Ashley Tisdale is Puerco Espin Pretty

Ashley Tisdale is Puerco Espin Pretty

BFFs Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Brittany Snow cover their faces after taking a pilates class together in Studio City on Wednesday afternoon (February 25).

The three BFFs were joined by good friends Samantha Droke (from Princess Protection Program) and Caroline Clark (she’s an awesome singer).

Ashley, 23, was just named the face of Puerco Espin, one of the most famous clothing brands in Italy for teen girls, according to MediaKey TV.

Fabio Castelli, director of the creative marketing group Five Season shared, “For our brand, which is well established in the market, Ashley Tisdale is the perfect choice. She’s now a legend throughout the world, her image is very stylish.”

10+ pics inside of pilates princesses Ashley, Vanessa, Brittany, Sam and Caroline

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ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 01
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 02
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 03
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 04
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 05
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 06
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 07
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 08
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 09
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 10
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 11
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 12
ashley tisdale vanessa hudgens pilates workout 13

Credit: PhamousFotos; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • zanessa4everr

    i LOVE them

  • ashley tisdale BIGGEST FAN!!!

    i —-en love them Too

  • izzie

    loooove them

  • zvzvzv

    FINALLY! Bff time! ♥♥♥

  • ashley tisdale BIGGEST FAN!!!

    ashley and vanessa

  • Nikki

    awww!! its good to see them hanging out!!
    I LUV U V!

  • ashley_tisdale love

    i love you ashley and

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    finally!! i`m sooooo happy that ashnessa is back!! it make me soo happy to see that they are hanging out!!! they are BFF!!! LOVE THEMMMMMMM!!

    i love nessa`s style!! and ashley was in vacations in mexico!
    they are a true friendship example!!


  • jasmine

    glad to see them all happy! :)

  • jasmine

    i wish vanessa showed her face though. :|

  • andrea

    wow for all the people who have ever said they weren’t normal or something this is proof they are they look like any normal girls

    love them all they are so amazing and talented

  • Aferdita

    awwwwwwww i love them

  • melissa. *

    FINALLY! an ashnessa sighting! (:
    so you have any idea, how long i’ve been waiting for this? <3
    lol. i wished they showed their faces though, there very pretty.

  • joanne

    finally BFFS Ashnessa!

  • David


  • aw

    lol” legend & stylish”

    I wonder who the blond is. Pretty cute that they’re all out together. I like this picture with Vanessa & Brittany.

  • meme!!

    i love Vanessa and Brittany ! <3

  • Jazmin

    finally ashnessa is back.. so happy to see them hanging out again…. all lovely ladies!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks JJJ

  • daniyah

    wow some of these gurlz with ash and van r kind of random, samantha droke and her friend?! wow but ya cute! all gurlz going to pilates together! lol brittany snow made out with zac efron in hairspray. lol but ya van of course looks cute! lol
    zanessa forever!! :)

  • carly

    vanessa and britanny=)!

  • tizzfan

    isn’t this just amazing ????
    anyone here think baby v look almost alike with samantha ?
    I thought I was seeing double before… lol

  • bre

    it girl day out

  • mikaela

    no offense but i think vanessa has a way better style than she does
    that’s just MY opinion!
    anyways good to see a ashnessa sighting and 3 other girls

  • Bee

    Love this.

    I was wondering when Ash && V were going to hook back up lol
    Love that Britt was with them too, && Sam <33

    && I read they were ‘piloxing’ which is a cross between pilates && boxing, sounds like an intense work out lol so props to the girls.

  • sabrina

    aww, thats really cute how they all hung out!!!!!
    wow…..pilates?????? lmao

  • mandy

    tizzy and
    baby V
    i effin love ashley

  • zane

    that is so cool!!! hanging out with your girlfriends too………

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    ashley rules dude!

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she’s so cuuuult ASHLEY FOREVER ♥-♥

  • Christine

    Lol, an Italian line, located in the heart of the fashion kingdom, wants Ashley Tisdale to be their spokesperson? I suppose they look at her pictures from far away then. That’s my nice way of saying she lacks both the concept of fashion and style. I’d say they’re just choosing her for her pretty face…but she doesn’t exactly have that either. Wonder how long it’ll be before they drop her the same way Ecko Red dropped her last year.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    OH FINALLY !!! ..The Ashnessa pictures have arrived :D YAY !!!!

    I love seeing them together :D Oh, and Brittany too. Great to see all of them together. They all still manage to look gorgeous too !! :D

  • Jen

    I love all of them. Good and hot ppl travel in packs.

  • vanessajonas

    vanessaaa and britaaanny=)

  • tizzfan

    to 30, Ashley isn’t ‘dropped’ from ECKO because of your stupid reasons…
    I asked the management and they simply said that both parties agree to end the contract, and the decision come from both sides – not one.

  • mandy

    vanessjonas is a witch

  • justjaredfan

    sam and vanessa look alike when they are hiding.
    it it wasnt for sam’s purse i wouldnt no who was who.
    and id love to be told i look like vanessa..
    sam is totally wearing clothes vanessa has worn and the hat ahaha


  • Taylor

    hii!, omg they are so gorgeouss i love them and finally ashley picturess i’m so happy !. do you have the mexico’s picttures?

  • serena

    suck on that ashley haters! she IS stylish. (:

    love you ash xox

    and brittany rocks too! ^-^

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    lovely girls
    vanessa looks really good
    your photo to the cell is jealous quay

  • TitanicGirl

    brittany looks like a man

  • tizzfan

    just fyi,
    the outfit samantha wore is her own design.. ” live in love ” brand
    i don’t know why the website is dead though….
    samantha’s friend “caroline” is amazing indeed… the vid was funny .. lol

  • tizzfan

    ow she changed it to

  • alli

    ashley tisdale you are so adorable! she’s so cute, and she’s looked a lot happier lately than she did a couple of weeks ago. Bless you Ashley, bless you babe. :)

    i LOVE her shoes! cliche.

    i hope the five of them had a great time together, even if i don’t know who two of them are.

    Go Tiz! ♥♥♥

  • mandy

    ashley sneakers are HOT!!
    love uuuu ashley !!!!!!!!*

  • aw

    Vanessa & Brittany went shopping before or after this.

  • vanessa’s lovers

    oow my gosh,ashley is soooooooooo uglyyy!
    she scared me!!
    baby v gorgeus,as always!
    i love her with snow.

  • vanessa’s lovers

    ash are hot?
    you be in a dream my dear?
    you should be most beatiful than her,everone can be more beatiful

  • tizzfan

    first, Vanessa’s lovers should learn how to spell… or use spellchecker..
    second, only ignorant person say things like what you’ve written there..
    and third, her full name is Brittany snow…
    lastly, Ashley is definitely beautiful in her own way…

  • mandy

    some of vanessa’s fans are little annoying girls who need to STF UP

  • ryean

    immature much?

    who cares, vanessa would hate you anyway for hating on her best friend, so just shut up before you make yourself look even more foolish. God, you’re pathetic.

    I love you so so so much Ashley Tisdale. Words can’t even begin to explain it. <3 you freaking ROCK, you’re amazing, gorgeous, brilliant, and everything in between!