Alyson Michalka: Hugh Laurie is a Genius!

Alyson Michalka: Hugh Laurie is a Genius!

Singing sisters Alyson and AJ Michalka took a break from writing new songs for their upcoming CD to answer some more fan questions.

The duo, who had a quiet lunch out at Judi’s Deli Restaurant in Beverly Hills, wrote on their MySpace, “Hey guys! The new songs are sooo sick! Can’t wait to share them with you. We took a writing break to answer some more of the questions you submitted. We just posted them in the Community Q&A section of our site so go check ‘em out. Hopefully there’s no problems this time… Alright, now back to work!!!”

On handling the paparazzi: “We’re not scandalous enough to have negative attention from the paparazzi. They’re good to us and we’re good to them.”

On playing pranks on each other: “We don’t dig pranks, they never work out the way you want them too, and sometimes they go a little too far and people trip.”

(Click inside for more of Aly and AJ‘s answers…)

On the one thing they can’t live without: “We both can’t live without our cell phones. We have the new Android Google phone…amazing! Get one now! haha”

On their inspiration for song, “On The Ride”: “‘On The Ride’ represents our bond as sisters. We wrote that song when we were pretty young, makes us laugh now when we listen to it. But we love what it means.”

On their favorite musical childhood memory: “Biggest childhood memory would have to be putting on a show for our neighbors. We’d make our own tickets out of colored construction paper, with seat numbers and everything. Hadn’t made it yet so it was free of course.”

On their school situation during their acting days: “We were homeschooled by the time we were working, so it wasn’t an issue. You should never let someone put you down for something you love to do. Being original is rare and should be appreciated.”

On their favorite TV shows of the moment: “Dexter!!!!! We’re totally addicted. It’s a great cast, brilliant plot and funny yet dark. Also love House. Hugh Laurie is a genius.”

On if Aly will continue her drawings: “I use a fine ball point pen, don’t know exactly what the brand is, but it’s been working so far :) More One-Eyed Wonder Girls coming your way!”

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  • elizabeth marinas

    i love aly and aj they are so coll and beautiful artists i really like there music i’m there number 1 fan of all time and aly is so beautiful i hope she gets an older boyfriend like when astion meet demi if you know what i mean sorry for my mispelling

  • Sarah

    Yay they are awesum =]

  • :)

    house is an awesome show :)

  • wow!

    i honestly hate them and think their fake

    plus their music sucks!

  • Roxx


    Fake? hahaha you know them?


    You sucks!

  • Adriana

    Who cares about them ?
    And the paparazzi don�t follow them because they�re not interesting even if they were posing nude nobody would care.

  • giuseppe


  • who??

    no offence who r they???
    and why r they acting like their someone important and famous???
    gosh they look fake
    i just wasted 5 whole minutes of my life reading their dumb post
    bye bye bitches!!

  • Kami

    Hugh laurie is amazing! I love House so much

  • Martah

    i love aly and aj! (L)

    they’re the best!:):)

  • Brianna

    ashton is younger than demi..
    whats ur point?
    and i love aly and aj!
    go do something to urself #4

  • luis

    Hi JJJ!! Of course that Hugh Laurie is a genius… his role in House is like really perfectly interpretated by him… Dr. House is a character and he is funny, bad, sick and a lot of things combined in one charater….

    Greets from Guatemala!!!


    Luis F. Gomez

  • pophi

    Hugh Laurie is such a great actor. You should see him in Jeeves and Wooster. So hilarious.

    Aly and AJ have really faded to obscurity. I remember when they actually would be on tv.. Those where the days. I really loved that song “On the Ride”.

  • Cals

    Hugh Laurie is a genius!!!

  • yaya

    i totally agree hugh laurie is a genius. i love house

  • aw

    Very true about Hugh Laurie.

  • blackberry

    I love aly & aj, can’t wait for there new CD!

  • Cat

    exactly #8, they are nobodies! their not even that famous and nobody gives a crap about them! they’re also like the wierdest people on the earth, their clothes are hideous, and they said that flowers bring them down! WHAT THE HECK! get a life nobodies!

  • Roxx

    bla bla bla shut up you haters!!!
    You’re nothing…
    they just answer some questions for their fans
    No for you…

  • sarah

    i was like smiling from ear to ear once they mentioned House, ugh I love that show and Hugh Laurie is amazing =]

  • katiecrawford

    I love them! They are amazing!

  • sass


  • Melody

    These girls are so incredibly talented and I think underrated and I cannot wait until the release of their next album. I enjoyed reading their answers to the fan questions.

  • anonymous

    hey i’ve got the same cell phone!

  • kristan

    i LOVE hugh laurie!!
    oh, aly & aj are great too (:

  • aly314evr

    They are ‘THE GREATEST’ WAY SIC!!!!!!!

  • aly314evr

    They are ‘THE GREATEST’ WAY SIC!!!!!!!

  • aly314evr

    ALYIS SOOOO HOT!!!!! Her music is astounding for the soul!!! You haters STFU. Go watch a horror movie, c ur self there & do us a favor! thanks The questions this time reach many people and not just special moments only , which evry can relate, LOVE luv lv is their driveing force & it so comes thru in their music !!!! :) 2 them

  • aly4evr

    The BEST to them only!!!!!

  • aly4evr

    The most awesome they are, always for their fans too

  • Anonymousguy08

    To answer #8′s question, Alyson(Aly) Michalka played “Keely Teslow” on the short-lived Disney Channel sitcom “Phil of the Future.” Sometime in 2005, when the show was relativley popular, Disney hired her sister Amanda Joy(A.J.) to join her as a psuedo-folk duo. Sort of a kid-friendly version of The Indigo Girls, but without the lesbianism.

  • mine

    You F*ing idiots. Aly and Aj’s ALBUMS HAVE SOLD OVER 1 MILLION WORLDWIDE
    i bet its one person who keeps on saying theyre nobodies