Ashley Tisdale's Website Gets A Makeover

Ashley Tisdale's Website Gets A Makeover

Ashley Tisdale is gearing up to drop her new album, Guilty Pleasure, in the spring and just premiered the new look of her official website,

The 23-year-old actress/singer recently dished to Cosmopolitan magazine about her upcoming album. She shared, “It’s edgy. It’s an album to rock out to. It’s definitely sexier. I have a sexy side to me, but it’s more of a fun sexy. Sure, I’m a nice girl, but there’s also a part of me that wants to be rebellious.”

Stay tuned for even more Ashley news in the coming weeks!. Bigger pic inside!

TELL JJJ: What do you think of the new look for Ashley’s website?

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  • alli

    it’s awesome, ashley is amazing. she looks great!

  • alli

    her album will ROCK.

  • Cami

    It looks awesome, and I love the pic!!!
    I can’t wait for Guilty Pleasure!!!

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i like the older more mature ashley:)

  • Lacey

    i miss her blonde hair .

  • mike

    i love her new look!!!

  • allyyyy

    theres alot of posts of her…

  • Katty

    I wish Vanessa would sing something that means something, like Ashley. I love both Ashley and Vanessa, they both are beautiful, successful, and have amazing voices. But I am in love with with Vanessa’s voice, and she sings these meaningless pop songs, I mean they are catchy, and I do sing along to them, but I wish she would take a page from Ashley’s book.
    Anyways, love Ashley, and her new look. I am so buying her CD when it drops. Go Ash! You look hott!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Damn..that’s one hot website !! :D Oh..she wants to be rebellious..never knew that..and yes, she IS sexy :D I so can’t wait for her album !! She’s back people !!

  • raysa


  • yoyoma

    i agree with ##8


  • Eugenia

    she looks beaty but its iqual like hilary duff =) hjaha

  • tizzfan

    vanessa’s are actually pretty good …. just forget about sneakernight.. that was dumb song to begin with….. but listen to gone with the wind or don’t leave… those two are pretty great …stupid HR..
    anyway back to topic…
    the website is gorgeous like ashley

    hrm, so at least we know that the theme is going to be like rebellious with the whole flame red things… lol

  • Mary

    is so Red ,but Pretty

  • Miley

    Ashley can’t really sing but i like the website. Her voice is just not my taste.


    i love it !!!!!!! its soooo hot and fierce
    i have a good feeling about this album and guilty pleasure is a sexy title!!
    nice job ash and the new pic looks hot tooo
    cant wait for a new single and for the album to release
    and btw ash is 23 so there is nothing wrong with her branching out she is already a grownup and this album will for sure help her just do that

  • b chick

    omg.she looks like hilary duff’s older sister. lol

    i like this new her

  • jo

    wait till you hear Vanessa in Bandslam. her songs are amazing.

  • serena


    she’s gonna make a GREAT comeback with this album!

    first in line to buy it baby! haha.

    now i gotta go listen to “I’m Back” or “I’m That” or whatever the leaked song is called!

  • alli

    #16 jo

    it’s funny how most vanessa fans can’t go five seconds without bringing that nudist up, even in posts that relate absolutley nothing to her. lmfbo.

    and now we wait for vanessajonas, the queen of sucky insults/vanessa wannabe’s. I’m sure her comment will be something like:

    “the editing sucks, she needs to quit trying to hard to look sexy, and when the hell is she gonna fix her nose? now excuse me while I go gaze lovingly at vanessa hudgens photos and stick ashley ones in the paper shredder. toodleloo!”



  • Ashley tisdales big Fan

    SEXY AND fierce

  • Ashley tisdales big Fan


  • listen to mayday parade

    LOVE the picture.
    But I am not a fan of the layout.

  • Not-Played


    It’s funny how Ashley fans can’t go five seconds without bringing the pictures up as well. What, Ashley’s not interesting enough for you guys, so you gotta drag in Vanessa to spice things up? Give me a break. I’ve seen with my own eyes how awful Ashley fans are. No wonder people hate her. If I were a Vanessa fan, I’d hate Ashley too.

  • Sarah

    hot hot hot.
    i’m happy that she’s more mature now. I hope people finally wake up and realize that she’s not a Disney doll or something.. She IS growing up and she just keeps gettin better :)

  • Cami

    #18 alli

    that imitation of vanessajonas was so funny!!!

  • alli

    Cami #26:

    :) she might as well be saying the last part, i mean we all know that’s probably how she spends her free time. and she’s said all those things bout ashley before.

  • sarah

    Not Played, 23: that’s really immature and stupid, “if I were a vanessa fan I’d hate ashley too.” just shows that you probably ARE a vanessa fan and/or hate ashley!?!! you can’t blame ashley herself for the immaturity of some of her fans. it’s not like she arranges a secret meeting with all of them and says “bring up her scandal! bring up her scandal!”

    you’re comment is the most stupid, thoughtless, unfair thing I’ve ever read on here in my life. and did you ever stop to think that maybe alli only brought up the thing with vanessa anyway because vanessajonas DOES CONSTANTLY bring up ashley’s nose job?!! think next time before you say something like that. vanessa fans/ashley haters are generally heartless catty and rude too.

  • sarah

    My stupid comment wont go through! lol.

  • elenee

    she’s trying to be alot cooler and more rebellious.
    obviously can’t happen.

    but, i kinda want to hear her album anyways.

  • blackberry

    What is with all of the ashely vs vanessa stuff? Why can’t people like BOTH of them?

    It’s the stuipdest fight ever. First of all, ashely and vanessa are like best friends, not enemies. They don’t fight over who is better, so why should we?

    And seriously guys, just because you like vanessa or just becasue you like ashley doesn’t mean you have to hate the other. And if you do, at least have a good reason!

    And this post is about ashley, why is vanessa even being mentioned, anyway? (not saying that I don’t love vanessa, I do, but seriously)

    On topic, I love ashley and the site!

  • Ashleytisdalexoxoxoxoxox

    the new site is ‘stunning omg,
    i have been waiting for
    months to hear about
    her album!!!!!!!!!!!
    ASHLEY TISDALES BIGGEST FAN**************************************************************

  • sarah

    #33 hannah not true, i’m 16 and I happen to know of a lot of people both my age and older that are fans of her so stop making judgements. just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean nobody else does. she has millions if not billions of fans.

  • JAmes


  • athena

    I really like this new look she’s rockin’ it!!!

  • ximenaa

    i love the page
    and i love the new ashley! HOT
    the pics are hot!!!

  • aw


    aww look at you being a hypocritical moron. You bi*tch and moan and then go ahead to act Exactly like vanesasjonas in the zv post. Poor child I guess you really don’t know how to use that brain.

  • love ASHLEY

    she looks HOT!

  • zanessafan86

    It is different but I like it. I can’t wait to hear her new album.

  • vancrazed

    You guys need to realize that Vanessa got treated badly by HR…has nothing to do with what she is capable of. She wrote and produced three of her own songs, but they weren’t used on her album because of HR. The are holding her back. She will have her day. Lord she had 15 sold out concerts this summer all over the country and worldwide. She has the ability to do so much more. Also, remember that Van is only 20. you can’t push yourself into maturity when you face base has been so young for so long.
    i’m happy for ashley. She looks great, and I hope her album takes storm. She is 23, it’s time to grow up, and she has the backing to do it. So happy for her.

  • vancrazed

    Please don’t judge van fans by the immaturity of a few. I am a vanessa fan, and I appreciate Ashley immensly. Happy for her. Vanessa has a few years to go and needs to find a good record label before this happens for her, but Ashley was ready.

  • ashleyfan

    OMG! – i’m so happy for ashley. this is amazing, she looks amazing and she is amazing :) the site is AMAZING!


  • Osama


  • David

    woooooooooooow, she is so beautiful

  • Moudy Basha

    Ashley Soooo ROCKS she looks sooo HOT and i’m def gonna buy her new cd GUILTY PLEASURE when it comes out………I can’t wait :D

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    that’s awasomee !!
    i want to listen songs !
    she iss really amazingggg <3

  • tizzfan

    hey all

    esp. for Ashley fan :

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  • Ashleytisdalexoxoxoxoxox

    cant wait for more updates!
    is the HOTTEST
    love her new
    look so sexy and firece
    …… tizzy……………………..

  • tiffany

    OMG i started flipping Out when i seen the site
    they did a great job
    so happy for ash
    hope the best for her album <33
    from LA

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