10 Things You Didn't Know About Sabrina Bryan

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sabrina Bryan

Continuing her month of love, Sabrina Bryan popped in on her Facebook, telling fans ten things that we never knew about her.

Check out what the 24-year-old singer/dancer had to say:

– I have a little obsession with the number three. It comes from my dance competition days when I was younger. Always wanted to be third on in your category, stay on the third floor of the hotel…really weird. I do things I don’t even notice all the time, like I go into the third stall of the bathroom and everything always looks better in threes like picture frames. Weird! I know!

– I just moved into a new place!!!! I have had so much fun redecorating!!! My house in Orange County was like a life size version of Barbie’s Play house!! It was so cute and I loved it but this new place needed to be more mature! I took out almost all the pink and brought in warmer egg plants and brown accents and painted the walls with a comfy almond color! It’s so nice and is really feeling like home!

– You already know this by now, but I LOVE pink flowers! I have made a commitment to always have at least three fresh pink roses in my house always!

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– Bowling is probably one of my favorite things to do! I’m not that good, but I have sooooo much fun playing and love getting a big group together so we can play teams….hello there’s gotta be a competition!!!

– Speaking of competition….I’m probably one of the most competitive people. It’s a lil ridiculous sometimes how serious I take it…but I think it makes playing games so much more fun! And it pushes you to always do your best….whether or not it’s needed in your basic game of Taboo I’m not sure but I just can’t help it!

– Something I’ve always wanted to do is be on one of the Road Rules/ Real World Challenges on MTV!!!! OMG I would have so much fun on that show…the challenges are insane and it would be amazing to push yourself to the extreme like that! I would hate the drama…but the challenges would be worth it!

– I am a huge concert goer!!! I love going to concerts!!! I don’t even have to know the band and I will still have so much fun!!! I love music and finding new bands and artists. Kiely (Williams) and I go to a lot together and we have decided that when we retire we’re going to put a company together where we get to put artists’ shows together for them!!! We learned so much on our tours that we creatively directed, especially this last one that we got to do with an amazing Creative Director Amy Tinkham, that we decided it’s something we want to pursue together later on!!

– I love ABC shows….GREYS!!!! Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters…and of course Dancing with the Stars….I’m on ABC.com all the time catching up or re-watching the latest episodes!!! BTW another amazing show that’s not on ABC but is still great is United States of Tara! OMG!!! So funny!!

– I can’t pretend that I’m perfect so I should at least mention a couple of my bad habits…I pick my nail polish off! Ugh I hate it but the second I chip I can’t help but want it off of my nails! Hence why I end up getting them done almost every week! I leave almost all the lights on in the house!! My cooking ability pretty much starts and ends with tuna sandwiches, soup, and pasta! I am really bad about calling people back… And I tend to trust people too much. All things I’m working on!!!

– I think roller coasters and theme parks in general are one of man’s greatest inventions!!! Disneyland and World top my list!!! They definitely have a special magic, but I love all of them!!! Knott’s Scary Farm was one I used to go to for years!!! Add the horror aspect and it makes it golden! Six Flags is amazing if you really love huge rides which I do!!! On tour we went to Dollywood on Halloween….A-MA-ZING!!!!! I couldn’t believe that she has an entire theme park that stays true to everything about her and all the things she’s most proud about where she comes from….hmmm Theme Park Business….maybe that should be added to my list…it would have to have some kind of water park connected to rep being from OC!!!

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