Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mo's Diner Date

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mo's Diner Date

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston have a case of the giggles as they arrive at Mo’s Diner to grab a bite to eat on Thursday night (February 26) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress flirted with Hollywood TV as the duo left the diner and promoted her favorite dessert place — Millions of Milkshakes. She shared, “Hi, I’m Miley Cyrus and Millions of Milkshakes has the best milkshakes in the world. Bye!”

10+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston having a date night…

Miley and Justin have dinner at Mo’s, 02/26

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Photos: WENN
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  • Vìtto;

    cute togheter (:

  • anonymous

    Noooooo!!!!!!!!!! Miley you can do so much better.

  • me

    Justin needs to go away.

  • carlyyyy


    all i can say

  • jo

    Cute! She’s always in a good mood :)

  • :)

    I really don’t like that Justin dude. But, as long as Miley is happy … Im happy

  • Dana

    Ughh! i think Justin is hot and all, but i really wish he wasn’t going out with Miley…It’s not the age thats bugging me because my bro and his girl was the same, 16 and 20 and 2 years later they are still together…but i would much rather see her with Adam Sevani (god forbid her and nick ever get back together…~note sarcasm~)

  • TitanicGirl

    the flirt. is miley’s talking bout her boobs? I dont like Justin.:/ but i support her life.

  • Zanessa.chick.lova

    I still don’t like them
    Why is her face so shiny & slimyy looking?

  • 251458

    i hate justin

  • gerty

    #6, i’m totally agree.
    love miley, and how happy she is always, i would go crazy if somebody would take pics of every moment of my life.

  • Victoria

    love her, glad she’s happy, but i would prefer her with someone else!
    love ya miles <3

  • gerty

    totally agree #6

  • sofiya

    Err She Looks Terrible her skins so horrible naturally

  • chloo

    He’s ugly!!!

    She was so good with Nick!!

    Let Justin go Miley!!

  • joecool

    It’s nice to see her out and about she looks happy!


  • http://justjared ashley

    OMG wat has happend 2 her like eww wtf
    she’s going U* & U* if u hant noticed ppl why is she going soo fat??
    &i mean look at her clothes she looks soo dull & boring.

  • http://justjared ashley




  • katie

    happy miley = happy me
    even though i think justin is a hobo
    as long as he makes her smile, it’s all good

  • ella

    thats what she wears on a date with her boyfriend?

    how classy.

  • http://jjj miley

    i really like miley but i think age matters so justin isn’t at the right place!

  • ilovemiley

    miley’s sooo funny and great :)
    I love that part when she said to allison ( the paparazi) : ” Watch Out! ” hahaha!
    she’s a really cool girl :) i love her

  • lilix

    ewww! miley is a sweating pig!

  • CaptinCrunchRocks

    Love her
    and her and Justin are starting to grow on me
    anyway age is whatever my sister’s boyfriend is older than her hell my boyfriend is older than me!

    (note my boyfrined is under 20)

  • PRIH

    i don’t like him,but she likes…..this is good for me…

    Miley came to Brazil!!!

  • cc27

    Miley always looks happy :) , So Justin isn’t making her sad, or watever :) all of you should be happy with who she is with right now.

  • biggest fan of Vanessa hudgens

    i like the way she handels with the paps.

  • i love desmiley

    at first i hated them together but now that i look at it they seem really really cute together now. its kind of a bit disturbing that she is s16 and he is like what 21? sophomore-college. kind of disturbug. maybe when she is after 18 years old it won’t be disturbing right now it is lol.

    JAYLOR =]

  • yo

    her face always looks like a barbie doll, like fake mostly her damn cheeks im not hating either i love miley!

  • Emmaxx

    I actually think that Allison&Miley are pretty funny (:
    Well idk about justin&miley.. They are an ok couple i guess.

  • vanessajonas

    super greasy!
    she thinks she is funny and what’s with the shout? annoying!

  • ;o

    i don’t like this outfit …
    and her face is too shiny. D;

  • Billythekid

    Ashley # 17,

    Your comments are really pitiful. When girls are jealous they are always full of venom, and then they act as if its not like that at all. She could be at her absolute best and you would still find something wrong to rag on about her. Thats what they call hatred and is why I call you pitiful. ok?

    And of course Lilix is her disgusting self as usual. Why do idiots always seem to come in pairs? These two are like a matching set. They should be friends.

  • [other] sam

    i love miley..but..
    i want me some of that!

  • jimmy

    I thought it was just me but many people don’t like Justin. Miley looks happier talking with Alison than Justin

  • Miley

    # 18 and 17 :
    Okay that ashley person is just rude!

    How the hell is she fat????
    That’s just mean I mean i’m probaly bigger than her and i’m not fat. I’m her age and they said that i’m in the right range of weight.
    I’m perfectly healthy so don’t start saying she’s fat because that is just not true.

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  • http://. Vic2763

    Miley and Justin are a great couple. They are always happy together. And, Allison always got quick questions that Miles doesnt mind answering with witty replies =]

  • me

    Their cute! :)

  • Megan

    omg stop criticizing the way she looks! she just going out to a diner for god sakes! does she have to get glammed up every time she walks out the door just because she is miley cyrus??? i dont think so! miley looked fine gosh!

    i love the way miley just has fun with the paparazzi instead of lyk hiding from them and making more out of the situation than you have to. miley just talks and answers whatever stupid questions they ask n then its over! i love mley=D

    btw JB 3d movie was amazing!!! soooo much fun!


  • mimi

    i agreed miley is skinny are we looking at the same pictures or some off you need glasses!
    I think miley and justin are a great couple! they look fantastic together and more and more people are fallling in love with their relationship because they dont hide and they always seem to have fun together!
    and we like watching her have fun!
    For people who are critizing their relationship oh or people saying he is getting famous because of her well to be honest i think anyone miley dates will get famous wether she wants it or not! she is followed by the papz all the time justin is not to hide and he is not going to stop living his life and stop to date to hide just because they are papz all the time in their face!
    I think miley put her foot down how she wants her relationship be free and fun even if papz come along for the ride! and people are warming up to justin already because she standing strong for them and not listening to no one! people are beginning to accept him already!!

    and for people who are saying nick if she was going out with nick we would never see have fun because he hides her and that wrong! we want to see her having fun and answering the dumb questions papz give her. she is so professional with papz you have to love her! it would be boring if she was going out with nick all he wants to do is go out into old people things uhhh and he would hide her and we would never see her have fun! and that the best part seeing her have fun!!

  • diane

    love the way she says “ohh if that was my car, i’d smack you” haha and “how you doin” with a new york accent or watever accent that was hahhaha! love miley! i feel that she’s finally with the one she’s with, and i think it would be dumb to tell her she’s wrong even if she is! she’s just a girl , i girl who has her own life, and i think if u were on her position you woudlnt like the way people think of you, so stop it , please!

  • dominique

    It is evident that they are I milked lovers miley was lucky justin is very pretty

  • mr x