David Archuleta: Number One At Number Two!

David Archuleta: Number One At Number Two!

David Archuleta had a bit of time on his hands before he caught his flight to Virginia for his first tour stop.

The 18-year-old “Crush” crooner just uploaded this funny vid from an Atlanta airport and takes us on a tour of the gift shop.

David was particularly interested in one section. He shared, “These are interesting. They’re like little cards and stuff made from…says right there (poo)! It’s interesting, look at them. It’s paper made from elephant stuff. Look at their slogan — ‘We’re number one at number two!’”

David Archuleta — Layover in Atlanta
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  • hi David

    what a shop! cute and nice =]

  • ingrid

    omg i love him
    he is amazing

    please jj put video of his concert
    he was amazing

  • Soy

    Hahaha, I love David! He’s so funny.
    What an incredible/amazing guy! Love his singing. :)

  • Lindy

    Haha, david is so funny !
    made from.. it’s says right there :D

  • jj

    LOL I watched this> It was hilarious!!!! And he tagged it as doo. LMAO!!!

  • http://friendster.com davie archuleta

    i love him so much coz he’s so cute and lovable…..
    he is my inspiration and can make my day happy and beautiful….



  • JEneva

    HAHAHAHA! Aww I love him! Thanks Jared! keep up with the David stuff!

  • bds

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. David is so adorable and funny and amazingly talented. I love him!!!!

  • ~M~

    haha he can’t even say it

  • romu

    I just love this kid to death…. and it is incredible that after a year I still look for him on AI…. I find everybody good but bot as good as this guy. I adore David Archuleta and I’m very sad he won’t be coming near Maryland this time… Well, there’s always YouTube ah?

  • Megan

    hahaha, i love him!!!
    I always get stuck in atlanta when im flying, too, so…
    he is so adorable!!!
    he is an amazing artist and his ablum is, well, AMAZING!!!
    Love You David!!!

  • melissa. *

    omg can he get any cuter? (: i can’t wait to watch him at the tour! great video david! <3

  • Maria

    Yes he is funny!!!

    I love him!!!!

  • Chulita

    Te amo David you are the best singer and 1 in my world
    His concert is amazing and very fun

  • Archangel20

    he’s the best :)

  • accord

    Sooo funny, I love me some David.

  • ranny

    lol omgosshh david i love you

  • Selena

    LOL that is soooo funny.

    Elephant Poo paper? Who knew?

  • kelly101

    i love him! pls more of david archuleta news..

  • kelsye

    oh my gosh lol i love him so much!!! elephant “stuff” oh gosh lol

  • Sass

    hes really charming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    damnnn. hes different than others.
    love him..

  • gloria

    oh david is so adorable!! love him so much

  • *stargirl*

    awwwwwwwww! i love David! What a cute video blog!

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