Selena Gomez Has Teen Spirit

Selena Gomez Has Teen Spirit

Selena Gomez channels her inner rock star as she poses for UK’s OK! magazine.

The 16-year-old Wizards starlet, who is currently on location in Puerto Rico filming the Wizards movie, dished to the mag about acting, “Disney High” and one of her fave clothing designers. Check it:

On sticking to acting: “I haven’t been asked and would be too nervous to model. I’d be terrified. I mean, I’m not a model, I’m an actress. I’ll leave the modeling to Heidi Klum.”

On shopping buddy BFF Demi Lovato: “My fashion partner would be my best friend Demi Lovato — she’s the best when it comes to bargain and designer shopping. She’s good at helping me pick out a bargain and good at spending my money!”

On her rumored “feud” with Miley Cyrus: “We call all of that ‘Disney High’ because it’s basically like being in high school, but times a thousand. You know you have to handle it as you would in a normal school and I do that by surrounding myself with positive things and people who really care about me. We just laugh about it.”

On designer Matthew Williamson: “I was given a look-book of his work and I fell in love with every single piece. I wore one of his dresses to the Children’s BAFTAs — my mom was worried it was going to be too short, but it fit perfectly.”

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Photos: David Oldham
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  • Mileylover

    ANYWAYS GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!


  • jenna

    omg. she’s gorgeous.

  • Sar

    Woah, I’m not a fan of hers but wow she looks INCREDIBLE!

  • jenna

    my fav’s are 1 2 and 3
    4 5 are okay
    6, way too skinny.
    i love her tho ;)

  • Teresa

    Thats the only problem I have with her…It seems like on every mayjor mag she gets to be on. There is something along the lines of,”Move over Miley! Theres a new teen queen in town!” It’s so immature. I thought everyone was over that? I geuss it just goes to show that if someone mentions her in something like this,Miley is always somewhere in there. It’s kind of sad.. :]

  • Alice


  • Sophie cyrus

    Wow! She is so beautiful.
    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder
    Home Of Miley Cyrus dog Sophie Cyrus come check it out send your fan sites!

  • Karina

    Oh, shut up !!

    Selena is soo gorgeous in this photos, and she is a really perfect actress !!

    Love her so muchh ! Selena Gomez and David Henrie the best couple !!

  • Ms A

    wow, shes pretty . GO SELENA ! :D

  • joss

    she looks amazing!
    she’s a definitely more beautiful and a better actress than miley, and even better at being a role model

  • claire

    wow..she looks sooo pretty.
    and she’s so talented.
    selena rocks!

  • rii

    @Teresa #5

    yah i know what you mean. its like there is always a mention of miley whenever selena is involved. and the move over miley, new disney cutie thing is kinda weird. i mean, i get that the media is trying to say that selena is the next big thing, but its kinda lost its meaning if they say it in every magazine selena has been in for the past several months and shes still in the same position. the media tries to fire up the rivalry thing, but no offense to selena, it seems like miley is the clear winner cuz miley is still known as the teen queen after months of “move over miley, theres a new teen queen” thing.

  • katie

    lol, i’m sorry, but she can’t possibly be serious with this singing thing, can she? also, i think she’d make a good model… she does something like 50 photoshoots a year, why not?

  • jav

    she looks gawjush!!!! :)

  • Mary

    i wish i could like herr..
    but i just can’t, there is something about
    her that makes me dislike her.

  • jo

    WOW someone’s going for a sexy look! Sel is growin up.

  • yo yo.

    why does she have to be pretty?

  • anna

    ew .

  • ugly

    wow i love how this two people that hates her
    is the same person replying to her post.
    she uses the same grammars and punctuation
    and also uses the same “stated action” on their posts
    very funny.

    and selena is stunning.

    iam not a nerd
    i just listen to class :)

  • :)

    #15, that’s exactly how I feel.

  • buttoms up

    lmao. dont call somebody else “ew”
    if you know you’re not better than her.

    she’s pretty.

  • MAria

    Awesome she´s so cool! Is really good there!
    She´s pretty
    u are the best!

  • melissa

    why does loadsa people hate her?=S
    she’s gorgeous, sweet & talented. no friend or co-star of her’s have any bad words to say about her, and all the fans that have met her, including me, have seen she’s a really sweet and funny girl. just stop hating her, you dont know her. & i do hate miley…but you can like both of them [ okay, all 3, including the AMAZING demi ] so stop.

  • duddeee:]

    Mary #15 me too!! i want SOO bad to like her! but i can’t for some reason.

  • saudia

    loveee her .. gorgeous

  • lisa :]

    wow, i didn’t even recognize her!

  • Gavin

    I LOVE HER SOOO BAD. SHe looks impossibly GORGEOUS! I’d be happy to hear her sing. I like Demi’s voice but Demi’s looks doesn’t come close to this! DAMN SELENA’s HOT!

  • lisa :]

    i wish i could like herr..
    but i just can’t, there is something about
    her that makes me dislike her.

    same here

  • Anonymous

    i love selena, she is so gorgeous my favorite are 2,3,4,5 i love those. she is a great actress and a good singer. i cant wait til her cd comes out and ppp and the wizard movie, she is so gorgeous. i love her i was her friend and hater stop hatin.

  • Anonymous

    i meant to say i wish i was her friend

  • melissa. *

    wow. she looks incredible in this pictures! (:
    go selena! <3

  • melissa. *

    wow she looks incredible in these pictures! (:
    <3 very nice.


    that “move over miley” statement they put on there . they really shouldn’t had done that. i bet u selena didnt even know they put that “statement” there. and yea the “media” is constantly asking selena about the miley fued. that is true. but they also ask miley about selena and demi alot too and they ask demi about miley and selena. its not because one is more famous then the other ( its obvious miley is more famous, shes done more things) but its because those three are like the Disney “IT” girls right now , and if all three of them were like BEST BEST FRIENDS , they would rule Disney together ,but the possibility that the three of them might have a feud . . . is interesting to ppl/media/magazines

  • Carolline

    hm, don’t like her. she’s trying too much and she’s not THAT pretty.

    Just my opinion, okay?

  • miley

    Love you, sel !

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I’m with you #6
    I dont know about you guys
    but to me she looks a little to
    grown up in these pictures after all
    she is only 16. So I wouldnt say
    she looks AMAZING or anything.
    And I’m not just saying that
    cause I hate her. I’m just
    stating my opinion
    NO harm done 8)

  • i love the miley

    she looks fatter than she usally does!!!!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    hm, don’t like her. she’s trying too and she’s not THAT pretty.

    Just my opinion, okay?


    I agree Carolline
    but to me shes NOT pretty.
    I dont know why but
    when she just became a
    star I liked her but then I realized
    I didnt like her for real reasons.
    Turns out I just liked her Converse :D

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I’m leaving
    alot of comments today.
    But whats up with the
    whole “Move over Miley”
    thing? I dont care what ya’ll think
    or what any of you say
    but Miley is still on top right now.
    Selena will have her day but
    for right now forget it!
    No offence

  • k.

    i agree #34

  • Anum

    she’s gorgeous.

    – is there somewhere we can buy this magazine in the US? cause i kinda don’t wanna go to the UK..
    help please Jared :P

  • kristina




  • Krissy

    Can you say WOW!!!
    selena looks amazingly gorgeous!!!
    she can do it all – sing, act, dance, be a great role model for anybody!
    you haters just get lost and stop hating
    the only reason your writing stupid comments about her, is either your jealous or the fact, miley might be losing to selena
    well you know what?
    suck it up!
    everyone knows selena is the new idol here, or could be, cuz she’s done it all, to make it seem that way :)
    i know you guys have opinions and all
    but learn to read your facts first, before saying anything about anybody!!!!
    it’s rude to comment about SELENA like she’s a triple threat, when all she’s done, was live her life the way she wanted.
    ( how does that sound like she’s trying too hard?)
    AND even if she changed..
    well that’s life. PEOPLE change for many reasons to find themselves.
    But AT LEAST her personality and such hasn’t changed…she’s still the same person!!! ( explain why else ppl still love her? )

    how does she look older?
    just cuz she’s wearing older clothes and has more makeup on?
    ALL celebs do that. IT’s just not her alone.
    IT’s for a photo shoot. It doesn’t mean she dresses like that, all the time.

    OK about the whole ‘ move over miley’ thing
    i’m sorry, but it should happen, or i think might happen.
    That whole miley and selena/demi feud was just another way, for people to see the real PERSON miley really is & to get mags to have something to talk about these girls. Honestly, i don’t think they are best best friends..cuz just after the feud, they proved to people they were….. but never acted like it before? =/

    fact # 1
    miley IS famous, but that doesn’t mean she’s done that much to be considered that way. IF it weren’t for her inappropriate
    “stuff” on the internet then things would change..but like, again- maybe it was meant to be, to say she wasn’t really a great role model for kids and of course as a GOOD person, she would realize her consequences and change her acts!
    Sure, people make mistakes, but like…this isn’t normal for a girl to make SO MANY mistakes and then never learn from them.
    AND that’s why, miley should move over ( no offense) …. disney needs a REALLY talented- clean star as there “IDOL”

    fact # 2
    ummm, it’s pretty obvious and straight forward that demi and selena have been around disney for so long and miley has no skills to even say” i deserve this and that” to be around disney.

    Don’t hate cuz I stated my opinion
    Wither you like it or not, it COULD be the truth.

    AND as all you miley fans—- you sound even more pathetic being on here, and defending miley like she would be here forever-.-

    go SELENA!!!

  • buttoms up

    she looks wonderufl

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …WOW, I thought that was Vanessa Hudgens there for a second…they seem similar in ways…

  • TV

    Wow I seriously had my doubts at first but this girl may actually become bigger than Miley. These photos and the things she’s accomplished lately really are impressive.

  • livelaughlove

    I LOVE TEH PICTURES!!! the one on the cover AWESOME TOTALLY ROCKIN! she is so pretty

  • LANE


  • Justine

    wow she’s really beautiful!!!!! :)

  • amanda

    number 15, i just have to agree… i dont know what it is.. but i just don’t like her. she’s really pretty though

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