Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute

Ashley Tisdale is 101 Cafe Cute

Ashley Tisdale keeps it cool as she leaves 101 Cafe in Hollywood on sunny Friday afternoon (February 27).

The 23-year-old actress was accompanied by her manager, Bill Perlman.

Ashley was seen out and about yesterday with pals Samantha Droke and Caroline Clark, grabbing a bite to eat at Aroma Cafe.

UPDATE: It was just announced that Ashley will be covering the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Be sure to look out for it!

10+ pics of Ashley Tisdale leaving a meeting at 101 Cafe…

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Credit: Max Butterworth, Nate Jones, Ashley Music; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • izzie

    love her

  • Anonymous

    Cute outfit. :D . .. Except for the shoes…

  • meeeee

    her style is killing vanessa’s these days… she looks fabulous all the time!

  • Elisa

    she looks so pretty!!!
    She’ll be releasing a new site on monday!!!!
    with the shoots from her new cd!!

  • teteu


  • stephanie

    i love those sunglasses.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    wow,i love her!!!! she looks amazing!! =)

  • paula

    i used to be impartial to her, but this is serious overexposure, jj. shes a d-list, disney celebrity for heavens sake. it was cute for her first 15 minutes, but her addiction to coffee, and constant attention-whoring is no longer news. please bore us with someone else. anyone else.

  • aw

    Such hideous shoes.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    meeeee -
    hey!! we know that her style is so cool those days but that doesnt mean that is killin vanessa´ comaprisons the way,she looks fabolous!

    ashnessa supporter forever

  • kuas

    hahaha #3 are you on crack? can you SEE those horrible shoes? they are disgusting!!! and you’re sitting here like OMG! her style is killing vanessa’s lately…what a JOKE. :D hahahaha

  • xx-Ash-rules-xx

    I can’t wait for all Ashley’s new projects happening soon.
    She’s my idol I love her!
    Thank you the new pics of Ashley JJJ.

    Keep it up. The only thing I hate are stupid dumb people who like to sit and bash Ashley so much here and elsewhere online but she loved by so many fans and her career is only just beginning. HSM WAS AWESOME BUT I BET ASH IS CAPABLE FOR MORE AND MORE!

  • Just Jono

    Beautiful Ashley :)

  • julia

    isnt that a ring on her ring finger? its your lefthand right?

  • apples

    those shoes are sexy!!!!!

  • apples

    Hahaha shes AMAZING!!

    my ROLE MODLE!!
    cant wait for the Magazine too:)
    ashley love

  • tizzfan

    paula !! you realized that you’re in JJJ right ? which mainly consists of Disney celebs and as far as I am aware, none of Disney celebs are higher than C list in Hollywood’s eyes….
    s0 you’re in the wrong place honey !!!.

  • alli

    #8 paula it’s not her fault the paparazzi follow her around everywhere she goes. it’s not like she goes up to them, strikes a pose and begs for them to post the pictures all over the interent. and she didn’t ask Jared to post it here either, so just keep your mouth shut, okay? it’s not like she’s asking for it so don’t be calling her an “attention *hore”. all she’s doing is walking…oh yeaah that’s just screaming for attention! So until she starts doing cartwheels on the street and brings a sign with her that says “LOOK AT ME! I’M ASHLEY TISDALE! COME TAKE MY PICTURE!” you don’t have any room to speak. mmkay? thanks.

    on a brighter note, i love her sunglasses and her style. she’s beautiful, and i love how we’re seeing her around a lot lately. can’t wait for her CD, and yay congratz to her that she’s gonna be on Cosmopolitan…she deserves it! she’s gorgeous! go ashley!

  • alli

    #16 tizzfan i agree completely. thank you, for that. (:

  • Just Jill

    Ashley is amazing.

    Paula – I’m asking you to be courteous. If you don’t like Ashley or could care less about the post, don’t comment.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Darn, I so thought that was Jared there…

    Hm, wonder what the meeting is about ? Anywho, that jacket seems familiar to me….I wonder….but she looks fab. I think the shoes look cute…Her hair is ALWAYS looking so gorgeous. I want hair like hers and Vanessa’s :D

  • jen

    agree with number 8.. its overexposure .. i love her but why is she going out very often these days..?? does she needs publicity? or what??
    im not bashing her im just saying..

    i like the oufit but not those shoes.. but its nothing like vanessa’s
    venessa is just Verygood in ANY outfit she wears :))

  • piinkyprinxcess

    nicE sunglasses ^^
    i like them

  • alli


    and i bet you think she looks even better with clothes off, huh? give me a break. she’s not a freaking model.

    “needs publicity?” give me another break! what is ashley supposed to do? just sit around and hide out all day so she wont get her picture taken? please refer back to my post- #18, and you’ll see how friggin’ stupid you sound when you say that. but you know what? i’ll be happy to repeat it for you: IT’S NOT HER FAULT they follow her around, and SHE’S NOT ASKING FOR IT. it’s not like she has the friggin’ paps on speed dial and she calls them everyday to give them the 411 on where she’s headed if they wanna come stalk her and take her picture! and no, to answer your question, she doesn’t need publicity. she’s already famous enough, so just shut up child.

  • candeee

    Oh ! I love Ashley ; she looks very beautiful :)

  • aw


    You sound just as stupid when you keep bringing up the v photos. Do get over it, ignorant child. As for your whole spiel, just lol.

  • apples

    lol Alli is RIGHT!!! and tizzfan you guys ROCK!!

    these haterz dont understand what it means to be famous
    They make me Sick :0
    Team tizzy

  • kgg

    I have no idea why anyone would care if she gets coffee every day or works out every other day. I mean it’s the same old pics, just different outfits. Guess she needs the exposure to stay in the limelight.

    Sorry, I’m not such an Ash fan, but to compare her to Vanessa is just crazy. They both dress nicely, but IMO V outshines her in that way. I love the comedic actress side of Ashley…she has the greatest facial expressions which is perfect for that genre. One thing I think is that she should have stayed blond and not darkened her hair. It made her stand out somewhat.

    Anywho, wishing them both the best for the future.

  • jen

    ASHLELY has a great personalitly Thats why i love HER

  • melissa. *

    why not just call this site “just ashley” (: i’m not saying that i’m a hater or anything, but there has been alot of posts lately about her. maybe she’s just been out and about.

  • tizzfan

    hey melissa, just like you said, ” MAYBE she’s just been out and about “….

  • Kelly

    I think Ash looks super cute, including the shoes. They make her outfit look more vintage. She looks great, always does.

    Yeah, she might go out a lot on coffee runs and out & about. But really now, you’re gonna bash her on that? She has a life too, she’s allowed to do what she wants. If she feels like getting some coffee that morning, then let her.

  • amanda

    a love her style! it’s awesome.

  • Christine

    A person who frequently spray-tans, messes with her hair and shops more than once a week is obviously trying to look good for some reason or another. Seeing as the last award show she went to was months ago, I’d say it’s not because she has to keep up appearances. Going to the gym and buying coffee are just excuses to be seen, or else people will quickly forget her. All that talk about how she hates the paparazzi is bull. Otherwise she’d have found ways to avoid going out, such as investing in a coffee machine. And a treadmill.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    she looks amazing as always. <3

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    I love her ♥

  • super fan ashley

    I love her

    I like everything about her

  • no bother

    Christine-Going to the gym,buying coffee and shopping are what EVERYONE does. the only difference is Ashley is followed wherever she goes by the paps. Hell I go shopping and buy coffee every week only difference is I dont get followed everywhere I go.

    Ashley has never said she hates the paps-thats Vanessa who said that in an interview on the HSM3 promo tour. As for the outfit, I have a simlar Grey sweater I wear when I go out. Ashley is doing normal things.Just leave her alone!

  • aw

    lol Ashley has said plenty of time she “hates” the paparazzi. Most stars have said this. Do your research.


    horrible shoes, but i like her.

  • tizzfan

    aw, find me one when she said she HATES paparazzi
    she hates it when one of them actually went into her house though…

  • kgg

    Just Jill, since I’m assuming you are a moderator of some sort on here, I would like to address something. Why post the comment about don’t post if you don’t like the celebrity? Why don’t you and Jared go on every thread and say that regarding the subject of said thread? I really don’t think it’s fair because you are an Ashley fan that all comments should be tampered down when the other threads, especially on JJ just run amuck with bashers and haters. Sorry, but I just don’t think that’s fair. I know you won’t let me post this, but I’m sending it anyway.

  • djd

    Horrible shoes….you have got to be kidding me

  • vanessajonas

    horrible shoes..
    this site is crap with the tizz here jared… ugh

  • mrsefron.

    LOVELOVELOVE her sunglasses!!!

    Her style is killer.

    very nice and normal. yet so stylish…


  • pop86

    I like her LV bag and the over all outfit.
    I will be buying the budget version of this look tomorrow.

  • aw

    The hate was put in quotes because obviously not everything will be word for word. Most starts express their displeasure with paps regardless of they actually hate paps following them or not. & sweety just because I comment on her posts does not mean I care about her enough to waste my time searching through all the hsm press stuff to find you a quote. Do it yourself if this concerns you so much.

  • aw


  • serena

    wow “aw” you clearly do not have a life since you’ve posted at least five or more comments on this one post and you just keep coming back!

    no vanessajonas…that’s where you’re wrong…this site is crap with or without ashley, for the simple fact that vanessa is here. so all taking her out would do is lose some readers of this site- lots of ashley fans. so just shut up.

  • hannah

    With the economy tanking and people losing their jobs and houses, it’s so nice to see that spoiled, overpaid celebs such as Ashley can still afford to shop and buy expensive stuff and treat themselves to expensive luxuries and get praised just for exsisting while those who actually work for a living are struggling to pay their bills…how shallow.