The Jonas Brothers Take Over Texas

The Jonas Brothers Take Over Texas

Kevin Jonas greets one of his many fans during one of the surprise appearances at a screening of Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience in Austin, Texas on Sunday morning (March 1).

The JoBros just updated their MySpace with this message to their fans: “It is Sunday morning here in the US and our first stop today was in Austin, Texas. We just left the theater and it was something we will never forget. We were so excited to visit this awesome city since it has such a great music community. The reaction here was incredible. The audience seemed very thankful that we chose to come here which was so exciting for us.”

JJJ is currently on the plane with the JoBros! Follow along with our live blog!

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Photos: Rob Hoffman/Jonas Enterprises
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  • listen to mayday parade

    Too bad the movie bombed.. it didnt raise nearly hat they expected.. Mileys movie did better and it was in less theaters and advertised way less. It wasnt even #1 at the box office this weekend. poor JoBros at least they are still loaded and sexy

  • JennyJONAS

    aww man i live in San Antonio but its really close to Austin
    they should really come here at the one of Regal theaters! :)

  • strawberrykiwiz

    joe looks soooo seksi in that policeman one
    and nick looks hot too
    and kevin doesnt look bad either!
    looove jbbbb

  • luis

    I think Joe do wears glasses… PLEASE JJJ tell to the JoBros to come to GUATEMALA IN THEIR 2009 WORLD TOUR!

    I cant wait to see this Movie… its going to be great and also a great experience…


    Luis F. Gomez

  • http://- vick

    oh yeah, jonas rocks!

  • http://jjj annony

    they might not have succeeded well this weekend but i predict the 3d movie will be a huge success overall….what the boys are doing for their fans alone is a huge success and i congratulate them alone for that….comparing the JB and miley or pinning them up against each other is stupid becuz i for one watched mileys best of both worlds three times was only to watch THE JONAS BROTHERS NOT MILEY!!!!i have watched the 3d concert for the JB already 5 times and each time i love it more and more….so thankyou guys for another memorable moment…looking forward to your new album and concerts this year.

  • Elise

    Joe looks GODDAMN HOT in glasses, drop the contact lenses and wear glasses all the time. Also tell the jo bros to come to AUSTRALIA for their world tour… we often miss out here as we dont get nething jobro at all, and we dont get the movie for 4 more months (june).

  • joanne

    LOL their movie FAILED

  • http://jjj annomous

    australias premier is may 14th and their is a petition from us aussies down under with 21,000+ to do a concert here and that is sydney alone….so hopefully we will be included….australia has a lot to offer the jonas brothers so please consider us……………

  • hey there.


  • cass

    joe looks sooo amazing with glasses!

  • Rachel

    hotttttt (times 3)

  • lesha

    aww i love joe in his glasses. it is the cutest. i cant even imagine how warn out they are by now. they must be exhausted. i hope they take a good break after all this.

  • lesha

    ps. nick looks extremely gorgeous.

  • shelby

    actually, just stop wearing skinny jeans altogether. you have stumpy woman legs.

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    failure is such a harsh word……but if the truth be known they did shove this movie down our throats quite alot in the past weeks…it was fun in the beginning and exciting but towards the due date it became a big joke…i honestly thought they had changed the title to the JB3D concert featuring camilla belle becuz she was tagging along for all their promotional tour for this movie….NO WONDER IT WAS A HUGE FLOP SHE ISNT EXACTLY A BOX OFFICE SMASH HERSELF…..the whole experience was OVERRATED!!!!!!sorry for telling it how MOST FANS SAW IT……THE TRUTH HURTS!!!!!

  • http://jjj annony

    shelby please please leave kevin alone he is a sexy smart dresser with a lot of charisma…dont like what he wears dont look let us have our moment of glory……not being critical just coming to an understanding…..

  • Stefanie

    jared now that youre done hanging out with them how am i supposed to know where and when they are1!!~!!

  • cc27

    Joe = Amazing in Glasses :) Nerdy xD Cute yet Hot :) haha.

  • Yassy

    My friends and I almost found them… LOL
    I love them, and very proud of their movie! :D

  • swe3t23

    hahaha your movie flopped!!!!

    always will be in the shadows of MILEY!!!!

  • butch

    the movie was amazing. So based on how good everyone is saying it did, it does not fail my friends.

  • Kristi jo dee

    Perhaps Jonas Brothers should have waited until their TV show came out and then did a movie about that. I think they have talent, however, they are mostly promoted as being good boys. I suggest quit dating famous girls. Joe’s twin girlfriend is now using them to promote a lame charity to sell jewelry for a small country while we are in a recession! She seeks fame and fortune off them. Taylor and Miley actually are in charge of their own careers and seem fearless to show who they really are. It probably did not help them to have these two doubting their good boy image who knows. I wish them the best and hope they do well. Learn from mistakes and be in charge of your own career.

  • connie

    EEK! i live in austin and attend like EVERYTHING here! just my luck to have missed the boys! :(

  • Jerseygirl

    I love these boys! They are amazing and I support everything they do! So proud of how far they have come.

    And, Joseph – you are rocking those glasses baby!

  • kris

    they’re starting to get annoying.

  • denisse

    Joe+glasses= hot as always.

    I love JB.

  • hun98

    Neglected Houston. :/ oh well. I saw your movie and loved it. :)

  • Angelica

    Nick is looking goood! and Joe too. :)

  • Afton

    i’m from dallas! wish i coulda been there :(
    it seems like i’m always missing my perfect opportunity to see them.


    damn right.
    the jonas brothers SUCK.
    Zac Efron 4 ever.

  • Taylor swift

    Respect the girls you date. Respect yourselves. Be yourself and not what Disney or your producers want you to be. Please don’t shove Camilla Belle down our throats with her jewelry sales etc. Good luck in the future :)

  • Taylor swift :)

    It is overated. Let me make this clear. DISNEY IS OVERATED. They promote too much. It wasn’t nessary for the Jonas to appear on CW. We already know who they are and what they are promoting for. Also I think the reason why is people didn’t feel the hype to go becuz they already saw best of both worlds which JB was in. Daokta, taylor swift and more are smart people… why? Because in a couple years when they get dropped by disney due to old for them they have no where to go. Because they were hired only for child stars. Why is Doktoa fanning still here today? Because she can act and is too good for disney. SORRY its the truth. Disney is not as it used to be

  • N’keeyah

    I love JB! They are SOO cute. I didn’t get to see there movie this weekend (my mom promised next weekend). It sucks that there movie didn’t do well.

  • yo mama

    totally agree with number 33.

  • Ansley.

    The movie was like careening down a Slip ‘n Slide for the first time, just plain…FUN, Fun, Fun!!!! What a ride, I can’t wait to see it again and again. Joe should wear one of his Alex and Chloe, Paris t-shirts (preferably PARIS Bleeds), they are extraordinarily fierce esp. w/ the glasses.

  • Billythekid

    To “Listen to Mayday Parade” #1,

    I had never even heard of Miley Cyrus at the time her Best of Both Worlds concert got under way, and was only vaguely aware of her by the time her movie opened during last year’s Super Bowl. So when they mentioned all the hoopla about her concert doing this and that during that weekend, I really didn’t know what was going on. But since that time I have become very aware of Miley and these Jonas Brothers; first Miley and then the Jonas Brothers. So when they set out for this big concert movie this weekend, I was expecting this big Twilight like slam at the box office, only to see them fall flat on their faces!

    #6, Annony,
    Give me a break please. You might have gone to see these guys in Miley’s concert just to see them, but don’t try to make it seem like everyone else there was doing the same thing because they weren’t. That concert was sold out from the very first show (when the Jobro’s were barely known), until the final shows when the Jonas’s weren’t even part of the tour.

  • Yvonne

    SHELBY(#15)—SHUT UP! I am so tired of people making fun of such a wonderful guy like Kevin. He barely gets a mention here, and when he does its a slam at him. God I am sick of the Joe and Nick show when it comes to JB. Kevin is 1/3 of that group too and he gives his fans 200% and gets sqwat in return. you guys are so mean to him and yet shower Joe and Nick with so much love. It breaks my heart for Kevin :(

  • Zoe.


  • Ami

    I love them, they are just too amazing!!!
    They do so much for their fans and they all just look sooo sweet!

    And wow, I didn’t think Joe could get any hotter but he did when he put those glasses on…damn! He’s just too freakin adorable!
    And so is Nick…gorgeous…sighhh I’m in love with both of them
    And Kevin is really good lookin too
    I love them all so much! :)

  • NativeNYker

    One of these bros is not like the other? Can you tell which one it is?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • tina

    i TOTALLY agree with #33 she is soo right even though i love the jb’s
    this was just too much i dint see their movie they did it cos miley did and she made so much money.
    im so sorry but the 3d movie was a dumb idea.

  • maddie :]

    k everyone saying the Hannah Montana Movie “bombed” your dead wrong. The movie was amazing and im willling to bet half of you didnt even see it and your jjust saying that becasue you dont like her. oh and I WANT TO WIN THE JONAS SHIRT

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