Demi Lovato: Don't Sweat in 3-D!

Demi Lovato: Don't Sweat in 3-D!

Demi Lovato got a chance to chat with MTV at the purple carpet premiere of Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience earlier this week.

The 16-year-old starlet dished on Camp Rock 2, her sophomore album and her own 3D adventure. Check it:

On her sophomore album: “We just started working on the first few songs this week. It’s kind of changing from rock to more soulful and has more bluesy songs, but at the same time it will have rock, but more myself. It’s definitely more mature. There’s a lot more instruments. We haven’t really done too much work on the album, so I can’t really make a lot of observations. What I hope to hear is more music that comes from my heart.”

On what she sees in the future for her Camp Rock character, Mitchie: “I haven’t seen the script yet. I know just as much as you do, and I don’t even know when I’m filming it other than this fall. I’d like her to stay the same, maybe a little more true to herself. I guess funnier.”

On having a 3D concert movie of her own some day: “I would like to [do one]! That’d be awesome. I’ve got to remind myself not to sweat somehow, ’cause when you’re onstage it might be kind of hard not to sling sweat at someone in 3-D!”

Demi Lovato – Sophomore Album News, 02/24
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  • Mkaaa

    I would definitely watch Demi’s 3D movie!!

  • christine

    demi could probably out-sell both miley/hannah & jb’s 3d concert.
    If she releases it at the right time & after camp rock 2 & her second album comes out & when her show gets more famous.
    People will start to know her more, & she’ll get more fans.

    Demi will probably be big as miley.
    Maybe, Who knows, Cuz Miiley is pretty big…

    Love JB, Demi & Miley :D

  • Ami

    Demi’s sooo awesome, i love her!
    I really want them to film Camp Rock 2 hopefully this fall, I cannot wait to start hearing more about it!
    Hopefully there’s a kiss between Demi and Joe’s characers, that would be awesome
    (They make an extremely adorable couple)
    But yeah, I’m excited to hear some of her new music and I would totally watch her 3D movie if she ever came out with one :)

  • TitanicGirl


  • bob

    I’m digging her new look. She looks awesome.

  • andrea

    :D num 1

  • naee.

    Uh, since when was her first album ‘rock’?
    From what I recall hearing, her album was pop.

  • Newt

    She doesn’t seem like “the next miley” material, she’s missing that “it-girl” quality. That’s more Selena. Though Demi definitely has more singing skills, Selena has more potential in her to become the next big thing. But it would be so cool if Demi and Selena were in a 3-D concert movie together. It should happen since Demi and Selena are rumored to go on tour together this summer.

  • anonymous

    i agree with #6
    haha HER DEFINITION OF ROCK IS DEF DIFFERENT WITH MINE. her album was totally pop

    if she have her own 3d movie… i think it wont make it to the theaters because it will stays as disney channel original movie. oh and guest star selena gomez and her paramore wannabe band

  • TitanicGirl

    Glad she didn’t say edgy. I hate 16 year olds acting sexy. They’re still in womanhood process…..Lol, not really.:P

  • savannah

    Agreed, number 8. When someone says ‘the next miley’ or the next ‘it’ girl, you’ll know right away but when I see Demi in interviews and her music (which is good) and show, I don’t see that ‘it’ girl in her. I don’t know. Maybe a little down the road she will get more success but right now she needs to separate herself from the jonas brothers which she is doing gradually and then maybe she’ll become ‘big’ but right now, I don’t see that happening.

  • Leticia coutinho

    Não sou americana, sou brasileira do Brasil, falo a lingua portuguesa. Eu amo muito a Demi. Acho ela um exemplo de vida.. me espelho em tudo que ela faz. Estou muito anciosa para o dia que estrear no Disney Channel o filme Camp Rock 2, e nesse segundo filme é necessário que saia o beijo entre Mitchie e Shane.
    Obrigada ao JustJaredJunior pela oportunidade de escrever a minha opinião aqui. Um beijo :)

  • nicklovesemily:]

    demi is so awesome in the 3d concert expirience..i love herrrr:)
    cant waitttt for her new cd!

  • linnyb

    video not working….

  • Katie

    awh- Demi is so sweet!

  • kami

    can somebody tell this chick to stop smiling from ear to ear like that ?gads, it’s hard to even scroll past her pic on this site without screaming. can’t her manager tell her it looks fake fake fake fake???? maybe she is c-o-n-s-t-i-p-a-t-e-d.

  • listen to mayday parade

    her hair looks way better that dark
    but she drives me insane. she wants to be rock but she is so clearly pop, and her career is disney made and will end on disney. she isnt radio material, she just isnt awesome. i dont see the appeal. her smile is just too big and unattractive. and she screams when she sings live, ugh. i usually like what disney produces but demi is a huge flop in my eyes!

  • New TV

    Wow, I really agree with #17 so much. Every girl Disney has put out there I have come to like, especially Miley and now Selena. But something about Demi makes her not at all likeable like the other girls. Eventhough she is very talented in singing, something about her is VERY unfascinating and uninteresting. I try so hard to like her but, as #8 would say, she just doesn’t have that “it” girl charm. She’s actually making me tired of Disney Channel. The only thing that is keeping me watching Disney Channel is Selena Gomez and her show.

  • Joy

    shes sick : /

  • Cheyenne

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about.
    She is so much better than Disney! She could have made it without the Jonas Brothers. She is absolutely gorgeous! Her voice is wonderful. A lot of singers “scream” in their songs. It’s called hitting a high note that isn’t a soft note. She can make it big. I, along with many other people, like her better than the other Disney stars (not that I don’t like the other people on that channel). And even better than the stars outside of Disney. She’s not your typical “cookie-cutter” girl and I love that about her.
    Anyways, my point is that she’s fantastic. I would totally go she her 3D movie if she made one! =]

  • jess

    #7 and all of those talking about how demi doesn’t have the “it” is the same person agreeing with him/her self lol i’m not stupid! i know those tricks haha anyway i love her and yes she’ll go far she actually has talent to write and sing unlike the other disney losers!

  • ame

    she’s just too good for disney!

  • Fla

    “cause when you’re onstage it might be kind of hard not to sling sweat at someone in 3-D!”lmao LOLOLOLOL

  • Ashley

    Wow! all of you that think shes stupid……YOUR THE STUPID ONES! shes amazing and is gonna make it far. Its really not cool to say things about her when you dont even know her! Shes amazing at singing acting and what ever she dose. O and there is a new sound to Rock and her and the Jonas Brothers have it. You know its really not cool to hate on her just cause your jelous!

>>>>>>> staging1