Mama Jonas Thinks Smart About Diabetes

Mama Jonas Thinks Smart About Diabetes

Denise Jonas, mom to famed Jonas Brothers, recently sat down with USA Weekend to talk about Nick‘s diabetes diagnosis.

The famous mom shared with the weekend magazine about Nick‘s mannerisms before he was diagnosed. She said, “He was listless and irritable. I chalked it up to puberty. But I was really alarmed at his weight loss. I remember him buying this pair of acid-washed girl jeans, and they were falling off him. He lost 15 pounds in two weeks.”

After Nick‘s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, big bros Joe and Kevin looked after their lil bro on the road and were trained to do things like give Nick insulin shots or test his blood sugar, because they, not mom, would travel with him.

Today, Nick has learned how to manage his diabetes. “He always has apple juice next to him on stage and backstage he has fruit snacks,” Denise shared.

Check out the new Diabetes PSA that the JoBros and mom Denise will unveil nationally Monday!

The Jonas Family on Diabetes PSA
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  • lucia


  • tara

    AThey are amazing people =) GO JONAS.
    im seeeing ur movie on sunday :) coem to canada :)

  • nicklovesemily:]

    she was so sweet when i met them in nyc 2 weeks ago:)

  • nicklovesemily:]

    she was so sweet when i met them in nyc 2 weeks ago:)

  • nicole

    momma jonas is the best!

  • Yvonne

    Aw, poor MamaJ seems like she is still kicking herself for not thinking about diabetes right off the bat. She shouldn’t though. Puburty does act differently in everyone and the signs looked like it to her at the time. She is awesome on my book

  • tara

    wow :) i love all of them :) Nick is mine :P xoxo lol i luv him and i support him in evry thign he does. i try to atch all tehir vids, and i buy evrythignn they practcly made. i have tix to their movie ansd im going sunday :) hope they come :) :) canada <333 ( first and 5h comment )

  • Margaret

    God, he has a super sweety famlily ! =)
    I’m just spechless (=

    Love Jonas family (=

  • Zanessaloveforever

    Mommy Jonas is awesome!! Nick has a really caring family <3 ilove him soo much !!!

    btw.. OMG he looks so hot in the pic above.. <3

    LOVE HIM xxx

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Awww I’m touched she is an AMAZING mother! She is an inspiration I think shes kinda pretty to :)

  • Katie

    The Jonas Family is amazing! (:

  • luis

    Yeah!! I like that… you know…. they really love their Mom… I dont know if it was like 2 or 3 years ago when I watched a video that is named “A day in the life of the Jonas Brothers”… Kevin hugged her Mom and that was one of the many things about this great band that I liked… they are the best… I hope to see them here in Guatemala in their World Tour because I admire them, even when Im older than Nick hahaha yeah I admire them a lot… anyways another thing is the dealing that Nick does with his Diabetes… thats something that I admire too…


  • jilli

    There mom is pretty. Psh I wish my family was that awesome! If I ever became famous my aunt would probably sell some fake story to like OK! magazine for money. My family sucks.

  • Panayiota

    awwww i lovee Nicholas!!
    Denise would be a really good mother-in-law lol


  • TitanicGirl

    boring update.

  • jobro lover

    I love nick!!!
    my dad has Diabetes
    its nice to know that
    hes there for everyone
    i love you guys

  • Hannah

    I’m crazy about nick!!!
    I going to see there movie tomorrow!!!
    I want marry him!!!!! LOL

  • http://hi5 merlos

    mother jonas is the best mother in law that i will have. : )

  • http://Facebook Khansa Nadilah

    Nick, i want you to know that we all love you! Remember, all of us will care about you, i hope you know that and most important, i will support you forever! There is support out there and you are not alone. Believe in yourself and always strive to be the best you can be. That’s the attitude you should have. I love you, jonas brothers!

  • http://Facebook Khansa Nadilah

    I like it, I will support you forever! I love you.. There is support out there and you are not alone.. I really love you so much!!!

  • Aya Berjawi

    I love them allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll <3 and i wish i could meet them allllllllll

  • teresita corona

    The Jonas Brothers r all cute and everyone speaks about them nicely, but i wonder how they really are…Hopefully they arent the type that think that just because they’re famous, they’re better than people who arent. Also if its really them writing all that stuff on Myspace, I hope they mean it because they said they would date their fans…hmmm i wonder..hehehee But i know they would never date somebody like me..duh or a whole lot of you out there..
    I hope they see this and maybe juuusst maybe they can tell me how they are..
    wow i wrote a lot..