cause i live in Belgium
    and then i will sure get me some tickets :D

  • courtney

    i got mine!!!
    i cannot wait for the movie im so totally pumped!!
    wooohooo :)
    my friend olivia and i are getting all jonas out for the big day!!!!

  • maddison (:


  • lindsey hill

    I got mine the day they were available to buy!!! I am going Sunday @ 7!!! i CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

  • Sidney

    Yep! I bought mine! I cannot wait.

  • Christine

    You guys in the US are so lucky…..
    I can’t wait for the movie to come to Norway…wooooo

    I’m gonna get my tickets at first chance then…TRUST ME :D

    Peace, Love, JB FOREVER <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Leigh ann : )

    i got mine too : )
    JB is gonna rock it :)

  • aly

    i bought mine a long time ago..when the presale first started!

  • atalissa

    I have my tickets I cant wait ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Emily Cabana

    i bought jonas brothers tickets for the movie and me and my friends made t-shirts and i think pants to idk

  • Nickjs1stlady

    OMJ i have mine…im so happy that they are selling out that means that JB is getting what they want…the biggest fan event…OMJ im so happy!!!! CONGRATS JB!!!! I hope they come to my theater…i cant wait only a day and a couple hours!!! YAY ITS FINNALLY CLOSE!!!

  • alicia

    what kind of question is that do you have your tickets yet! DUH!
    of course i do me and my 8 friends are going together!!! i cant wait!

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