Taylor Swift: Peep My German Wiki!

Taylor Swift: Peep My German Wiki!

Country cutie Taylor Swift holds up a sign of her German Wikipedia page and dares her band members to pronounce the words.

The 19-year-old musician just uploaded a new MySpace Celebrity video highlighting all her recent adventures — from her Saturday Night Live performance and working on CSI to her European promo tour.

Taylor shared, “It means table of contents (Inhaltsverzeichnis), fun fact of the day.”

Taylor Swift’s Adventures, 02/28
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  • nathalia

    i loooooooove taylor!

  • me

    2nd haha i love taylor shes funny

  • Jacky

    I’m from Germany! I love her and for me its not hard to say ‘Inhaltsverzeichnis’ xD Its so cute when she says Danke!

  • ella

    love her. shes the only person on this site i respect. she is SO talented but also insanely down to earth. vanessa hudgens–please learn a thing or two.

  • tia

    shes so down to earth omg

  • bailey

    shes so awesome and probz one of the most succesfull ppl on this site. she deserves more recognition.

  • Nel

    I love the part when Taylor’s listening to the German audio and she’s like, “Ooohh”

    Hahaha :D

  • yo mama

    why the HELL is she listening to kings of leon? they’re amazing and she’s not. plain and simple. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN GENRE OF MUSIC, HOEBAG!

  • jacqueline

    to yo mama:
    just because shes a country singer doesnt mean she cant listen to artists of other genres
    and that was a pretty disrespectful comment

  • http://blablabla.com marie

    shes kind of boring :S

  • dem

    i’m from germany too
    “inhaltsverzeichnis” is not hard to say, try to say “streichholzschachtel” :D

  • franzi

    aww i love it :D
    im from germany & its kinda funny to see how hard the german language actually is :D
    shes awesome.
    looove her. (:


  • franzi

    so many ppl from germany :D …
    me too.
    & theres another hard word :D : kühlschrank
    have fun :D

  • claire

    i’m from germany too..
    taylors band members pronounced it well ;D
    hope taylor likes germany^^
    #11: streichholzschachtel ist wirklich ‘ne herausforderung xD

  • me

    aww that was a cute video. taylor always seems like such a sweetheart….very down to earth. too bad more people in hollywood aren’t as nice and talented as her

  • http://jjj miley

    i love taylor and her music! she looks really pretty and the video is cute!
    keep rockin’ taylor!

  • http://www.myspace.com/lc234 lisa :]

    I absolutely 100% love Taylor Swift. she’s so down to earth and is my favorite celebrity. she’s playing sold out shows, traveling all around the world, has millions of fans and is still like the coolest person ever and not once had a big head. she’s amazing.

    I love you taylor! :]

  • fe

    looove taylor!

    someone can plase tell me the name of this song?
    i totally forgot :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/shatzzy kathi

    hahaaa im from germany.. three :D
    and.. yea they said it pretty good..
    and doubble yea @ #11 and #12: jaaahaa streichholzschachtel is gut :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/shatzzy kathi

    hahaaa im from germany.. three :D
    and.. yea they said it pretty good..
    and double yea @ #11 and #12: jaaahaa streichholzschachtel is gut :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/shatzzy kathi

    oh im sorry for posting it twice :D

  • hamburgcity

    im from germany too ..so cute how she said inhaltsverzeichnis because it is an easy german word .. but its okay because german is one of the hardest laguages of the world .. love you taylor
    (sorry for my english) ;-)

  • Ludovica

    well…i didn’t like so much tay, but her song are cute….
    just one thing: when in the usa are the 4.22 pm
    here in italy (milano) are 22.22, now is evening-night!
    ihih..nice…or not?
    i just want to say this…if you want to know this….here is 22.24 pm

  • Ludovica

    or 10.24 pm

  • julia

    Does she already has her PERIOD? i mean.. i can’t imagine myself on stage dancing and stuff and having my period.. geez.. it must be hard to be famous!


    Taylor TRULY DESERVES all this!

    I just love how down to earth she is and VERY Talented too!

  • riana

    here in new zeland its 10:38am on sunday- random

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/VanessaMlieylover Miley

    I love Taylor. She’s so down to earth.

    love Miley too! And demi. Love them all!

  • katie

    21 i ALWAYS wonder that about teen stars hahaha but n e ways…she is so effing amazing! i love love love her!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    super gorjuzz.

  • Fran

    haha! Taylor is honestly the best singer at the moment! And she seems so nice and down to earth! And the german part is so funny… well it is a hard word to pronounce!

  • vanessajonas

    she knows german?
    greaaat for her

  • helen

    wow scotland!!!

  • ella

    shes so much more likable than thoose HSM ‘stars’ who get so much more attention on this site

  • Laura

    she’s so amazing. i really love how she shares so much about her life with her fans.


  • YouRockMYWorld1983

    its soo coute how she says Danke
    So süß wie sie Danke sagt^^
    Wo love you Taylor
    Somebody from Germany

  • http://www.myspace.com/k8lynisepic demi lovato’s biggest fan.

    she’s so cuuuuTE! <3

  • julia

    #25 hahaha.. ME TOO! like.. when i have my period the first thing i DON’T wanna do is walking around, dancing or doing something with much moviments.. hahaha

    poor them.. poor girls like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi and Victoria… haha.. i mean, can you imagine yourself having your period and going to a show or something like that.. hahaha.. geez!

  • mareen

    I loove Taylor :D
    && I am also german
    it was so funny when they tried
    to pronounce inhaltsverzeichnis.
    and it sounded so cute when Taylor said Danke xD
    We love you Taylor!♥

  • YAY

    lol i`m german and that guy did NOT speak inhaltsverzeichnis right

  • dem

    @ #12 & #17: ich glaub cody linley hat das mal ausgesprochen bei den dc games.. oder besser gesagt er hats versucht ^^

    @ 36: is ja klar dass jemand der noch nie in seinem leben deutsch gesprochen hat inhaltsverzeichnis perfekt aussprechen kann oder?
    ich glaube du hast am anfang als du angefangen hast englisch zu lernen auch vieles falsch ausgesprochen.. meine fresse ey..

  • nina

    i wonder how her hair is right now when she doesnt fix it!
    it looks very dry, and she always have the same hairstyle, am so sick of it

  • David

    I want her to go to freaking Ireland!

  • http://www.bopmag.com K.G.

    Taylor rocks!

  • Taylor swift :)

    This is why I love/adore Taylor Swift. She is just an amazing singer/ songwriter and she is just a noraml person and doesn’t let fame into her head. She tries to make monthly videos to show us where she has gone and talked about her personal life. Makes personal myspace blogs and updates twitter daily! Who else does that! Um No one!

  • sam

    it wont load for me :\

  • Denisse

    I love her.

    Go Tay!

  • lesha

    aaww so cute. i really like her

  • jordan

    i hope she makes one of these videos when she comes ot autralia in like ten days!!!
    cannot wait!

  • http://www.magicalmiranda.de.gg Elli

    Another German :)
    #12 Streichholzschachtel hard,hard ^^
    but whats about “Kongruenzsatz” (thats what we currently do in maths ^^)
    I’m from germany and I have to admitt that even I had my problems LOL

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