Miley & Sofie Cyrus: Sunday Stroll

Miley & Sofie Cyrus: Sunday Stroll

Miley Cyrus holds onto her pup Sofie as they arrive for a meeting at Walt Disney Studios on Sunday afternoon (March 1) in Burbank, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet was seen out yesterday, taking a jog with special friend Justin Gaston around her neighborhood.

Miley‘s younger sis Noah and dad Billy Ray were also seen out riding their bikes today around the block.

Be sure to catch a new episode of Hannah Montana TONIGHT @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Credit: JP; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • maggie

    lover her!!!

  • Kristina

    She’s so naturally pretty. Cute puppy too!

  • P

    that is such a cute dog

  • Karina

    Mileey is soo pretty !
    She is awesome , and her show is truly the best !

    Mileey, come to Brazil ! Pleasee !!

    Love her soo much !!

  • #, her dog is adorable..and I must say, she looks nice here too…her boobs deflated a bit…

  • sina


  • baby.v.

    I love her puppy!
    Does anyone know what breed it is??

  • :)

    aw, i love miley, she’s so pretty.
    i wanna meet her so bad

  • Amyy

    # 5?

    Totally love her. And Sophie of course lol.
    Anyone know were I could get that cardi? (sweater)

    Love you Milez.

  • katie

    she’s just so dang adorable. also, jj, according to mileyworld it’s spelled “sofie”. :)

  • katie

    oh and baby v, sofie is a maltipoo (half maltese, half poodle).

    also, lol, i just noticed the bag. only miley could get away with holding the most adorable puppy ever in one hand and a giant skull-and-crossbones bag in the other. :P

  • Victoria

    i love her, she is so cute!
    i want her dog and skin haha!
    plus body, hair and eyes


  • Emma

    I Love Miley :D and sofie/sophie is sooooooooo cute :D

  • amanda

    absolutely fabulous outfit!! and dog…:D and Miley of course;))

  • N’keeyah

    She looks SO pretty. I bought a sweater like that yesterday from Limited Too. But hers is probaly Juicy Couture of something. I love Miley and her dog is cute.

  • :)

    Aaaw, so beautiful

  • 251458


  • Billythekid

    Yeah, yeah Miley is adorable as usual and the dog is cute, but that’s not what is making me laugh today. Its Katie pointing out that she is holding this adorable little dog while also carrying the bag of skull and crossbones :). Postively evil. I love it.

    The second thing that is really making me laugh today is the fact that the Jobro’s “big” concert experience has turned out to be a huge dud. Before the weekend began some hollywood execs were talking about wild estimates of 40 millions and up, only to find out it didnt even come in first place this weekend!. Its coming in second on revised estimates of 12.7 million, and may even have to settle for 3rd place if those estimates were too generous. Now who would ever had thought this would happen? Miley must be rolling on the floor laughing her butt off. But should she?

    No, she should be worried as all heck because her own movie might end up backfiring and not coming through as big as expected. In 40 days we will see if Hannah still got it :). Actually we will see in 9 days for the number of books she sold, and in 3 weeks or so for the number of albums this new movie sold. Disney must be sweating bricks right now :).

  • Cals

    aww soooo cute!! and miley is adorable!


    STOPPP it you scared me !!

    i’m soo happy that the jobro’s movie didn’t beat miley’s one ! the H.M. 3d did 8.7 Million in the 1st day, the jonas brothers made 4.2 in the 1st day…

    i hope Hannah Montana the movie will top the bow office, but u know as miley fans we should keep faith !! and trust her! !

    yeahhhhhhhh lol

    always pretty
    always smiley
    always miley !


    i gorgot to say SOMETHING here are what the Jonas Brothers and Miley’ films did in the Box-Office :

    Hannah Montana : The Best Of Best Of BoTH World Tour 3D :

    - 8.7 Millions $ in the OPENNING day
    - ONLY in 672 THEATERS
    - 31 Millions $ in the Week-End
    And of curse 1st at the Box Office

    The Jonas Brothers 3D Experience :

    - 4.2 Millions in the opening day
    - the movie came on 1216 THEATERS !!!!!!!!!!! (miley’s one came in only 672 !!)
    - the estimated revenue of the film (in the week-end) are 12.7 Millions $
    - 3rd at the Box-Office !!!

    Miley ROCKS
    JoBro SUCKS

  • rii

    @18 Billythekid

    i think the HM movie will do fine for many reasons. i think one of the reasons the JB movie didnt do as well as the hm/miley movie was because mileys tour, even with its extension, was sold out so many went to see the movie cuz they couldnt see the concert firsthand. whereas the JB did sell out in some areas, but didnt sell out everywhere with $1000 scalped tickets like miley. the HM movie is more of a family movie whereas the JB movie is more of a fan movie. plus, HM has a wider fanbase than the JB. i dont mean this just by the age fanbase, but also gender. and well, the HM movie is an actual movie. the JB movie was just a concert movie. you can compare the JB3D to HM/Miley 3D, but not really to the HM movie.

    if anything, he JB backfiring on this should make Disney see how valuable miley is because the JB3D was being compared so much to mileys and it failed to meet their expectations of surpassing miley.

  • Victoria

    wooo hoo ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Farrah

    She has a lovely eye color… sort of a blue-gray-green. Oh, and that dog is precious.

  • Billythekid

    Sorry if I scared you Miley’s Faaaan, if you were referring to my post. Not sure :). And rii, I agree with you, and I hope so as well. feeling better Miley Faaaaaan? hope so :)

  • mILEY&jbloverrr

    Yeah miley kicked the jobros asses
    but we’ll see again with the HM movie coming out
    and if her book beats the jbs book too

  • Brigget

    lmao you miley fans are so blinded you cant tell what real beauty is and its surely not miley
    she looks 12

  • m

    #22 i completely agree with u!

  • hahaha

    She is probably laughing her ass off at the JB failed 3D movie.

  • vanessajonas

    why does she always laugh like a rat?
    with her ginormous teeth

  • Farrah

    Brigget , people have different standards of beauty. I am most certainly not a preteen (not even a teen at this point… hah!) and I find Miley to be a very beautiful young girl. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t pile on makeup and always has a big smile on her face. You should learn to start seeing the positive sides of people.

  • Liliana

    she’s just so cute, she seems like an honestly happy kid. i’m starting to like her.

  • Mary

    she looks pretty as always.. i hope she’s getting enough rst though
    oh & i hope Hm the movie does good too just like miley’s 3D movie
    we [miley fans] just have to keep faith

  • katy

    she’s beyond cute!!:D

  • Teresa

    Aww,that puppy is so so cute! And she looks really pretty. <3

  • arantxa

    shut up “vanessajonas”
    i love her dog (L)

  • jilli

    I wish I lived in California. We’re freezing our ashes of here in New Jersey. Expect 6-11″ of snow! we better have a fricken snow day.

  • Alex

    oooh what kind of purse is that!?

  • N’keeyah

    Her book will sell and her movie will sell tickets. She is sweet and nice. Miley has an amazing voice.

  • TitanicGirl

    its nice to see her with her puppy.:)

  • iluvrobpattz

    i love her and her dog. please stop dissin jb. what did they do to u?huh?
    love her dog, its cuter then her(just kiddin)

  • Billythekid

    Hey VanessaJonas,

    I didn’t know rats could laugh, or if they could I certainly wouldn’t know what they sound like because I sorta stay away from rats, you know what I mean? Anyway, I understand you are having a tough time right now, but hang in there girl, maybe Vanessa can come up with a hit single to take away the sting out of the Jobro’s coming up short.

    In all seriousness, I shouldn’t rag on these guys so much because they did come up with the second best concert take at the box office. Only thing is they immediately allowed themselves to be compared to Miley/Hannah the minute they signed on to this venture, and I am SURE they thought they would prevail. Oh well, didn’t happen, but 2nd place is better than last place.

  • vanessajonas

    hey billy the kid
    who told ya i support jonas or vanessa?
    maybe i can be using their names because i feel it not becaause i like them.. so shut up and be tolerant to someone elses opinions..

  • Billythekid

    Hey Vanessajonas,

    Stop trying to be coy and pretending you are not a Vanessa fan. It insults everyone else here. And no I will not shut up, especially for the likes of you who never have nothing more than an insulting word or two for Miley or anything about her. So when you feel you could perhaps grow up and stop openly insulting her here, perhaps I will take a like course and tolerate your opinions.

  • Carter

    Love those boots. The dog is so cute. I wish I had a dog like that. Miley looks alright. She is not the ugliest girl in the world but she is not the prettiest girl in the world. She is just an average teenager with great hair who happens to be famous.

  • aw


    So you are going to try and make your point to a notoriously persistent and equal opportunity hater by specifically insulting both Vanessa & the Jonas Brothers. So insulting others that have nothing to do with the topic of the post is perfectly okay by your logic then? Only attack the things you don’t like and support what you do like? vanessajonas has been around this place for awhile, why not just report or ignore him/her instead of egging him/her on.

    The dog is cute.

  • Neutral

    Aw And Billy the Kid
    have such sophisticated vocabulary,
    haha i love it

  • mykamicks

    lika miley… eventhough she is not in my age… I love her for my niece as a Big Fan of hers..

  • Billythekid

    To Aw (#46),

    To start with the end of your post and working backward: I wouldn’t dream of reporting anyone here for anything they post. I prefer free speech and equal opportunity for all; I just don’t happen to agree with everything being written here.

    I don’t specifically dislike Vanessa Hudgens. In fact, I like her just fine. And though I am not a fan of the Jonas Brother’s I couldn’t resist temptation when mentioning (though I am sure most already knew), that their movie did poorly against expectations. But I also clearly pointed out that the same fate could befall Miley and the huge expectations for her movie. We will see.

    As for VanessaJonas: Her comments get her into trouble, and she wears her preferences on her sleeves in the form of her name, so it’s open season on her here as far as I am concerned. And she is more than welcome to post a reply, which of course I will then just cut up and send back to her.



    You are certainly a person who do really “think” before writing things, I think you’re very smart, I just want to say that I agree with you a 100%, your ideas about the differences btwn a “hate” comment and an “opinion” are very ummm… CLEAR

    AND I do like (A LOT) miley, i really don’t know why… but i like her (I’m not talking about “hannah montana’” BUT about Miley cyrus –> there IS a difference) I’ve been a fan of her since 2006 even know it’s kind of hard for me.. I mean I live in morocco it’s really hard because I can’t buy her CDs, or go to her concerts or.. WATCH HER MOVIES (actually the H.M movie will premier here in July 6th in.. FRENSH)…
    Moroccan ppl don’t speak english, we only speak arabic and frensh. but why can’t I do for miley ? lol I specially “learned” (and I’m still learning, so I hope i didn’t do a lot of mistakes..).. english for her, Ohh AND about the JoBro, Demi, Selena, vanessa… or ALL disney stars.. it may sound weird but i don’t like them ALL (except miley –> who is an exeption, a BIG one, and Zac who’s reaaaaaaaaally hot lol^^)

    and about that “vannessajonas” I think she or he do like miley (I think it’s a girl.. because mostly girlz are jealous of miley cuz she have what EVERY girl in this world WANT.. money (the richest teen in the WORLD), the fames (the most fame teen in the world) and boyz (Justin a model for Cavalli [with kate moss] or christian augier[i dont know how to spell it lol] or Diesel…)

    HER reaction is very clear, there is only 3 ways to “react” to the MileyMania :

    1st/ you ADMIRE her and become a fan.
    2nd/ you think it’s NOT your style, but your NOT against her and may like some songs (like 7 Things for exampl…)
    3rd/ you become a JEALOUS person, “WHY her and NOT me ? this so unfair !! she doesn’t deserve this..” for those ppl i advise them to think like this :

    - she is talented THIS is WHY she is famous
    - DON’T try to convince yourselves that SHE IS NOT to make yourselves feel BETTER because it HURTS and that would be so SELFISH !
    - if you wanna be like HER or BETTER than her (i won’t say you can’t) just WORK hard for it, like miley did do you really thinks it’s EASY to do what she’s doing.. ?
    - practicing all the day long…
    - being following by ppl you don’t know…
    - being “friends” with ppl.. and you find out that they were ONLY because your famous..
    - performing in front of MILLIONS of ppl and konwing that in the FIRST mistake the HOLLLLE world will know it (like what happend recently when she was performing Fly On The Wall in U.K.)
    - protecting an image of THE perfect rol model when your not (because NOBODY’s perfect and EVERYBODY makes mistakes)
    - daiting a “friend” who is OLDER, and CAN’T show your “loveStory” in public..

    finally I want to say to EVERYBODY here that we do NOT know everythings about miley… because she is a HUMAN and just like US we hide things… because everybody needs to know that éweé as humans, have some secrets.. things we hide from the OTHERS…

    P.S: I may have madde a LOT of spelling mistakes.. so forgice me.. i still HAVE a LOTS of things to say but I can’t cuz i don’t have the necessary “knowledge” in english for that…so