David Archuleta Has Zero Gravity

David Archuleta Has Zero Gravity

David Archuleta sings soulfully into the microphone at his concert in Richmond, Va.

The 18-year-old American Idol alum, who is currently on his debut solo tour, slipped in a new, never before heard song to his set list called “Zero Gravity.”

David will be performing at The Chameleon in Lancaster, Penn., tonight and at the Crocodile Rock in Allentown, Penn., on Sunday.

Check out “Zero Gravity” below!

David Archuleta – “Zero Gravity” – Richmond, Va., 02/25
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Credit: Thanks, Katia!
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  • http://- sarah

    awesome 1st

  • juliaaa

    i love it!!

  • Isabel Rangel

    where r u?
    more deets than in a hotel please!

  • Lindy

    I loveeeeeeee Zero Gravity (L)
    & he became such a good performer, he rocked the showw :D

  • jenna

    it makes me SOO effing happy to see the sucess he and david cook are having!!! its insane how well they are doing! this season of idol is AWFUL. nothing will beat the talent that came out of last year. rock on, archie!

  • persian shit

    i love david

  • JEneva

    i love this songggg. JIVE! NEXT SINGLE! :D

  • a.

    I heard he will record this amazing song. Woot!!



  • addy

    OMD! this song is full of win! I love it!

  • nIK mARYAM

    This is hands down the best song David has ever written and produced. He really owned the stage.

  • C

    AMAZING SONG! And he cowrote it too!
    I think this could be a smash hit, even bigger than Crush.

  • grace

    David cowrote it with Mike, the guitarist. He already recorded it. But the issue is when the public can listen to this awesome song on radio. JJ, if you are interested in another David’s new song in the Japanese version of the album, check out ‘Save the Day’. A beautiful rock song. David’s voice is just out of this world.

  • http://www.davidarchuletafanblast.com/ Corbin

    Hey, everyone! Lots of David info at davidarchuletafanblast.com!
    Its awesome there, great for the fans! :)

  • David a fan


    Check this video which has better video and sound than what you have posted. I just want to share it with you all.

    Wishing its release so bad cause i want to dance on it. haha

  • Cinny

    wow – LOVE the song!!!!! and OMG was that one frikken HOT performance!!!!! just… HOT!!!!!!

  • sv18

    luv this song :) very cachy

  • chula

    I love zero gravity :)
    This song is better than crush, burnin up, any song out there

    His concert are awensome, fun and he is amazing

  • lucy86

    Zero Gravity is my most fav song from Archie right now! Love it

  • cmaecy

    zero gravity is awesome… NEXT SINGLE? i cant wait :)

  • sv18


  • Kait

    LOOOOOOOVE this song. Love even more, the fact that David is really rocking out at his concert tour. Woo-hoo!!!

  • marlene

    i love this song hope archie released this as a next single..archie is cute in this video

  • Itdgi

    This song is awesome! David needs to release this as a single.

  • jj

    OMG I love that song!! I would love if they released it as a single. IT IS SOO GOOD!!

  • Soy

    AHHH! Amazing.
    Of course, it’s to be expected. David is incredible. <3
    I hope this becomes his next single~

  • addy

    i know right..

  • kelsye

    wow he is so HOT!!!! love that song

  • Fancy_

    David just sparkles as he performs this great song
    he and Mike wrote. Check it out on YouTube, he’s
    just getting warmed up in this video-the second time
    he’s ever performed Zero Gravity.

  • :)

    that song is awesome!

  • ciara

    save the day other new amazing song by david archuleta

  • nIA

    betta b a bonus track on his next album or something.

  • gloria

    awesome song!! i love it so much

  • kara

    I REALLY love this song! Wow, what else has David been keeping from us?? Oh, yeah, there’s that other amazing song that is only on the Japanese CD — “Save the Day” — that one is awesome, too!
    I hope David keeps the surprises coming, we love it!

  • celeste

    I love this song is really good…

  • victoria

    I love that song!!!
    is so catchy, it needs to be a single!
    oh and he looks HOT in that video!!!

  • kelly101

    I love zero gravity! I hope they’ll make it available on itunes. NOW!

    sorry for being rude but I’m just anxious!

  • JEneva

    JIVE! please release the song as a single!

  • Alyssa

    this should definitely be the next single!
    its such a fun song!

  • Robyn

    You need to put it on an album!!! I heard it in madison at the concert and it was Amazing!

  • Archielover

    I love this songgggggg!
    David archuleta=LOVE!!

  • Shoegal

    I read on one of the youtube vids of this song that Jive is having another artist record this? Seriously? Jive, don’t even try. David’s the only one that can do this song justice. His fans already love it; you’ve got a hit and a major talent in your hands. Do the right thing with him.

  • mic

    love this song..that truly david

>>>>>>> staging1