Wesley Quinn Goes Shirtless!

Wesley Quinn Goes Shirtless!

V Factory’s Wesley Quinn and Asher Book get silly backstage at NewPhoria in Orem, Utah over the New Year holiday.

Wesley, Asher, Nickt T and Jared Murillo hung out backstage with David Archuleta and HSM starlet Ashley Tisdale (she’s dating Jared Murillo).

Asher is currently filming Fame in NYC, out in theaters in September.

Check out the vid below for V Factory’s Backstage Adventures and stay tuned for more!

V Factory – Backstage at NewPhoria
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  • suzette

    they suck
    is there actually a human being who listens to their “music”??

  • Sam

    They are so awesome! I love VFactory!!! I am sorry your so jealous suzette! I totally love their music!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Oh…WOW. Yummy…lol. I love them !! Their the NEW boy band. Their basically the next N*Sync or Backstreet Boys…

    And #1. I’m human…and I LOVE listening to their music. LOVESTRUCK !

    ..Uhm..so is that where Ashley is right now, then ? …I heard she was in Mexico.

  • shaneo

    suzette if you dont like them…dont post anything lmao.
    man theres so many haters in this world lol.
    keepp it too yoursself cuz us fans dont care!

    i love them, i love jared!
    hes the hottest of them alll plus he has the hottest chick ever!

    she bad she bad she baddddd (:

  • Krisrae

    Ha, Hater,
    They do not suck they work hard and they love what they do and thats all that matters,

    check out there myspace if you dont know who they are!

    they also have great streetteams and fansites (:

  • Karen

    #3, this video was taken during nye, it’s not new.

  • Brittany

    Love these boys
    And YES people do listen to their music.
    Haters, ha. They make me laugh.
    These boys work SO hard.
    and have GREAT music.
    “Love Struck” wow!

  • Alice

    Oh damn.
    Wesley ahah.

  • Rachel

    &the video is new btw.
    They’ve been uploading more&more videos every Monday&Thursday from the NYE show. That’s why this video is new.
    LOVE IT!
    Post more VF JJJ!

  • JustGonnaSay

    whoa. :d

  • http://www.vfactorysocal.com V factory socal


  • serena

    i’ve seriously been thinking that Jashley may have broken up…

  • lara

    Tizz looks very nice, as always [2] ♥

  • lara

    i agree with you serena.

  • serena

    yeah this one girl said she heard that they broke up on E! News but idk if I believe her, but other then that there’s been other things too

  • http://orkut.com ashloversbrasil♥

    haha love them!, jashley rules :’)

    Tizz looks very nice, as always -3

  • thatsillogical


  • alicia

    your alicia

  • LoveASHLEY

    Ashley looks beautiful.
    I love Vfactory too

  • LoveASHLEY


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    hehe this is from christismas and so funny :)i really like v factory.they are crazy.but serena,i dont agree with you. (i hope) they didn’t broke up.
    and ashley looks aamazing she is pretty .
    please jared,post it !

  • LOVE Ash Tizz


  • Emmahary

    lol when he says “aww free stuff, oh wait its for ashley” lol

  • stephanie

    i love all of the guyz they are incridible!!!!!!!!!! jared ahhhh! and wesley ahhh!!! i love them but not a big ashley fan…

  • katie

    omfg i luv them! Wesley is muh fave!! he hawt! for sum reason i hav a thing for blond boys (who can sing n dance!!!) i wish i could dance lyk them!!! i luv Lovestruck and For You!!! Jared and Wesley r my fave!!! i hate how theyre so much older than me!!! dammit again!!!! i would faint if i ever met them, let alone get to see them in concert or sumthin!

  • Jessica

    Honestly,they suck!I can’t stand them.Very amateurs. Sorry,just my opinion…not hating

  • katrina

    @suzette: if they suck, then why are you looking them up?

>>>>>>> staging1