Zac Efron & Danielle Panabaker: Hugo's Happy

Zac Efron & Danielle Panabaker: Hugo's Happy

Pals Zac Efron and Danielle Panabaker race back to their cars as they exit Hugo’s eatery in Hollywood on Tuesday afternoon (February 24).

Zac and Danielle, both 21, starred in WB’s Summerland in 2004. Danielle‘s sister Kay played Zac‘s love interest on the show.

Did you catch the High School Musical hunk performing at the Oscars on Sunday night?

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron and Danielle Panabaker having lunch together…

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  • rissa

    it’s cool that zac can hang with a girl that’s his friend.

  • Just Interested

    cool :]]

    now that will start rumors they’re just friends

  • jen

    zac dump vanessa……..danielle and u are way cuter!

  • Bre

    Gosh his hair has gotten long!

  • melisa

    danielle didnt star in summerland jared. that was kay.
    dont contradict yourself.

  • ladysdsandiego


    i’m just waiting for the rumors to start now.

    anyways zac looks good.

  • cc27

    wow! lol his hair looks different :) haha, i guess its longer XD

  • http://http/ daniel

    serious??????where is vanessa

  • i love the miley

    ware is vannessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love zanessa!

  • http://http/ daniel

    WELL I THINK THAT VANESSA WAS WONDERFUL in the oscar’s night BUT A litle nervous

  • Alyssa

    I hope V & ZAC are okay
    i miss Zanessa

  • http://http/ daniel

    zac’s hair sucks

  • yoyoma

    i wish he was with vanessa….

  • Virginia

    oh my god people, they were just seen together 2 days ago!

    Stop with the “i miss zanessa” or “I hope they’re okay!” comments!
    Geez, you guys jump to conclusions way to fast, and just because zac is seen with another girl does not mean something happened to Vanessa.

    Some of you guys need to mature, and see that guys with girlfriends can hang out with their friends.

  • angela

    who cares about zanessa.

    bout time zac is spending time with his other friends.

  • angela

    yeah i agree with #12

  • Trina

    Danielle didn’t play Cameron’s love interest in Summerland. It was her sister Kay Panabaker that played Cameron’s girlfriend, wasn’t it?

    Danielle was only in two episodes of Summerland. Can’t remember what role she played, though? Was she the girlfriend of the Jesse McCartney character?

  • aw

    Haircut Zac.

  • Trina
  • Trina
  • ilovezanessaxo

    ^ thank you trina, i have been searching for these.

  • hey

    actually danielle was in summerland too… but she played jesse mccartney’s brief love interest.

  • ladysdsandiego

    #17 Trina
    if you read carefully jared says danielle’s sister kay played zac’s love interest in the show. so he did get it right.

    and i agree with #12
    just because zac is seen with someone else doesn’t mean something happened with him and vanessa. did you not see how happy and in love they looked 2 days ago.

  • Marie

    OMG JARED! you’re like a celebrity detective to me, you always find out the real stories, so tell me if this is true please:

  • tia

    ewwww whats with the toothpick OMG he is SO low class when he has that thing hanging outta his mouth!!! hes not a cyrus–he needs to ditch the redneck image asap!

  • vancrazed

    i am thinking this was a business luncheon.

  • ashlee

    zachey poo do need a haircut.

  • Lanie

    Nice to see Zac out and about with one of his former costars. Good to know he stays close with people from his past.

  • ashlee

    no, danielle didn’t star in summerland. she was only in a couple of shows.

  • kami

    wonder if they are going to be working together in an upcoming movie.

  • H

    the pics are cute, wish Zac would get a haircut though

    hopefully this will shut up all those people who think Vanessa is some jealous controlling girlfriend, I’m glad Zac stays in touch with people, I think it speaks volumes about him

  • zac is a rat

    Did’nt take Zac long to get another girl at his side no wonder he’s running got caught again with a girl that’s not his gf, boy is he a major player.

    Wonder when we’ll see him with Megan as she’s a free agent now.

  • kami

    #29 do you have any friends? doesn’t sound like it. if you did, you’d know that friends go to lunch with other friends. sounds like you don’t know that.

  • m

    His hair looks terrible.

    That’s how I know Zac/Vanessa fans are fickle and stupid. He went out with a friend and they are all like where’s Vanessa, Gosh get over it, he is his own man he can go out without her once in a while and same goes for her.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    …huh, I never knew they were friends…interesting…

    well, it’s nice to know they ARE friends. And it’s nice to see Zachary hanging out with other stars. …Even if they weren’t in any shows/movies together except for Summerland, but then again #28 can be right. They could be in a movie together in the future.

    …oh boii…*sarcasm* let’s see what exciting rumors there’s going to be now !! …

  • Zac efron’s #1fan

    Zac looks amazing.

  • Zac efron’s #1fan

    Zac is a rat shut the fuck up loser.

  • ph

    dude zac needs to cut his hair

  • Zac efron’s #1fan

    Zac is a rat just shut up.

  • rosilee9

    19# and 20#

    Thanks for posting the pictures of Zac andVanessa with Bubba what made me smile was inthe one’s where Bubba is in the middle of Zac and Vanessa instead of Zac putting his arm on Bubba’s shoulder he has his hand in Vanessa’s hair, it’s like he love’s having contact wit her even when somebody else is in the photo. That was nice.

    There’s a story going around that Zac and Vanessa got engaged in Japan becuase Vanessa’s mom does’nt approve of them living together before marriage so she made Zac propose, I for one am not 100% convinced as to me you can’t make someone propose the couple either want that next step in their relactionship or they don’t it’s their choice not their parents choice. Also why would Zac go and buy a house if according to the story they are getting married in 2010 he might as well have stayed where he’s always been in his apartment. Then the paper said that they was having a long engagement well to me 2010 is’nt that long of a engagement so this is makes me unsure of how true this is.

    If they did and depending when Zac would be possibly 23 and Vanessa 22 which is’nt a bad age and it would be very easy to understand that maybe the topic could come up this year, Zac did say in one of the interviews at the oscars that this year there was going to be a lot of changes going on with him now wheather that means engagment or not only time will tell.

    Zac does need a trim on his hair though it looks much better when it’s got some shape to it.

  • vancrazed

    M, you need to be very careful to assume that all their fans are that way. You are so immature if you think that. They actually have a broader older fan base. I am one of them, and I am not ignorant enough to feel the need to assume something is wrong because he is seen out in public with another female. Those who do assume that obviously don’t know anything about a mature relationship and the level of trust these two have between each other. Lord, people…grow up. There is confidence in their relationship but that doesnt’ mean they have to be with each other all the time.

  • Zac efron’s #1fan

    Zac is a rat please just shut up.

  • Zanessa fan

    Zac looks amazing


    Zac Is a Rat I am just wounder are you gay.

  • nikki

    hhmm, wounder what this is about..!! zac looks hottt


    Zac is a rat. I am really getting sick of you bashing Zac.

    what if people started Bashing Vanessa.


    Zac Looks hot and sexy

  • rissa

    like i said earlier, it’s cool that he can hang out with girls that are his friends. we all knew bashing was bound to happen, but i mean c’mon, v and zac were just seen basically inseparable answering questions TOGETHER at the oscars. there’s no way they could’ve broken up. don’t trip.

  • m

    vancrazedm it doesn’t make me immature. Yeah I probably shouldn’t generalize to all of you but by no means does that make me immature. I am not some 15 year old. You should talk to some of your fellow Zac/Vanessa fans cause they give others like you a bad name

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    people just coz zac is out with another girl does not mean him and vanessa broke up!!