Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa Hang in Hollywood

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa Hang in Hollywood

Kevin Jonas and girlfriend Danielle Deleasa (along with Texas Teacup Daisy) stick close together outside a small cafe in West Hollywood on Wednesday afternoon (February 25).

Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Camilla Belle also got the chance to hang out in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon. While Joe posed with a few fans, Camilla patiently waited for him in his new Mercedes SUV.

The foursome all hooked up at the House of Blues to celebrate the premiere of the JoBros flick, Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience on late Tuesday night.

10+ pics inside of the Jonas boys and their girls…

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  • Sarah

    Danielle is really beautiful !!!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    joe jonas looks soo frickin HOT with the red jacket& the cool shades :)

  • jasmine

    i liked joe better with taylor :(

  • TitanicGirl


  • fivi

    am happy the boys are dating in public about time!!! now this is normal!

  • alala

    camilla is lucky :)

  • captincrunchrocks

    aww Kevin and Danielle are cute and Joe and Camilla are starting to grow on me!

  • farah

    Where is Nick ?? I don’t find him
    lol the couple ” joe ; camilla ” and “kevin ; danielle ” are so cute !

  • Alyssa

    aww i love Danielle
    hate Camilla

  • Annie..!

    Danielle is soo pretty!! I’m so happy for Kev!
    I love Joe, and i love Camilla! I think that people should let them just life their life, and mind their own bussines ;)
    <3 JB for Life!!

  • Stephie

    I’m happy for kevin! he seems happy! He makes a cute couple with danielle, i’m glad they are going public about their relationship.

  • nicole

    danielle is gorgeous! I always love some news about Kavin and her!! And Camilla is stunning I hope Joe is happy with her…

  • nathalia

    kevin and danielle are cute together!
    i liked joe better with taylor!
    i don’t know.. camilla looks like his sister.
    but i’m happy cause he looks happy with her.
    love jb!

  • winkwink

    Camille is pretttttttttyyyyy !
    I Like that joe n kev r public about dating ..
    Meh, just waiting for nick noww ! :(

  • pat

    such cute couples <3
    i don’t understand why people hate so much camilla belle.
    before she dated joe, no one cares about her, and now they hate her just because she is dating joe jonas.
    that’s sad. leave her alone, she is such a great actress!

  • crazy for JONAS

    OMJ!! im so freakin jealous!!! haha
    love all the couples!! =)

    danielle and camilla are so lucky!!

    so true… number 2, joe looks so HOT!!! in that red jacket !!!

  • joeil4u

    they’re so cute*.*and joe and camilla are so…puke:(
    i don’t hate camilla, i hate camilla with him, like every girl with him, i guess its…mmm..jealousy? aww i shouldn’t be so in love with an irreal boy…whatever

  • Yvonne

    OMG! Look at how Kevin looks at Danielle? He is 200% in love with her. Danielle is gorgeous and Kevin is friken hot, esp in that black shirt. ITS ABOUT TIME KANIELLE GOES PUBLIC LIKE THIS!


  • AUDREY393

    people let them be … ur just jealous of camilla … u guys had no problem before she dated joe … yeah i know we wish he was ours but he ain’t … look at the bright side they probably eventually break up … i think it’s cute that they date and dont’t have to be in hiding

  • / krixtina

    danielle is soooo gorgeous :D
    go kev :)

  • cc27

    Danielle looks pretty :) Kevin is Lucky, and Danielle is Lucky :)
    Joe looked so hot in that outfit! xD, and Joe was so kind taking pictures lol :) I dont rlly Like Camilla But i Hope she is making him happy :) That’s the most important thing xD

    [ I wonder where's Nick ] lol..

  • ANN


  • lei

    nick is kind of boring probably on the studio making music for them! but man he is no where with a girlfriend he must be boring! just saying we never see him have fun with a girl!

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    how adorable to bad
    Nick aint dating anymore
    but then theres the
    beautiful talented MILEY
    CYRUS! and ME!
    :P haha :P
    More than likely
    there would be a Niley
    but still I’m here :P

    But anyway

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    OMG I didnt even notice her
    adorable puppy she has aw
    is that the one Kevin got her?
    And speaking of noticing stuff

  • edenm

    That’s what you get. For breaking up with a girl before
    Valentines day, you bum.

  • Yvonne

    ANN(#22)—I SAW THAT TOO! I KNOW ITS ON THE OTHER HAND, BUT THAT RING IS HUGE! I think they “might” be engaged, but she is wearing it on the other hand so Disney wont freak.

    Daisy is adorable

  • dALENA

    i dont get it some people didnt know Camilla Belle if u asked ppl they would say who? and wen ppl think she datin joe all of a sudden i know her! seriously i think she’s doing it for more fame! and omg! kevin is his girl are adorable!

  • hellopeople

    Kevin and Danielle = cute. Joe and Camilla.. is ok.. but kinda weird. oh well.

  • swe3t23

    nick is on set with miley

  • lesha

    um. i just really dont like joes car. lol. i guess the whole ‘boxy’ look is a guy thing, but i hate it.

  • joanne


  • Maje

    Danielle is really beautifull and natural-looking!
    i’m happy for Kevin :)

  • Ava

    The ring in her right is probably her engagement ring.

  • Angelica

    Danielle and Kev make such a cute couple! :)
    Not so Much Joe and Camilla. :(

  • Jess

    sorry, but is that poor dog seriously in her bag? Oh god.

  • Maria

    ur people kill me i love danellia i love taylor you dont even KNOW THEM!! ne way i think that kevin and that daniell girl are so engaged check out the rock on her finger. but its not on the ring finger its on the other one which means it could be a decoy. and she is so ugly she looks like she is lik 26 he could do so much better like me.

  • http://jjj annony

    yvonne this must be your lucky week.GO KANIELLE….did you see that rock on her finger..WOW…joe looked mighty hot…their mum and kiki were their too…as for whats her name as long as joe is happy thats all that matters i suppose but i still dont like her..just a vibe i get…

  • ally

    uhm, is it me or does danielle look a little bothered by all the attention
    camilla does not look patient
    and jared, you forgot to mention their mommy was with them
    what kind of a date is that???
    at the premiere danielle was a witch. and i dont know her so thats not fair of me to judge, i know. but really.. when you ignore the people that make the money for your boyfriend….
    she seems like a gold digger

  • teamdisney:)

    wait wait wait.
    she has a ring on her wedding finger.
    ………is it just a ring.
    or an engagenment ring!?!?!?!?!

  • http://jjj annony

    to ally DANIELLE IS NOT A WITCH is a beautiful person with a kind heart so get ur facts straight…at least she is not using might be mistaking danielle for CAMILLA now thats a witch..yes she is dating joe BUT she is using him for her own agenda and what goes up WILL COME DOWN…danielle has never shown anyone or said anything to deserve this treatment so leave her alone…

  • evie

    OMG! KANIELLE IS SO CUTE! they need to get married!! :D :D jomilla need to break up! ugh!

  • vanessa

    joe’s car is so weird looking!

  • amanda

    i just wanna know where on Earth is Nick??
    and what’s going on with miley & justin? where is he? did they broke up??

  • amanda

    #30 how do u know that?? i mean it would be awesome…

  • athena

    It’s OFFICIAL…Joe Jonas has sex!! And why not, she’s a sex kitten…and besides, he can clearly look at himself while engaged…they look so much alike, it’s hilarious!LOL!

  • athena

    Oh, and ELVIS…Ooops, I mean Kevin, is seriously in
    D E N I A L…please, your fans will not be offended or hate you…you’re human and being yourself is a okay……think about it…lol…you may gain more fans if you’ll just open the closet door, it’s shut too tight and you squeak when you talk….LOL…

  • Laura

    i think they’re finally trying to go public about their relationship (Kevin and Danielle) because they going to get married soon. they’re definitely engaged.

  • Laura

    i hate how joe can be so open about his relationship with camilla, but he couldnt with taylor. that was all she ever wanted from him, was for them to be able to go out in public together.

  • maruu

    I LOVE DANIELLE, I LOVE THE FACT THAT SHE IS A SIMPLE NON-FAMOUS GIRL!! about Camilla… just…. argh. If Joe is happy is OK 4 me.. but, i don’t like her.