Victoria Justice Covers Justine Magazine

Victoria Justice Covers Justine Magazine

Spectacular! starlet Victoria Justice graces the March cover of teen magazine Justine.

The 16-year-old actress dished on Spectacular!, her new Nick series and the advantages of being home-schooled. Check it:

On being home-schooled: “I wake up at eight and it’s awesome because I’m tutored at home so I don’t have to do my hair and makeup or worry about what I’m going to wear. When I’m not working or doing school, I hang out with my friends. A lot of kids in the business are home-schooled but I loved being in a normal school environment.”

On her new, still untitled series: “I’m not here to replace anyone. I’d only love to be half as successful as she (Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana) has been. I work really hard and I think everyone works really hard and we all deserve the good that is coming to us.”

On her Spectacular! co-stars, Simon Curtis, Nolan Funk and Tammin Sursok: “We were inseparable — like the Four Musketeers. We’d hang out, order room service and go shopping. It’s funny because Simon lives five minutes away from me, so we see each other every day now.”

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  • maria

    omg wow i love it
    thanks so much for adding
    victoria rocks

  • http://jawlwlafa katie

    ugh who cares, everyone on nick is stupid and ugly

  • Just Jono

    I care. And obviously maria cares. And so do a lot of people.
    Victoria is very very pretty.

  • maria

    just jono i agree to =]
    if you dont like her, dont comment

    yes! victoria is prettyy!<3

  • joanne

    Spectacular! didn’t do so great. I guess no sequels ha!

  • eena18

    katie, victoria is pretty.
    just don’t comment if you’re gonna be saying something rude…

  • jimmy

    Who is she? Sorry I’m only know about Miley.
    Need to reseach more in google..

  • TitanicGirl

    i dunno her and why is she on the top list?:S

  • Duda

    I rather Miley Cyrus, honestly.
    I don’t like Victoria and I can’t see what people call gorgeous in her ._. sorry ._.

  • Cousin Linda

    Hope ur having a great Birthday. I wish u much sucess in your career. Love your Cousin LINDA

  • maria

    does anyone know where they sell this magazine?
    pleasee tell me=D

  • peewee

    victoria well you go out with me
    i love you

  • peewee

    victoria will you go out with me please

  • Jillian

    victoria it’s me Jillian from the spectacular screening..remember my friend ..”can you take your hat off..” ahahaha

  • justine driver


  • Justice mary

    victoria is very pretty so katy, dont even say anything rude!~ she is sooo pretty and her last name is my first name (also theres a store called “JUSTICE” so dont say anything bout her name either! she is pretty, so u can think she isn’t, but everyone with a BRAIN agrees she is!

  • http://victoriajustice michael palmer

    you should definitly sing ur so awsome and sosososososososososos down 2 earth just sing v ur the best be like selena gomez trust me ur even better than her okay replie back on myspace i love u

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