Jonas Brothers: 3D After-Party Madness

Jonas Brothers: 3D After-Party Madness

The Jonas Brothers weave their way through the crowd as they head to the after-party for their new flick at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (February 24).

The musical trio — Nick, Joe and Kevin — premiered their flick, Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, earlier in the night.

After-party guests included JoBros girlfriends Danielle Deleasa and Camilla Belle, and good pals Miley Cyrus and Tiffany Thornton.

10+ pics inside…

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  • anna

    NILEY ? LOL !

  • Sandy

    did brenda go to the after party?

  • jane

    OMG! Miley?? Cool! Im so happy they’re still friends!!!

  • Annie..!

    niley come back!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    OMJ Everyone is there. I love the JB. Garbo is looking hot in that last pic.

  • varisha

    Omg Miley is there and no way Niley is so over omg it will never be she loves Justin so fricking much he even wrote her a song omg there in love so NILEY is over!!

  • laura

    i love the last picture !
    i lovee garbo! i can’t believe that
    miley was there :)

  • charlotte vp

    miley looks really beautiful in her last picture, i’m predicting niley agaiiiiinnn. HOPE SO

  • charlotte vp

    come oooonnn, they’re becomig really close. she never appeared with justin again and nick’s single, i think he’s not with selena anymore, or is he?

  • Classie

    Camilla it is horrible ;///
    Jemi <3333

  • Miles

    Jorenda forever!!!!!! Brenda was there to support Joe. Jorenda fan for eva <3333

  • Jenny

    omg i wish i were there.
    i looooove nick :)

  • Izabella

    it’s so awesome that Niley are friends again :D ♥

  • Yvonne

    Danielle is so gorgeous. She is so lucky to be with Kevin

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    lol yet more pictures of joe looking like a woman. he needs to stop wearing trousers that are tight, they just look skanky on him.

  • cc27

    Niley! Their friends !! :) [ maybe they'll get back ] hehe :)
    I dont like Camilla and Joe haha [ i like Jemi :) ]
    hmm i wonder where’s Taylor Swift
    Joe Nick and Kevin Looked Amazing!! :) [ i was soo loving Joe's Suit ]

  • katie

    miley! finally, i guess they really are friends again. good for them, i liked them together. also, i am sort of in love with garbo. true story.

  • Rosa

    did camilla forget her pants?
    miley looks so beautiful here ..
    uh niley .. wish u could bring back the good old days =(

  • kaylin

    danielle’s nose……………..?

  • katie
  • jazzy

    i want niley together again

  • where was Taylor

    Well were was Taylor, do you riduculous Jonas Brothers fans get it yet, hes a big cheater, none of them are virgins, they are just another product of the disney machine,that wants you to buy, buy , buy. Don’t fall into it don’t keep giving them your money, move on plenty of nice guys right around you. Lets face it we’ve all dated a cheater like Joe, and this just proves to the world that they are together, and all the junk they try and tell you poor kids are lies, wake up Jomilla have enough of your money. STAY HOME DON’T GO SEE THE 3D MOVIE SHOW DISNEY AND THE JONAS BROTHERS WE WON’T BE LIED TOO.

  • maria

    i hatee nileyyyyyyyyyyyyy! are you nuts? miley is SOO bad to nick jonas, I lovee danieellee and kevin there are soo cutee I im glad kevin found someone=***
    and joe an camilla they same happy, i like them together
    LOOVEEE JONASSSS(k) nickk single forever!:)

  • futurstar (mel)

    I think Garbo MAY be dating a black girl!! (yay) In the picture of Garbo arriving at the afterparty the girl in his passenger seat is the same black girl that was hanging around them in the video of Joe and Camilla getting food on Sunday, I knew she wasn’t just a random standing there with them.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Nelena? HA I’m thinking NILEY!
    I think they’re getting back together
    and if they do I think they should be public
    about it and not care what people
    say or think. Like Zanessa
    I admire that couple as
    well thats why they’re together for so long.
    But anyway I’m sooooooooo
    happy and everyone looked stunning.
    But Nick as always looks
    straight out SEXY!

  • Lauren C

    #22 u r stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    Do u realize camille and Danielle were in the Jonas Car? is cuz they are Joe and Kevin’s Girlfriends … but miley was with her mom… so she is only a good friend that was there to support her friends…. don’t say NILEY is back cuz it don’t seems like

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    lol cute miley!

  • Soraya

    GUYS!!!!!! I’m soooo happy they are alll friends together!!!! But where’s DEMI ?????????
    And If Nick and Selena Broke up, they said it was bec he ‘s always on tour, so it was kinda not a tough break-up!! So why isnt SELENA THERE???
    Or DEMI????

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    #26 Demi is there. Theres just no pics of her on this post. Same with Brenda #2.

  • charlotte vp

    selena is in puerto rico shooting her new wizards film, demi was there, there are vids of her there

  • :)

    OMG, In Miley’s book she says: Prince Charming use to stay up to 4AM, ride bikes and sing me ” My girl” but he changed it to “My Miley”

    And in one interview, Nick said that he would only sing “My girl” to someone he loves.

    How cute is that !?

  • Dnaiela


    Amo eles demais

  • Soraya

    Where is DEMI???? She was On the Carpet :S:S
    And I’m glad they are all friends!!!
    first, demi and selena and miley hanging out together! Now miley hanging out with the Jonas!! BUT WHERE THE HELL IS SELENA??????????
    Even if they broke up, they are still friends, + she was always hanging out with him ( they never admitted they were dating) and cnt she Hang out with him for his 1st MOVIE in CINEMAS!!?
    What u guys think?

  • Soraya

    OOPPSS I re-asked my question!!! Lol!! Anyways,
    thx 27# and
    thx 28#

  • nileylove

    omg I can’t beleive Miley went.. that is so freakin awesome

    <3 NILEY needs to get back

  • http://deleted becca
  • duddeee:]

    am i the only one who think demi looked better than camilla?

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    You’re welcome

  • yellow2

    YAY!!! Sweet Miley was there!! :))) Ilove Miley and Demi and am thrilled they are still friends!!! You guys know you were meant to be so just get back together already!

  • anna

    i wanna see more miley pics @ the after party !

  • Jerseygirl

    Are Joe’s pants leather? OMG – he looks great!


  • Katie

    Ewww, I hate Camilla’s dress. ick! But, JB look amazing! (:

  • Megan

    miley was there!! yayayay! lol demi was there too…i didnt see sel though!! hahaha <3

  • Katelyn

    OMG MILEYYYYYYYYY LOL where is selena…… I AM SOOOOOOOOO GLAD THAT THEY ARE ALL FRIENDS……… i wonder why taylor did’nt go it would be great if she and joe got back together or at least be friends!!!!!!!!1

  • vanessajonas

    woow joee.. aly and camilla .. exfactor?
    and niley again? i think no bc nick has said it was something of the past

  • joeil4u

    omg i feel like i wanna scream!!!!!!!!is niley actually possibly true again???
    cant believe it…i hope itbso much!!! i know its hard but i actually hope!!!

  • katie

    woah miley? since when?

  • maggie

    #40 sooo true!!!

  • megan

    i think miley and nick are secretly dating