Zac Efron & Leslie Mann Talk It Out

Zac Efron & Leslie Mann Talk It Out

Zac Efron and co-star Leslie Mann talk their issues out in this brand-new still from their upcoming flick, 17 Again.

In the film, Zac, 21, plays the younger version of Mike O’Donnell, a guy whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life. Leslie plays Scarlett, Mike’s wife.

17 Again opens in theaters April 17 in the U.S. and April 9 in Australia. Take a peek below at the international trailer!

“17 Again” International Trailer
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  • Michelle

    I can’t wait for the movie!!

  • aw

    Leslie’s great. Good for Zac, this will be an amazing movie.

  • Karina

    OWWH., Zac iss sooo handsomeee !!

    He, and Joe Jonas are the best !!!!!!!!!

  • frankie
  • layla

    that movie is going to be amazing. and a huge blockbuster hit i’m sure

  • LIZA

    cant waitt!!<3 u zac

  • Zanessa biggest brazilian fan


    this is going to be awsome for Zac’s career !


    Jared, can u say for us if the rumors of a Zanessa’s engagement is true?

  • listen to mayday parade

    it actually looks so good. im stoked, i love him

    ps. how about that ridiculous rumour about him proposing to vanessa? lol wow thats a tad far-fetched i think. they are just too young

  • angela

    #7 its a rumor.

  • Jessie

    OMG Zac is soooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait for this movie <333
    but i wanna see something about zanessa more than just zac
    i hope Gina won’t give too much pressure to zac.
    i know Zanessa is strong. and i want them to go out more lol
    Zanessa Rock` ;)

  • Julia

    I think I’m in love.
    HAHA Can’t wait!

  • angela

    ok sorry no offence to zanessa fans.
    but why do you always keep talking about zanessa in just a plain zac post.
    sorry but thats like OBSESSION.

  • pop86

    I heart Zac. I can’t wait for his promotional tour for this movie.

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Eep !! Cannot WAIT to see this awesome movie !! :D I hope Vanessa gets to be in Dead @ 17…lol. am so confused on what’s going on with Zanessa now. Are they engaged or not ? I just want to know that.

  • pop86

    #7, it a rumor that Zac and Vanessa’s reps said “Is not true.”

  • mrsefron.


    lol. they are 20 & 21. and Zac still has a HUGE carrier ahead of him.


  • mrsefron.


    lol. they are 20 & 21. and Zac still has a HUGE carrier ahead of him.


  • Karen


    NO, THEY ARE NOT. This is not my opinion from what their reps say. The Daily 10 last night reported this on their show on the E! Entertainment channel. Zac and Vanessa’s reps have denied any engagement. So let’s leave it at that. It is not up to us to make these decisions for these two. I’m sure they appreciate that so many support them so much in their relationship but pushing them like this and not letting them be their own people could drive them apart. They cannot live the live you are demanding them to live because it can never work that way. Give them breathing room and let them know you support them separately as well as together. Let them know you like who Zac Efron is and Vanessa Hudgens, not just this thing people call “Zanessa” because Zanessa is a person. This couple is made up of TWO separate individuals.

  • Karen

    Now about this movie, I am so excited for Zac. It looks like there are so many aspects in this movie: comedy, drama, and romance! LOL I think it is going to give Zac the opportunity to show a vast rage of emotions and acting ability. GO ZAC!

    Leslie has had nothing but praise for Zac since they got done filming the movie. And Zac has said how well he got along with her too.

  • angela

    #18 yeah I know.

    also they just started their careers and they both just bought seperate houses.

  • no bother

    Im with Karen. Zanessa is a ridiculous name ZAC and VANESSA are to entirely seperate people who have their own lives and careers. Therefore its ridiculous that on normal ZAC posts you all comment on Zanessa. This post has NOTHING to do with Zanessa its all about Zac and the work he has put in to his new movie. So as much as the Zanessa fans love them both,keep the Zanessa comments to the zanessa posts, and leave zac and vanessa boards for commenting about Zac and Vanessas INDIVIDUAL careers!

  • Karen

    In my #18 post I meant to say that “Zanessa” is NOT a person but two separate individuals.

    Also, you guys know I love them together but I root for them just as much for their individual career moves. I want to see them BOTH succeed as actors and that doesn’t mean they have to be in every movie together. What kind of career would that be? Even Brad and Angelina make separate movies and they have 6 kids together! LOL

  • Katty

    I can’t wait to see 17 Again, and I will go see Footloose when that comes out. I will see anything he is in. Hell, I watched all of the Oscars to see his performance, and that was like a five minute thing! (My life is very pathetic at the moment).
    I love Zac, and Vanessa, and Karen is right. They are two separate people, not one. They both have dreams, and they are not ready to settle down, and even if they are engaged (which they really aren’t) it isn’t any of our business anyways. It’s theirs & their friends & families, which none of us really are. Just admirers, and fans. I think we’ll be the last to know.
    Anyways, yay Zac, can’t wait til your movie!
    That boy is F I N E

  • piinkyprinxcess

    can´t wait for this movie >.<
    does anyone know what´s the song in the trailer?

  • zanessa4everr

    i cant wait for this movie!

  • angela

    yeah I wanna know what the song is called IM DESPERATE lol.

  • blackberry

    This comes out the day before my birthday! I’m excited, can’t wait to see it!

  • cc27

    I agree with #3 Karina >3 lol

  • vFAN

    the engagement thing is too far for zanessa fans. if theyre dating it’s fine for me but i think they are nuts when they dreamed bout zanessa getting married. u guys r crazy. a nuthead.dont get me wrong.

  • Athenais

    The new still is nice

    About engagement rumor I think it’s wrong but they can lie.
    They lie about their relationship during a long time, because they said that they are friend while they are a couple …

    the denied is not a proof but I think it’s wrong because they are so young for engagement , marriage …

  • Jazzy

    I love zac, this looks so good, but i don’t really understand y in these type of movies, the person gets younger while everyone else stays the same, so like, he goes to school with his daughter, thats so weird.

  • aly

    I’m SO excited to see this movie!!

    zac is acctually really talented, not to mention funny :)
    & incredibly handsome!

  • oh zanessa lover

    2 cute pic for zanessa and i miss them so much
    and looks at all the pic for zanessa sooooooooo cute

  • joanna


  • zanessafan4ever18



    CAN’T WAIT 4 17 AGAIN!!!!!!

    GO ZAC!!!!!!!

    LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    LOL Zac isn’t marrying Vanessa! Not YET anyway, LOL. Hey she’s 20 and he’s 21, so they are still young. Trust me, they have time. Love them as a couple and I do hope they walk down they aisle some day. :D

    Anyway, I wanna see Zac’s movie soon! He’s so HOT and a great actor.

>>>>>>> staging1