Jonas Brothers Jet With Just Jared Jr.

Jonas Brothers Jet With Just Jared Jr.

The Jonas Brothers invited Just Jared Jr. to fly with them on their private jet this Sunday during their SURPRISE THEATER INVASION.

JJJ will be jetting off with the JoBros to one of their top secret locations, where they’ll be surprising their fans at a movie theater playing their new movie, The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience.

TELL JJJ: How do YOU want to be involved? Since we’re going to fully equipped with our Blackberry and laptop, would you want us to live blog the entire experience? Twitter? Create videos of the JoBros and post them? Have them blog on JJJ? Please share your awesome ideas!!! And we hope to see you at one of the very special screenings!!!!!

Jonas Brothers – Surprise Theater Invasion Announcement

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  • Caz

    I WANT JB TO BLOG ON JJJ AND I WANT TO ASK JOE IF HE LIKES BRENDA SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT LIKE THAT I JUST WANNA KNOW IF THEY R STILL FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL POST A vid

  • Taylor swift :)

    Make a video so we can see people experisons and ya

  • baby h

    videoooooos ^^

  • ph

    awesome jared i’m happy for you!

  • tori

    thats awesome!
    i think you should live blog on here/twitter
    and do the videos of them(:

  • izzie

    that’s so cool :]

  • elle

    get them to blogg,, that would be soooo cool. make videos :) a live feed wouldnt be good for some, as people like me are in england, so time difference is difficult.

    have fun jared

  • monika

    come to canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and twitter :)

  • yellow2

    You should have them blog! and look at our comments and please please please somehow get them to go to my city! I really really would be thrilled. :D like ecstatic. haha

    and like ask them about their new tour and stuff!!!

  • Joy

    videos are cool but they might take long to load. blogs and twitter would be awesome.

  • annabones

    dang, Jared! This must be exciting! :DD
    Have them talk about the premeire please. and have like a Q and A or just like take pics of them being silly! :D

  • anna

    videos! and take TONS AND TONS OF PICS!

  • victoria


    Have them do an un-scripted youtube video.
    Also ask Joe what the inspiration for wearing that suit he did at the premiere was. It was super sexy, I loved it.

  • Jorun

    Create videos of the JoBros and post them AND Have them blog on JJJ!!! :p


  • Cealey

    All those ideas are greay! I like:
    *videos of them
    *them posting blogs

  • victoria

    Oh and come to Toronto.

    Please and thank-you.

    I’ll be waiting…. ;)

  • Siri

    Not twitter.

    Some of us haven’t got twitter..

  • Desiree

    Twitter would be awesome, video even better, and blogs yessss

  • Emzee

    Videos would be cool :) Or ever another love chat =O Lmao. When you speak to them ask them about them performing over here in England at Wembley Arena :) I got my tickets and im going, seven rows from the stage!! love yoou x

  • zoey

    blog! make them get a twitter. then they can update us with pictures and all that good stuff. <3

  • ashley

    videoss ! videos are ALWAYS the bestt, and twitterr ;). but mostly videos haha

    have funnn, your soo sooo luckyyy ! but obviously deserve it

  • chelsea



  • yellow2

    Please tell the Jonas Brothers to make stops in Texas for their world tour!!

  • cheese


  • lisa :]

    itd be really cool if they could blog and do a video on here. that’d be awesome :]

  • matilda

    Make them blog!!! =D that would be awesome.
    I love JJJ and the jonas brothers <333

  • vanessajonas

    live video blogs rock!

  • amelia

    way to go jared!! hmm here’s an idea: did you ever see MTV following in around during their concert and posting videos everytime they finised one?? you should try that!

  • Katie

    VIDEOS! (:
    I love you JB

  • sarah

    or just tape the whole interview then post it
    and make funny videos with them
    and have them make a post and we have to guess which one was them

  • yellow2

    I love it when they smile. :D

  • sarah

    when are you going to post the last interview you did with them ,,,the one at the mtv special?

  • sarah v

    hey just jared jr :)
    if you could i think it’d be awesome to have a live chat and let them blog on just jared jr.!

    sarah v, pennsylvania <3

  • sam & Taylor

    Make videos and blog! That’s awesome- thank you so much!

  • katie

    I think it would be really cool if they blogged on JJJ
    but I also LOVELOVELOVE videos!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaydubz

    I’d love for videos to be recorded and posted, that would be fantastic!

  • Hailey

    Videoooos. For real. That would be crazy. Just do like a unscripted interview or something on video, and then do like funnyyyyy videooos!!!

  • katie

    hmmm, how about tell us what state you’re going to? :D

  • jESS

    Live blog & Videos of them!

  • Natasha

    Videos ! like the mtv thing. that was good. lmao

  • megan

    figure out if they are coming to louisville kentucky!

  • nicklovesemily:]

    videos andddd blogsss:]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i know youll get the best coverage to us<3

  • kakaka


  • a

    twitter/pics on twitter
    videos are fun too
    lucky you jared! :)

  • mollybee

    videos & twitter.
    But more importantly, videos.

  • Abbie

    I think you guys should post videos :) also answer fan questions and kind of just make it fan-based so you could have them call fans, email us, and that kind of thing. Thanks for letting us give you input!!! JJJ is the best.
    I’ll send an e-mail of detailed ideas :)

  • Cathi

    the most videos shots you can make !

  • annette

    live blog the wholeeee thing! and twitter.. and have them blog! everythinggg :) but mostly LIVE STREAM IT!!!!

  • nyra

    um… all of the above please. :) haha that would be great.

  • Jennifer

    Make videos and twitter and blog! Whatever you have time for! :o)

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