Emily Osment & Miley Cyrus Shock Each Other

Emily Osment & Miley Cyrus Shock Each Other

Hannah Montana stars and BFFs Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus act silly behind-the-scenes of their hit show, finding out if they can really shock each other by racking their feet on the carpet.

The duo, both 16, are both equally as “shocked” as Miley racked her Ugg-covered feet on the carpet below. Miley shocked Emily many times!

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Emily Osment & Miley Cyrus – Shock Experiment
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zanessa/jashley/ashnessa @ 12:38 am on 03/02/2009

lol, I love that trick. Looks like their having fun, I love how their so ‘shocked’ about it. I love Emily :D

rii @ 12:42 am on 03/02/2009

lol im pretty sure the main focus of the video was rubbing her feet on the carpet WITH the snuggie (the blue thing miley is holding). the snuggie is kinda known to cause static shock a lot.

Lorraine @ 12:46 am on 03/02/2009

Miley just loooooovvesss showing her stomach doesn’t she? Ugh

fiore @ 12:46 am on 03/02/2009

the part she said “im glad u r single” and speak all about the single things, is she talking about Nick being single or what? i dint get that part

Dee @ 12:47 am on 03/02/2009

hm, i think you can see her belly button ring when her shirt comes up. either way, emily looks great!! and they bought a snuggie?! LOL

Go Wizards! @ 12:50 am on 03/02/2009

They are SOOO funny! :)

Hey you guys, look at Demi Lovato’s Don’t Forget album cover. She copied No Doubt’s Rock Steady CD cover. I’m not kidding. It’s exactly the same

rii @ 1:18 am on 03/02/2009

@#3 Lorraine
dood, you barely see mileys stomach for like 5 secs. plus it only showed to above her belly button. dont be such a prude.

hun98 @ 1:21 am on 03/02/2009

agree with #5. Her shirt just look like it was coming up anyway. geesh, oh run for your lives!! miley showed her belly for a second! scandelous! That used to be the thing for all teens to show their belly. so glad it’s not anymore.

anyways, so cool to see them bonding! Miley is hilarious! :D

andy @ 1:25 am on 03/02/2009

jajajajaa, so crazy, but i loooove Emily, she look amazing!!

shaylyn @ 1:26 am on 03/02/2009

I LOVE MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Davinadarling @ 1:27 am on 03/02/2009

hahahahahaha, this just made my day.

alanah @ 1:38 am on 03/02/2009

awee. their soo funny :)
ive done that many times but i shocked my cat instead of a person.. he meowed and ran. lol.

i didntmean to shock him !!

anyways love ya bothh :)

and to ya’ll who think showing our stomach is a bad thing.. me and my friend walk around our houses with our shirt up like that.. and we wear bikinis to the beach.. taske a chillaxxation pill already !!!


soap @ 1:40 am on 03/02/2009

miley sounds like a man

Ami @ 1:47 am on 03/02/2009


Peyton @ 2:08 am on 03/02/2009

wow big deal shes got her belly button pierced

i got mine done when I was 12 and so did alot of people in my year its no big deal lol

Kristi jo dee @ 2:10 am on 03/02/2009

Hmmm, buy what single? Emily’s? RE Go Wizards comment about Demi copying No Doubt…..Demi also copied Taylor Swift singing with rain pouring on her. Taylor did that in her video of Should’ve said no. Hmmmmmmmm

jenna @ 2:38 am on 03/02/2009

To comment number 16, plenty of artists sing in the rain in their music videos. So Demi didn’t copy it specifically from Taylor. Taylor probably saw another artist do the same thing before her. And I don’t really even know how Demi got brought up from this post. She has nothing to do with Miley, Emily, or them shocking each other.

jenna @ 2:43 am on 03/02/2009

And although the album covers between No Doubt and Demi are somewhat similar, they’re are definitely differences. Plus if you are a hardcore No Doubt fan, how old are you and why are you on JustJaredJr? That album came out in 2002, so you were probably 7 or 8 at the time. You probably just heard the covers looked alike from some gossip blog.

izabella @ 3:59 am on 03/02/2009

LMAO, that’s awesome :D
and they both look gorgeous ♥

#19 @ 4:00 am on 03/02/2009

During Wizards Of Waverly Place second season, the series’ ratings increased tremendously. Lately, it had even managed to outdo Disney Channel’s immensely popular series, Hannah Montana. On February 16, 2009, the episode “Helping Hand” broke the record for the largest audience in the time period in Disney Channel history, with a total of 4.5 million viewers.

Billythekid @ 5:27 am on 03/02/2009

Miley’s voice is definitely on the low side in this video. It’s strange because I just saw her last night on her show and it sounded completely different. Oh well, least she is having some silly fun instead of life being all serious 24/7. And Emily finally got a myspace. Nice. She had said she didn’t care for any of that sort of thing, youtube, myspace etc, but I think she realizes just how much these things can enhance someone’s musical career.

jimmy @ 6:41 am on 03/02/2009

Hahaha love it. Love them both.

Miley, hilly billy girl with rough voice..
Emily, she is sweet and cute in this vid..

nicklovesemily:] @ 9:20 am on 03/02/2009

hahaha love them:)
the new episode was so funny last night haha

TitanicGirl @ 9:36 am on 03/02/2009

Lorraine.u like to think those r ******? dirty mind. i agree with her. the prude thing.

TLT @ 10:13 am on 03/02/2009

hahha, that made me laugh!!

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