Win A Part In New Moon!

Win A Part In New Moon!

Would you love to stand next to Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or even Taylor Lautner? Well, now’s your chance!

Summit Entertainment has officially opened a contest where you can WIN a walk-on role in New Moon!

To enter, you’ll need to submit a one-minute video of yourself explaining why you deserve to be a part of New Moon and you could win a trip to the set and a chance to appear in the film. You’ll have to be at least 14 and a resident of the U.S. or Canada to be eligible. Just remember to read all of the rules.

You can enter the contest at Good Luck to everyone!

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  • watever

    first???? :)

  • Sylvia

    omg this sounds fun
    it’s a chance to meet edward haha :D

  • kuas

    holy…OHMYGOD. i’d seriously die if i met robert…:D i love him!!!

  • katherine

    that sounds so good.

    But it doesnt seem fair to those who live outside the united states and canada. cos i would have loved to be apart of new moon or at least try and audition to be a part of it. Im from australia by the way.

    Anyways good luck to those who try for the part.

  • riana

    kwl- shame i live in new zealand

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Hm, if I get to meet Taylor, why not ?

    But apparently, I heard they were going to film in Vancouver…that’s where I live…so…i hoping it’s true :D

    And agreed with #4….that’s unfair to those who want to audition outside Canada and the U.S.

  • Rowan

    I expect it’s an issue of paying tavel fees for a person that’s not from the US or Canada. Like they’d pay a lot of money for a mere extra. But the contest sounds cool, I’m totally going to enter!

  • courtney

    I’m From New Zealand :( NOT FAIR!!

  • mm

    good luck to those who are going to give it a shot.

  • Ash

    OMG! I really, really want to see Robert! I love him, but it’s impossible to see him… I’m from Europe and you complain, that you’re from NZ… =X
    But it sounds good for people from U.S. or Canada…

  • =[

    i live in new zealand toooo! thats soooo CRAP!

  • Zara

    im in NZ so i cant auditon =[ i would have loved to do it!!

  • emileee

    im in australia,
    thats not fairr
    i would of loved to have been in new moon !
    but life goes on.

  • camille

    holy shit. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
    when I saw this article, I totally screeamed!!!!!

  • Anna

    Well Im from Germany. ;(

    Thats not fair ;(

  • Ashley

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee. But with the billion of people doing the contest .i ts like IMPOSSIBLE . I wish good luck to everyonee . (:

  • b chick

    oh man..
    i want to be in new moon so bad!!

    too bad i live in brazil :S

  • TitanicGirl

    stupid jjr.;(

  • lubie

    so cool but they are excluding French people because they said Canada except the province of Quebec…
    Some French are good in English!!!
    anyway, i come from Paris and i would love to have a part in the movie but they don’t care!!!
    so mad

  • Sally

    i am so entering :)

  • sabrina

    holy crap!!!!! thats awesome.
    but too bad, im only 12 :(
    i would kill for that.
    but if someone wins, what part will they be given????

  • sabrina

    aww, #13 you are sooooooo nice, and completely right….good luck guys!

  • Erin

    i’m totally in for it, I’m sorry to those who live outside the U.S. and Canada :/

    that is really unfair considering they are going to film in italy right?
    sorry guys.

    see i believe the only drawback of entering is that there is a slight possibility you won’t be able to meet the cast, i mean it should definitely be part of the package, but i heard extras and such don’t get to see them or at least talk to them.

    but i’m entering anyways, i hope i don’t hypervenilate if i were to possibly win.

    good luck to everyone out there :]

  • sweetbutterflies

    I think I would love to be in it. I’m above 14, so I nailed that one. Just the fact that a lot of people will be participating and I’m Dutch, makes a bit sad. So I won’t participate.

    But good luck for the participants!

  • gaby

    justjared Can it, put the photos of the premire of japon? plis :)

  • http://justjaredjr Jordan

    Damn it!!
    I live in England and would have loved to enter
    Good luck to whoever enters though!

  • taylorlautnerhasmyheart

    :’( OMGGGGGGGG! I cant do thisss! I live in england :(
    Urghhhhhhhh! I sooooooooooooooo wanted to be in new moon :(

  • marisa


  • OnceAgainIWishILivedInAmerica!

    Eugh, I hate living in England!
    I would’ve so loved to try out for this!
    I would travel the distance, just for the chance.

    Good luck everyone anyway :)

  • http://jjj miley

    i want to see them! i love the movie and the books! oh my god!

  • laura

    yeah i think they should give people from other country’s
    a chance to
    cuz i’m from belgium and
    i have big dreams
    everything happends in america
    nothing happends in belgium :(
    btw loved twilight
    but still thinks it’s not really faire :s

  • Alexandra

    i mean it´s so unfair they only considert ppl from the US and Canada!
    well hopefully there will be something like this but world wide right?
    LOL (like that were ever to happen)

    anyway i guess all i´m left to do is to wish the ppl who enter good luck right?

  • MoJo

    This would rock!! My friend would die to be in this- it reeks she’s only 13 tho…. i bet the role is like an extra who makes a cameo in a couple scenes…. i hope i’m wrong tho!!! Maybe it’ll be one of bella’s friends or someone from la push…. well, good luck to anyone who auditions!!! Hope to c u in the movie (well if u get a part, u know i’ll c u- i’ll be seeing new moon 1,000,000 times… hahahaha….)

  • Kayla

    Why is this competiton only open to those in the US and Canada? Im Australian and i am just as much a fan to the the Twilight Saga as anyone else around the world.

    Good luck to those who enter.


  • Ines

    Bouhouhou!!! I am french!!! It’s not fair!!!

  • arantxa

    i live in Mexicali :(
    but i have a house in Calexico too .. :)

  • claudie

    Too sad that I live in France….

    –> Need at least 250 coms on my blog (about Twilight and many more!!) before the 1rst of MARCH !!

  • Rachel


  • caitlin

    arrrrr all these awesome competitions and i cant enter cause im from australia!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    im making a videoooooooooooooooooooo.

  • katy

    oh this looks INSANE!
    imma enter.
    but i wont win, of course. :(
    but still :)
    its just kinda sad you cant have anyone else in your video.
    oh well. hahah im so nervous already

  • jilli

    I’m totally gonna do it! just one minute though!? that’s pretty short.

  • sofia

    OMG! i agree with everyone who says that is unfair for those who live outside U.S. OR CANADA.Couse i really think there’s some much talent around the world, i’m from Argentina. i’m an inconditional fan, like everyone else i think. It would be like a dream coming true to play the part. Well.. good luck with the movie, it’s great! My name is Sofia Lopez and i’m 15 years old. The movie is very enterteined.. good luck with that! I’d give everything, it’s my dream.. well. bye…Sofii

  • matilda

    I’m from Sweden :(

  • gabi

    I hate living in Brazil
    we can’t participate on nothing
    I want to see them!!!!!!

  • Jenny

    hey guys im goin to sign up im 14 and from canada :)
    so excited, ut after reading the rules i think im almost blind

  • sarah

    OhMyGosh, I totally jumped out of my seat when seeing this, yay ! Too bad I’m 13, oh well I’ll give it a shot anyways – good luck to anyone whose entering and sorry for all who cant :[


    I can’t believe in IT!!!!!! its a pitty that i can join this chance I would love it, butÍ’m brazilian and only candians and american ones can, its a pitty becausa my country appear in the book!!!!

  • Alicia

    OMG this is such an amazing contest. I feel bad for all of people outside of Canada and U.S. who can’t enter (but I’m kind of glad less competition lol) I can’t wait to enter!

  • Amy

    UGH!!!!!!!!! I’M ONLY 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it count if you can pass for 18?!?!?!

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