Sabrina Bryan Tackles Weight Debate on Tyra

Sabrina Bryan Tackles Weight Debate on Tyra

Sabrina Bryan chats it up with an audience member as she appears on The Tyra Banks Show on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old former Cheetah Girl dished on her new dance fitness DVD, BYou2, and weighed in on growing up overweight. Check it:

On being health conscious: “The main thing is it should be about their health it shouldn’t be about the size they are. Whether you’re a size two or a 16, whatever it is it should be about their health…The most important part is that you give yourself the opportunity to show your talent to the world.”

On her dance DVD, BYou2: “Moms love to do it with their daughters as well. I am so for getting women together and either working out or having fun.”

On why people love the Cheetah Girls: “The energy that all three of us [Cheetah Girls] give off. We are so confident. We are normal girls so there is definitely insecurities that all of us have, but we use those and we don’t let them bring us down but motivate us to do more things.”

Be sure to tune in to the Tyra Banks Show TOMORROW, February 25th!

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    She’s so muscular. Size shouldn’t matter, but being unhealthy should. She’s definitely a healthy girl. I bet if you measured the % body fat she has and the % of muscle she has she’d be better than perfect.

    And I like her and all, but I HATE the Cheetah Girls and the whole concept of it. Sabrina is so much better on her own.

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