Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift To Duet?

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift To Duet?
  • Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez dish on a duet
  • Taylor Momsen loves her ripped jeans
  • The last Harry Potter film gets a release date
  • Kristen Stewart‘s dad disses Twilight
  • Snatch Vanessa Hudgens‘ Oscar dress for less
  • Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrove have all received Young Artist Award nominations.
  • Ever dream of having an internship at a magazine? Seventeen mag tells you how!
  • Gossip Girl, 90210 and Supernatural have all been renewed for another season on the CW
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  • Taylor swift :)

    you forgot demi

  • buttoms up

    OMG selena nominated twice :)
    wow, it’s been only a year since she started acting
    andnow she’s already nominated

    who cares if she lost?
    she’s still amazing :)

    go selena

  • aw

    No, Kristen’s dad didn’t diss anything, those words were straight from Kristen herself. He was just the messenger.

  • Sar

    Kristen said that herself. I don’t care though. I still love her. :)

  • jilli

    oh God.

  • :)

    Oh no …

  • name

    This Chick really needs to stop coping Miley. It’s irritating!

  • Steph

    another duet? don’t you think that is enough already??

  • Krissy Fantasy

    that’s all i gotta say.
    there such amazing- talented girls
    but like this is just to weird.

    her & miley didn’t do 2 well on the fifteen song
    there vocals were so way OFF!
    and now selena and taylor?
    I personally think, selena should save her voice for another time..when her album does come out and people would actually get to know her singing ranges, than making fun of her and saying she can’t sing with anybody -.-

    AND as for taylor
    HER voice is unbelievably soothing and so calm
    and her messages in her songs, are relate able
    i know how much, she wants to sing with her fav people in the world
    but ….
    maybe a next time, when it seems more right :P
    right now, i wanna see her do more songs and her tour+ CSI :D

    :O YES!
    SELENA nominated twice!
    she rocks!!!
    FINALLY she gets what she deserves ^^
    # 2
    SEL hasn’t acted in one year
    she’s been acting her whole life! ( and i’m talking as a little baby!)
    but like no one ever paid attention to that.. cuz well.. she hasn’t been getting what she truly deserves— which isn’t fair! cuz she’s been with disney FOR A LONG time!
    I’m glad she’ hasn’t bragged about her past just to be more famous, since she’s still doing more projects , a movie, a cd & guest starring :)
    that’s seriously a talented girl !!!

    I hope she wins ^—–^
    xoxoxox <3

    # 7
    it’s a big world.
    so whatever miley does, doesn’t always have to be around SELENA!
    haven’t you heard?
    these girls are all connected because they’ve been heartbroken by the jonas brothers.
    so hence- why selena and taylor are best friends just like she is with miley.

    THERE all really equal
    and seem to be have ALOT in common.
    SO nobody is following or copying anybody.
    WHATEVER happens, HAPPENS.
    THEY were all put into the same situations..
    so there you go (:

  • Melissa

    hmm taylor and selena… not a good idea.

    two completely different styles of music that don’t blend well.

  • http://justjared myob

    wow she lyp syncs how can selena sing have u ever hear her live on you tube let me tell u nasty

  • TV

    SHUT UP!!! Selena’s would go great with TAylors. They both have a smooth soothing voice. Unlike that AWFUL clash with MIley and Taylor at the Grammy’s.

  • buttoms up

    actually selena and taylor has the same style
    they have both soothing sounds and smooth

    demi and miley has both annoying voice so they can duet.

  • Patrick

    #13, OMG I agree so much that it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth lol. I can’t wait for this duet.

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I agree #11.
    Not planning on
    listening to
    this DISASTER!

    No offence to
    the fans.

  • Katie

    I personally do not like Taylor’s or. Selena’s voice. Selena is just another squeky disney girl. Mikey is actually a good singer to come from Disney.

  • melissa. *

    selena and taylor? sorry to all you fans, but to me that’s a bad combination. i like their voices, just not together. but who knows?
    maybe they’ll suprise us. (; <3

  • Katie

    I completely disagree with the Katie above me. Miley ruined Taylor’s song in the beginning because she was way too throaty. It wasn’t bad towards the end but if the girl toned it down, I’m sure a lot of country fans wouldn’t have felt so violated by that duet. Selena hasnt done that much singing so I’m not sure how to react to this news…I cant imagine how their voices would sound together.
    #9- First of all, learn what “hence” means and the proper use. And second, to say that the three girls are connected only because of the Jonas Brothers wildly discredits the girls themselves. :P

  • Mary

    uhmm..sounds good i guess
    they both have soft & smooth voices
    BUT i would love it if miley and demi
    did a duet..they both have
    powerful voices that would go
    perfect with each others

  • Funny man

    Na. If Miley and Demi did a duet it would sound like dogs barking.

  • i

    Selena is too amazing!!! Taylor Swift’s alright. This is gonna be a huge duet of the summer

  • Can’t Wait

    Selena is the best Disney star. Add Taylor and it’s even better :)

  • blah

    ugh, selena can’t sing at all! she is the best actress on disney, but her voice in tone deaf and too techo! can’t disney people just stick to one thing?????????? i love taylor’s music, but don’t like her live.

  • FN

    #23, it’s just Disney. They make all their stars do everything. For instance, they even made Demi an actress and she’s a HORRIBLE one at that. Her show and acting skills SUCKS. But Disney didn’t care. and HECK YES, Selena is the best actress on Disney Channel. I’ll give her a chance at singing since i haven’t heard her REALLY sing. SO until her album comes out, I won’t judge her.

    and I think her voice would go well with Taylor. they both have the same voice types. can’t wait.

  • Taylor fan

    Taylor and Selena? Is not a god idea :/

  • rumeysa turkey

    ay ne kadar güzel demi selena gomez cnm benim yaaa çok şekerrr

  • elifff

    ı love you selenaaaaaaaaaa