Ashley Tisdale Dances With Debbie Reynolds

Ashley Tisdale Dances With Debbie Reynolds

Ashley Tisdale shows a little spring in her step as she arrives at the Debbie Reynolds dance studio in Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (February 25).

The 23-year-old actress kept cool in a Lauren Moshi Chopper shirt and held onto her Louis Vuitton “Odeon GM” Monogram Canvas City bag.

Over the weekend, Ashley took a short trip with her mom Lisa and big sis Jennifer to Mexico.

10+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale going to dance…

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Credit: PhamousFotos , JP; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • lisa

    I looove heeer

  • anna

    she’s ugly but i like her

  • anna

    ok she’s not ugly but shes been lookin ugly lately

  • Marissa

    she’s not ugly at all, I think she’s really cute!!

  • izzie

    love her <3

  • amy*_*

    shes so awsome <3

  • vanessajonas

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA shee looks bloated and high

  • ashleysucks

    faaaaaaat face

  • babyb

    ashley is getting old .. by her face i can see that

  • lauren

    welcome to the d list, tizzy.

  • karles

    i dont like her

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Hm, I think she got a little tanned here..or not..but I think she looks cute..I love her top. And her hair…I always love hers and Vanessa’s hair. They BOTH look so GORGEOUS all the time, even if they look bad, they still manage to look really good.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Sorry, I agree her face always looks bloated. I am NOT saying she is fat at all, it’s just that her face always looks very full. But anyway, who cares about my opinion…just saying I don’t like her look.

  • ashley tisdale BIGGEST FAN!!!


  • ashley tisdale BIGGEST FAN!!!

    the fuller the better!!!
    look at mileys face
    it looks bloated too
    and shes still Gorgeous

  • ashley_tisdale love

    sooo beautiful :)

  • melissa. *

    i normally don’t like ashley, but her outfit is like rocking! (: <3

  • tizzfan

    not a collection of good picture of her..
    jared, you should use the sigthing picture from the day before…
    she looked really good and fresh…
    anyone who want to see, just go to ashleytisdale dot org…

  • mandy

    what are you talking about she looks fab =)

  • teteu

    look hot!

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    i love her so much!

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she’s the most beautiful girl in the world ok ♥

  • hannah

    looks like someone played around with their hair again. I suppose that was just her way of consoling herself after finding out she WASNT good enough to be invited to the oscars while her two “besties” got to perform. I don’t know…maybe I’m just starting to notice this, but she has been getting uglier by the second. Poor thing, and she’s only getting older.

  • mandy

    hannah~ Ashley
    your just Jealous you poor

  • TitanicGirl

    she awesome. but yeah, somehow her face is wrong. i need her back blonde again. i dont like her as a brunette now.

  • alli


    she’s so freaking adorable!!


  • tizzfan

    hannah, don’t u ever think that maybe she did get invited but decided not to go ?

    her name was on the invite list for the grammy and golden globe and yet she didn’t go…….

    beauty is in the eye of beholder
    she might look ugly to you, but she look beautiful in the eyes of her fans..

    in the end, she is the one who might go to Oscar someday, not you…

  • [other] sam

    i like her new look
    shes gone from havin to look so ott polished and preened for years to just bein a normal girl

  • Minda

    I think she looks great in those candids. The good thing is she’s smiling and not trying to hide her face. She’s going to dance with Debbie Reynold. Amazing. Must be some moves for her first single. Hope it’s coming out soon!

  • nina

    she is sooooooo beautiful, you guys are crazy.

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i dont think shes ugly
    i think she!’s cutee
    and i cant wait for her new album !
    love ash forever <3

  • ash rockz

    She looks so gorgeous <3
    TEAM TIZZ!!!

  • Osama


  • Mary

    I think Ashley’s ALWAYS gorgeous

  • super fan ashley

    She is beautiful, she is so cute!!!!!!!!

    ash rocks

  • alli



  • ZJ207

    omg! she looks super cute :D:D

    i hope she’s rehearsing for the moves of her first single :D:D

  • Zanessa.chick.lova

    she looks awesome (:
    GO Ashley!

  • Blondie❤

    <33 Ashley so much..:D

  • Nat

    Why do you people never stop bad mouthing people?
    I know that your all entitled too your own opinion and whatever but too be honest, it’s going waay too far.

    Okay now the nags outta’ the way, I want too just add that I absolutley love Ashley, she’s an amazing actress and so what if she looks old in some of these? At least you know that she isnt afraid too hide who she really is and won’t go through a lifetime full of surgery like other celebrities, that personally I dont think does much too them.

    Ashley’s a great person though and personally you should stop bad mouthing her, i’mma sure none of you would like it, would you?

  • iluu ashley tisdale

    love youu so much ashley
    how is she getting old?
    shes only 23!
    so when your 23 i guess your going to be old! lol!
    so everyone who says 23 is old…. when u hit 23 times up for you.
    who ever said she didnt go Oscors? ashley got invited and its somthing that WILL NEVER happen to you. i dnt see u with loads of cars and paprazzi following u! vanessajonas is just JELOUS…. and shes showing it well.! why waste ur time commenting if u hate ashley? oh well


  • Karla ^^!

    She is awesome!!!!

    why didn’t u put the pics of Ashley in Mexico????

    -> sorry 4 the english =S

  • jane

    she looks real pretty and you guys(i mean the haters) should seriously just get a life alright?? I mean, if you dont like her so much, why bother to come here and comment huh???

  • Destiny

    I don’t really like her boots, but the rest of her outfit is gorgeous!

  • mykmicks

    hahaha… She wears similar shirt again like what had Vanessa worn in LAX lastime when she was bound to meet ZAC going to Japan… What I really like with ASHLEY is all her branded bags….


    ashley is very beautiful….
    and i think her brown hair looks waaay better on premieres. and blond looked always very very good.especially the darkblond
    please color your hair dark blond again that would be soooo awesome…

    i love you ashley you’re the best influence ever !