Matt Prokop is a G-Star Guy

Matt Prokop is a G-Star Guy caught up with HSM3‘s Matt Prokop during Fashion Week in NYC last week.

The 18-year-old actor dished to JJJ about upcoming projects, fashion week and HSM4. Check it:

JJJ: What kind of projects are you working on now?

MP: I’m just auditioning at the moment. I recently booked a pilot (In The Motherhood) that I shot, and they wanted the role a little more character-y. I was playing Megan Mullally’s son and actually my friend Ryan [Pinkston] just booked the same role I did. What they wanted was for the kid to match the mom a little more. I’m almost a foot taller than Megan, so it was a little awkward with the height. Ryan is playing the role now and he shoots next week, so we’re going to plan a little sketch where I go acting like I’m ready to go shoot my scene. Then they’ll tell me that I didn’t get the role and Ryan shows up and hopefully it’ll be funny and we can post it on YouTube. if they’ll let us!

JJJ: Do you have any other projects going on?

MP: Yeah! My friends and I are writing a lot right now — because it’s hard with our age range, everything’s going so much older and with the Disney demographic, we want to keep it family friendly. And you don’t want to do any of those break-out roles yet, so we’re trying to write some younger comedies. There’s so many of the Knocked Up and Superbad and all the older comedies that are funny, but a little too graphic. So we want to make those really funny comedies but that are for the younger ages. Hopefully it’ll work out.

JJJ: Are you going to school right now or are you home-schooled?

MP: No, I graduated high school and all that. I’m thinking about taking some college courses, but right now I’m just really staying focused with the acting. But yeah, I actually just got word that someone has read a High School Musical 4 script. Well actually, it was one of those things where they put it on hold, and they weren’t really talking about it too much. And then I got a text message saying, “I just read the new script and it looks really good.” So, yeah…hopefully.

JJJ: So you are attached to the HSM4 project?

MP: Well, when we screen-tested for High School Musical 3, we signed on for possibly 3 movies. But that’s if they wanted to do it, and it’s looking like it is a possibility now. I just talked to Jemma [McKenzie-Brown], she’s over in London (on her way) to Italy for the DVD promotion. We just went out and bought the DVD last night at midnight since it just came out, so check that out! And on the Blu-Ray, they do a whole “Meet the New Wildcats!” So it’s cool, you get to go see my favorite pizza place and see me play soccer with some friends.

JJJ: Are you in New York just for Fashion Week?

MP: Yes, strictly here for tonight only — G Star. I have my two best friends and we’ve just being walking around doing the whole tourist thing. We went to Times Square, Ground Zero, everywhere we could possibly go.

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  • Sar

    I love him but I really don’t want there to be a High School Musical 4. They’ve finished the frachise at such a good point and I think another movie is just going to ruin it.

    Can’t wait to see whats in store for him! :)

  • TitanicGirl

    HSM4? well, i could see it since there’s no more troyella. :) but there’s no ashley, corbin, monique, kelsi, etc..:(

  • zanessaheart

    Hes cool, but I dont think there should be a hsm4. Not many people like the new characters to ‘take over’ the hsm movies. Everyone likes the old cast. I probably wont watch it either. But hes kinda cute XD

  • nicklovesemily:]

    hes soooooo cute:)
    hsm4?! what?! why am i justtt hearing exciting!

  • laur

    i hope theres not a hsm4
    and i dont lke this guy

  • mike

    yeah i think HSM 4 is pushing it it just wont be the same

  • Jick Jack

    hsm4 will suck! old cast is everything, this is gonna be so stupid, i am not watching it, he is ugly!

  • Sam

    LMFAO! No one is going to watch HSM4 without the real cast. Doesn’t Disney know that? No one wants to see him and those other kids sing and dance. HSM3 was the end for the real cast and Disney should leave it at that. The end for the real cast and the end of HSM all together. He’s 18 and looks like he’s 14 plus he kinda looks like a girl.

  • Emily

    Hsm 4?
    No please!!

    and i don’t like this guy either.

  • katie

    Theyre just dragging it on now nobody wants the old cast gone anyway so hsm4 wont ever feel like the first 3.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aw, he is adorable :D I love Matt !!

    …But uh, if they do HSM4…their just going to ruin the whole thing. It’s best if they just leave it at HSM3. …I don’t think anyone will watch it anyway, because the original cast is not going to be in it..think..a High School Musical 4 WITHOUT Zachary. …I’ll die.

  • Kami

    PLEASE NO HSM 4!!!!!!! i love HSM with all my heart but honestly what makes those movies special is the cast the original cast. Plus 3 is enough after a while people will just get tired of it. I know that people wont go see the first well at least i wont

  • Kami

    i have no clue why i put the first in my last comment…it was a typo sorry

    *i know that people wont go see it well at least i wont*

  • Sunja

    If they make more I hope they replace the new people from the 3rd one. They’re all way too annoying.

  • liz

    uhhh who cares about what he does!
    he has a really longgg neck

  • valleygirl

    i would never see HSM4 unless the original cast is in it but that’s probably not gonna happen :(

  • chris


  • zanessa4everr

    I LOVE HSM but i dont want there to be a HSM4 that’ll be really dumb. disney should know when to stop before they ruin hsm

  • Rachel :)

    so effing cuuuuuuuuuteee (:

  • [other] sam


  • [other] sam

    You miserable little sh-ts.
    HSM4 will be fantastic
    Its not the cast who made it, it was the writing, direction and the music
    Get over yourselves
    Go and watch New Moon with Hudgens instead if youre that bothered

  • piinkyprinxcess

    “All good things come to an end.”

    i think HSM4 is too much and without the original cast it wouln´t be the same. The three movies were great and the last one was the perfect ending for the wildcats, there´s no need for another one.

    just my opinion :)

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    Matt is my insperation he inspiers me

  • (Lexi) Alexandra Woodruff

    I Love Matt