The Jonas Brothers Dissed at Shock Awards

The Jonas Brothers Dissed at Shock Awards
  • The Jonas Brothers are worst band at NME Shock awards
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  • Hilary Duff is a busy bee
  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens celebrate best friend Bubba Lewisbirthday
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  • Keke Palmer will be having a LIVE CHAT on on Tuesday, March 3rd @ 4PM ET. Be sure to be there!
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  • joeil4u

    people is getting crazy…i mean…worst band???cmon!

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    finally an award show that speaks the truth.

    they should stick with sillt teen choices awards its the only ones they stand a chance of winning.

  • msfreek93

    there is an award for worst band
    there are worst band than the jonas brothers

  • love nick!!!

    what the ****?? it should be th BEST OF THE BEST OF ALL THE BEST awards!! this people must be:
    a) crazy or LOST THEIR MIND!
    b) stupid jealous JUDGES!
    c)never heard of the MORE THAN 10000000000000000000 FANS ACROSS THE WORLD!
    WHO AGREES????????

  • jaime

    i agree with #2 yes an award show that speaks the truth. they’re just popular for being in disney, their music isn’t exactly great…

  • beth

    Although I wouldn’t say that the Jonas Brothers will go down in history for their musical writing talent………….to dube them the “worst band” is way off.

    The lyrics might be what tween girls want to hear, thier instrumental playing out weighs their lyric choice.

    I think being named “worst band” by this award show was just a way to garner attention to their awards. Otherwise would most of us even know the name of this award show?

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I agree #4
    they’re the BEST BAND
    they’re music ROCKZ.
    See thats pretty sad how immature
    people are in Hollywood
    now a days. Why pick on kids? they may
    be 21, 19 & 16 but still. But I just hope
    the JBs know they’re AWSOME and EXTREMELY TALENTED
    no matter what those bone heads say.

  • tabia

    will they air the showest awards

  • claire

    omg. what?
    the jonas brothers are the BEST!
    i totally agree with #4!

  • a

    NME is only indie emo music so w/e

  • hellopeople

    Haha! That is dumb! I mean they aren’t the best band ever, but they got some serious talent! I hate it how people immediately label them another boy band when they don’t realize that these boys have some awesome songs.

  • cc27

    ‘o’ .. .Their Crazy, Jonas Brothers are Amazing they might not be the best band “yet” but come on! WORST BAND!? STUPID PEOPLES!!
    Jonas Brothers Rock! Those people are just jealous! :)

  • billythekid

    Hey # 2 and 4,

    The only reason why the Jonas Brothers are famous is because of their looks. If there music was so good to begin with (which is isnt by far in my opinion), they would have made it big BEFORE they had that skit on Hannah, with the subsequent concert tour. Remember people, they were dropped by their record label, Columbia Records just because they weren’t selling albums. Then Disney picked them up, dolled up their look and away they went. they be nothing without their looks. Their music is very average, and their live singing leaves much to be desired.
    But do they deserve to called the worst band out there? Not by a long shot. there are plenty of other worthy contenders. I am sure they were picked for notoriety.

  • winkwink

    wtf ?
    Worst band ? Jobros ?
    Then how come they make millions of dollars a day ?
    Stupid people !

  • sabrina

    of course we all have our opinions, i personally dont like the jonas brothers, but no need to curse at all the work they’ve done

    and, and ,and i cant believe that they are the WORST BAND!!!

    yeah, i dont like them that much, but worst band????
    from all of their fans, im guessing thats like a big blowoff for them

    they may not be a FAVORITE band of mine, but i think thats surprising

    um #2, someone is kinda being immature.
    i dont like them either, but theres no need to make fun of how far they have come
    well, sayin “make fun” isnt exactly the word, but theres no need to actually taunt their work.

    and no, people dont like them for how they look.
    but by the songs they make

    its mostly about the song, not the singer

    and so thats pretty much why i cut them some slack..
    but worst band?????

    they are crazy.
    there are many other bands out there that are even worse than them


    -sabrina <33333

  • KJ

    Keep in mind where this award came from. They like some really strange things in Britain. We stopped listening to the British and their ideas back in 1776 when we declared our independence.

  • uiui

    WHAT A SHOCK….the britons don’t like something American. ughhh well they can just go brush the yellowing rotten gum protrusions.

  • melissa. *

    wow harsh, isn’t it? i feel so bad. [in case they were at the awards show.]

  • Hannah

    #13 someones gotta get a break somewhere
    #18 Don’t worry, they were at there MOVIE PREMIERE
    everyone is entitled to there opinions and heres mine
    there are loads of amazing bands out there that create great music
    but jb write thier own songs, totally respect thier fans and realise that is why they are where they are right now and for me I think that is the most important thing
    plus everyone likes different types of music!

  • Hannah

    oh btw im british and i love jonas obv!
    Loads of us do!

  • Kami

    FINALLY! they totaly are the worst band

  • KK

    are these people stupid to say, the jonas brothers are the worst band ever??!!!
    way to be :O

    HAVE they not see the million of fans?
    and the stuff they’ve done?
    or listened to there music????
    how the heck is that the worst band?!
    for a band, that’s making a sucess in being different and getting tons of support not just from girls, but probably guys as well..( yes, i know a few guys, who like the jonas brothers)
    there MORE than WORSE!
    THE JONAS brothers are awesome!
    these awards people are just jealous, joe, nick, and kevin ( all disney ppl) are more famous/ too good just to be part of their award show ;)

    # 4 – speak the truth man! WOOT! :D

    I don’t care what you haters have to say
    BUT one thing, is hating them, for things like, they don’t write good music or is getting publicity cuz of looks
    no adfence, but what makes you think that?
    your not fans for that matter, so you don’t know, why WE we the fans love them so much -.-

    1) they make look hot and sexy BUT one thing that comes out from them, is GOOD music. AND even if, they write music about relationships & breakups— well, glad you know, everything, about guys, cuz that’s there whole life right there.

    2) the columbia records was a gimmick..i’m sorry. the jonas brothers didn’t need them, to show what talent abilities they have (:
    NOW, as for disney, atleast they didn’t give them up.. disney managed to SHOW & prove to everyone , that jonas brothers are successful talented boys, who don’t take fame to their heads & care for the fans to give back—- just living there dream like anybody would:)

    3) JUST cuz other boy band was bad in the past- doesn’t make the jonas brothers to be the same!!!!
    there different.
    there no N’ sync or backstreet boys..or new kids on the block!
    THERE the jonas brothers.
    you know.. 3 guys… who are not gay…cuz they WRITE songs about girls & DO have girlfriends. THEY have a good heart for everyone, just to put them first.
    they write AMAZING music/lyrics, that’s enjoyable for kids/teens. ( pop/rock) & guys are just jealous, cuz they get all the attention.
    AND NO MATTER what
    haters can just get lost, for not appreciating the best band ever
    maybe those awards people should reliaze this, before saying
    complete BS!


  • tracey

    Ok w/e this award show is trying to prove, its proves nothing!!! the jonas brothers are an amazing band and BTW not just tween girls like them….i know someone who’s 56 years old and she loves the jonas brothers i know someone who’s 36, 17,51,72, 13, 24, 19, and they all love the jonas brothes …just because some of these uneducated people dont bother to look things up doesnt mean they only have a certain age group of fans, your wrong! no ooone could be the worst band ever!! if they were the worst they wouldnt be famous! gosh can’t you guys STOP being so cruel?

  • haha

    “3 guys… who are not gay…cuz they WRITE songs about girls & DO have girlfriends.”
    wow ok just because they write songs about girls doesnt mean they r not gay. Ummm Lance Bass from Nsync?
    and best band ever?? uhh they just got awared the worst band award.

  • KK

    @ 24

    Lance bass didn’t look at girls, the same way he did with guys…did he?
    AND just because the jonas brothers are guys, who are related.. doesn’t mean there GAY!

    best band ever? umm yes!
    they wouldn’t be famous with good music, and have fans, to not be the best band in the whole world!
    and just because they got awarded for such complete lies, you shouldn’t be given into that!
    the shock awards are just jealous the boys are more famous & get more fans, then what they expected them to get.
    like # 23
    these people./ haters can never try to prove anything bad about these guys, cuz there is NONE!
    AND i agree, with there’s many different age groups who love the jonas brothers.

  • katie

    first of all the only reason they get dissed so much is cause men are jealous that they are so good looking and every girl loves them like men like jessica alba

  • Rachel

    thats such a jokee.
    they couldnt think of anything bad about the jonas brothers
    so they put them as worst bandd?
    JB: just wipe it off guys. put it behind you. they’re garbageeeeeeeee and full of fancy jargin.

  • kristen



  • Jenn

    I’m not a huge fan of the Jo Bros but I respect them. Still, (in my opinion) they are no where near being named “the best band”. Their music doesn’t really mean anything. If you think about it, it’s not real music. Well, really what is these days? As much as they say they wrote these songs, the majority of that is not true. Ever heard of co-writers?
    still, they don’t deserve that. I can think of a number of other bands that are far worse. JB is in between.

  • lovedjny

    I’m sick of everyone calling other bands “posers” and crap like that… because just a little heads up, there’s a lot of other genres you could be listening to other than metal or rock, so don’t go dissing the poprock bands… I hate these people who think they’re so hardcore because they listen to metal/rock tunes, or just like picking on the Jonas Brothers because they’re associated with Disney.

  • hmmm

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL the NME don’t need lil manufactured Disney boy bands to get attention. JB CANNOT sing!!!!!!!!! ‘hot n sexy???????’ looooooooooooooooooll have you not seen the middle ones eye rows? on one of them has side buns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason they have so many fans and are successful is because High School Musical and Hannah Montana paved the way for Disney to basically Tween Central and just like boy bands were big in the 90′s JB will be around for a while but because they’re not TRUE artist, they’ll soon disappear and I say GOOD RIDDANCE. When these kids have as much talent as The Beatles or can sell as many albums as Taylor Swift, then you JB lovers can be justified in saying that there not the worst band but until then.. that award is rightfully there. Oh and they also won worst album lol since I can’t stand their music I haven’t heard but I’m sure that that award was just deserved. Sorry to whoever gets offended just giving my honest opinion.

    Oh and only an idiot will be jealous of someone who wears jeans that look sprayed on.

  • Heather cullen

    to 5 and 13,
    they aren’t the greatest band but they do have serious amount of talent. they made it before being shown on Hannah Montanna, I personally liked them way before i saw them there and NO i’m not 15 years old.

    and just to point out Nick has been in a few Broadway Shows and one cannot dispute that talent is needed to be on Broadway,especially as he did some major shows. While you CAN say that Joe doesn’t have the greatest voice, he does have a GOOD voice and more than makes up for it in personality and stage presence.

    and the Instrumental skills of Kevin and Nick are also above average, especially as Kevin taught HIMSELF how to play.

    yes money does mean a lot but you can tell by looking at these boys that not only do they love what they do but they put their everything into it, i cannot think of another band who has put so much time and effort into not only their work but to acutally connecting with the fans.

    i salute their parents for raising 3 brilliant boys and a 4th on in the making.

    as an added, perhaps their first album dropped and later were more popular not because they got more famous but their VOICES matured, as that IS something that happens around the ages the boys were when they first became “mainstream”

  • Heather cullen

    i also want to add it takes immense skill and talent to pen out lyrics and actually make them that people can RELATE to them and not just enjoy them.

    i was in the car and someone who is in his 50s heard the song and didn’t know who the singer was and really praised Nick’s voice to the sky.

    writing clean music with no lewd lyrics does not make one gay or less talented than someone who choses to do so. One must also remember the MAJORITY (not all but MAJORITY) of the base is young people who need and appreciate the cleanliness of the boys image and songs.

  • Racetrack Cullen

    i totally agree, Jo-Bros = worst band eva! they can’t sing @ all, and they aren’t that great lookin’ either

  • Lexye

    @jaime: Haha.. Finally! I COMPLETELY AGREE! They ARE the worst band! Haha!

  • Miley_Cyrus_Rox!!!!!!xxoo_HSM

    What the…….jonas Brothers worst band…..never, they are my fave band and fave male singers…..I cannot believe it and anyway I bet they have way, way ,way more fans then the band that came 1st!!!!!!