Kristen Stewart Touches Down in Tokyo

Kristen Stewart Touches Down in Tokyo

Kristen Stewart keeps it cool in head-to-toe denim as she makes her way through Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan on Wednesday (February 25).

The 18-year-old actress is in Japan to promote the premiere of her blockbuster film, Twilight. Kristen‘s co-star Robert Pattinson arrived yesterday afternoon.

Kristen most recently covered the March issue of Nylon magazine. She shared about the Twilight madness, “Anywhere we’d go for Twilight was a psychotic situation. The sound was deafening, and it’s thoughtless, as well.”

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  • Katie

    Awesome! (:

  • Kari

    How can someone look so gorgeous after a 15 hour flight?! She looks amazing and she seems happy

  • Cris

    I love Kristen! She’s so effortlessly pretty.

    Her adopted brother Taylor is so cute! It’s weird how much they look alike.

  • meg

    I saw some other pictures of when she arrived in Tokyo, and sha wasn’t looking so happy in them!

  • Taylor
  • http://jjj miley

    i love her! she dresses really casual but still pretty!

  • erin

    All the other shots of her were miserable. Working hard for her arent you jared.

  • ruth

    Dump her from the franchise. It doesnt need her. Pattinson is the heart and soul of this franchise. Pick another actress

  • sarah

    Terrible wooden actress. All she does is stammer and twitch.

  • Maggie

    the guy with her…is it her brother?

  • Sar

    Wow, so she WAS happy! Some websites are like “why is she so moody all the time” and blah blah blah. Ugh they are just picking and choosing a picture that makes her look tired and moody. I can’t wait for the premiere pictures!! :D

  • joss

    kristen! <3 she’s so pretty!

  • jaime

    kristen! <3

    is her stalker boyfriend there too? ugh hope hes not

  • Miss Lautner

    Love Her !

    She So Pretty Aswell =]

    And Talented
    Cant Wait To See Her Up Commin Film !

  • Rosalia

    As much as she complains; she is like the Katherine Heigl of Twilight. Not appreciating what gave her success… None of her other roles were as big as this. I just hope Twilight doesn’t become like Grey’s and the other two or three movies won’t suffer because she’s a diva d-bag… Just sayin…

  • Blah

    Wow she’s actually smiling for once.

  • Coii

    omg!! now i wanna go to japan!!! lol

  • Katy Oliveira

    Brazil loves you kristen she looks georgeus

  • Maria

    She’s a goddess.

    Everyone just needs to back off her case. So she doesn’t go around being fake and smiling all the time. So she calls them how she sees them…WELL GOOD FOR HER! She’s real. She’s not trying to sell an image. This is her…take it or leave it. She’s gonna be getting her paycheck at the end of everything whether everyone thinks she’s a witch or not.

    You rock Kristen.

  • Giovana


    i luv her!!!

  • Kris

    oh god .. who ever freaking said that Kristen doesn’t appreciate twilight and or her fans is just stupid.. i hate when people rag on kristen because she’s not all peppy and happy and fake and fame seeking like paris hilton or whatever.. She’s said so many times how much she loves twilight and the movie and so you can’t say she doesn’t appreciate twilight when she clearly does .. People always just misunderstand her personality and what she says and try to make it seem like she’s this big mean biotch when she’s not …

    Lastly for people who said that she’s a horrible actress.. CLEARLY you seriously need to watch more of her movies.. Anyone judging the girls acting skills based on twilight shouldn’t even begin to speak on her acting talent.. Twilight i’ll admit wasn’t her best work and i’m a fan .. but i do think she did exceptionally well in it as well, but comparing to half the things she’s done .. she’s done better.. If you want to see what a truly wonderful young actress she is i suggest watching speak. into the wild. theres a film she did called the cake eaters that i haven’t seen but so many critics have complimented her on the her work .. So don’t judge her based on what you just saw in twilight ..

  • sabrina

    awww, i love all the twilight people.
    but who is the guy that keeps on showing up in back of her????
    anyways, <3 you kristen, and rob, and taylor…… yada yada yada…

  • yellow2

    uhm, hello. She has never once been grateful for this in all of her interviews she makes it sounds like it is all a bad thing. ugh, her and rob really are some of the biggest snobs in the world.

  • vanessajonas

    omfg! she is smiling.. apocalyps!

  • kara

    jared, stop putting her on this little kid site now. she’s not a disney star.

  • Coii

    Kris!!! i’m so agree with you!!! i hate when people talk s*** about her!! gosh!!! get over it!!! she’s an amazing actress WHO doesn’t act in real life SHE’S GENUINE!!!

    and lol kara!! whatever! without this we’d never know about her! LOL

    KStew team Forever!!! and defender ;)

  • arantxa

    I love her
    leave her alone

    she has a lot of stress

    his brother is adopted ?

  • arantxa

    her *
    sorry ;S

  • BEBE

    witch is coming, in other way i like she is standing beside rob than paris hilton, which is fly to japan already.

    kick some ass kristen and show your big head to the fans…lol

  • Tracy

    When asked about why Kristen didn’t attend the Oscars, KStews father replied “Kristen will attend the Oscars when its a good movie, not one that just makes a bunch of money” Really?? Is that Kristens opinion? If so, what a complete insult to her Twilight co-stars and fans. Also, maybe if she could act worth a darn, Twilight would have been a better movie.

  • Tracy

    Love it how there was a HUGE crowd of fans and press when Rob arrived, and there’s NO ONE there for the Diva Kristen. HA HA

  • Jenny

    pretty :)

  • d-girl

    sooo… i didn’t like her from the beginning.. and i was expecting more out of her. she seemed very dead on film.. and now with her bashing her own movie, i’m just sick of her. i mean, they can’t kick her out of it now. it would be just as dumb as if they had dumped taylor. but still, they should at least tell her not to bash the franchise.

    all in all, i am not impressed with her. on camera, or in “real life”

  • [other] sam

    she is pretty bad in twilight. but then again it was just a badly scripted film to begin with. i doubt shell stay for all of them, she wants to do arthouse stuff.

  • Nannin

    For me I don’t believe the right ups… And if her father really said that maybe he doesn’t mean it that way…. She’s not lke that…

  • Nannin

    We are entitled to our own opinion.Whatever they say about her I still like her. Hope that rob will not believe whatever right ups

  • annaaa

    i love her no matter what,
    she is the best bella swan on earth.

    just becoz she says one thing or her DAD says something
    then that doesnt make her a bad person.
    and shes still going to be in the rest of the movies so live with it,

    i LOVE kristen stewart!

  • Laura

    Yay! She looks so cute, as always. I heart Kristen! So excited for a new promo gig. She and Rob always take the cutest pics together. And I’ve been at a bunch of the Twilight events and I’ve gotta say- the girl is so right. It’s psychotic and deafening. After the premiere, I thought I would never hear again. After hour upon hour of people trying to shout “ROBERT, KRISTEN, OVER HERE!” over one another, I was like, “Holy crap”. If I were them, I’d be on large amounts of Prozac.

  • blah

    Kris, #21 totally agree with you! she is a good actress, and it’s soooo annoying when disney stars and other celebs are so peppy and excited. kristen is natural, and i love that.

  • BEBE

    kristen is not natural, she is big snob girl who think she could have fame by her big head…….

    OMG…..where is your fans kristen ??? blah,now you know how silly you are… where is your fans kristen and i said, kristen who??

  • blaster

    i love kristen!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah jared, why is she in this kid’s site?? she’s no disney!

    to each his own.. those who love kristen respects haters opinions..
    whatever you all say about her it will not make me stop watching her movies.. if she’s a bad actress then why would emil hirsch recommend her to catherine?? why would sean penn cast her in into the wild?? why is she playing joan jett in “the runaways”?? why was she able to act alongside veteran stars – jodie foster, diane lane, meg ryan, glen close, robert deniro, donald sutherland etc and received great comments from them?

  • Rain gal

    Yeah, she’s in Tokyo now and can whine and complain to a new media. Wonder how long it will take her to start dissing Twilight and the fans…24 hours?

    I realize she and her dad are entitled to have an opinion about Twilight – good or bad. But the attitude that it is beneath her to attend the Oscars to represent Twilight is arrogant beyond belief. Her dad wouldn’t have made that statement if they had not discussed it privately because he wouldn’t have wanted to hurt her feelings publically.

    Hey Kris: you need to do some research and find out the negative things she’s been saying about twilight fans…that includes YOU!

    I’ve tried to ignore all the negative comments and the holier than thou attitude hoping she’d eventually figure out that the fans and Twilight are a good thing. However, I’m done with her and that snobby attitude.

  • http://justjaredjr dee

    i love her!!!! soooooooooo talented!!!! she makes twilight the best!!!
    shes sooo pretty!! best actress for twilight!!

  • Anizinha

    I have hope that a day she will come to Brazil.


    BRAZIL \o/

  • sara-amw

    yeah, i from brazil, but i hate her,

    she is boring as bella, blinking to much, her voice seams to be a men.

    She Ruined bella, The movie was only god because robert pattinson.

  • Katy Oliveira

    f***** you sara amw kristen is amazing

  • anahita

    she smiling!! thats great. People stop trash talking her, its not your problem!!!

  • Austin Petri

    I think tha tKristen Stewart is actually pretty ugly without makeup but is ok with. When refurring to the movie she could have put more emotion into it.

  • twilightfan

    who is that cute guy in the background??? is it her boyfriend????

  • mala

    How hell is kristen a snob..she doen’t act like a fake ass celebrity..that’s for damn sure!