The Jonas Brothers are Austin Awesome

The Jonas Brothers are Austin Awesome

As most of you already know, JJJ flew with the Jonas Brothers on Sunday aboard their private jet (powered by Marquis Jet and Net Jets) as they traveled from Austin, TX to Las Vegas, NV.

In Austin, Nick, Kevin and Joe held a 10-minute press conference with local media and then surprised fans at the Galaxy Highland 10 theater. Video below!!!

It was a quick in-and-out before heading back to the airport and jetting off to Vegas. Before we took off, all the boys had Starbucks coffee delivered to the plane. Nick said, “I ordered sugar-free coffee so I don’t have to take insulin. It’s nice.”

During most of the flight at 36,000 feet in the air, all the bros napped in their private quarters because they were so exhausted from the surprise theater invasion. Even Big Rob passed out!

Many more videos and pictures to come, please be patient!!!

The Jonas Brothers – Surprise Theater Invasion – Austin, TX, 03/01

25+ pictures inside of the Austin awesome Jonas Brothers

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  • Nathalee

    first? bwaha

  • Just Jono

    Love what Nicholas was wearing XD

  • http://netlog zanessahasmyheart

    joe looks more cute with is glasses on and nick looks totally hot as usual

  • me

    4th my fav number joe glases r so ccuteeeeee!

    (sry for spelling errors haha)

  • Elise

    stunningly hot as usual, wear the glasses more joe, u look HOT!

  • cc27

    Joe! >3 Wow! :) Love his Glasses :) Makes him look so cute :)

  • sabreen

    they are so gay its not even funny. they swear their all cute then they should tell me y their film flopped and only brought in 12 million. miley brought in 39 million. jonas brothers are so wack

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I highly disagree with you #7 aka “sabreen”. Why does it even matter how much money they made? Thats really stupid that you’re judging them by that. And that you say they’re gay when they’re CLEARLY not thats just their style its unique and theres NOTHING wrong with that. You clearly need something better to do.
    But besides worrying
    about the pathetic haters
    they look AMAZING and as always
    HOTTT! Love em all!

  • Yvonne

    Kevin is so gorgeous and I will NEVER turn my back on him like so many fans have

  • pup

    Look at Joe, being all fly with his spectacles. Not bad. Not bad at all. ;)

  • oops

    they failed misreably..12 million with double the no. of screens compared to mileys and $15 a ticket..come on they are finished..movies like madea and slumdog mill are doing better in their second weeks (recession is not a problem).their fans base which consists of below 8 year old girls decreases as these girl grows to realise how pathetic they are.

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    so the opening weekend did not do as well as expected but i predict overall when it is shown all over the world it will BE A HUGE SUCCESS, personally and $$$$$$$$$……considering the world economically is in dire straits the JB did tremendously well and congtratulations to them…….yvonne i love the way you love kevin and how passionate u r about him im with u i think not enough credit is given to him….joe was at one stage my main squeeze but lost all respect for him since the taylor crap and his new squeeze well lets just say nothing……(shes not my fav topic)….she has certainly changed joe for the worst….personally i think she was the downfall for their failure this weekend, plus the fact she tagged with them as excess baggage to all their campaign trail….KANIELLE 4 EVER!!!! i value nick as an artist and has a bright future ahead of him but lately my respect is for kevin and i have u to thank….u make us see him in a different light….god bless you and will campaign with u….mates 4 eva….REMEMBER FREEDOM OF SPEECH…so dont slam me becuz i give as good as i get…just passionate about life and2/3 JB…lol

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    oops they may have made 12million this weekend but what u need to know and others THE OVERALL PICTURE…..when it has finished showing all over the world then you have the right to say they are FINISHED!!!!!! its only the beginning and sometimes i come across as atotal 21 yr old witch (especially 2 joe) THE JONAS BROTHERS are here to stay 4 a long long long long time……………

  • name

    i love the jonas and miley but i lost respect with the t shirt thing but being that miley is back with them and she wants us to support the boys i definately got more respect because they made up with miley!
    so if miley is back on their side miley fans should shortly star to support them little by little! not everyone knows yet they are in go terms with her again i guess everyone needs to see them hanging out or something as friends! but miley said to support her movie some miley fans already said they are going to the movies this weekend to see the movie am also spreading the word around to miley fans that they are back to being friends and am getting good responses from miley fans to going back to support the boys but a lot off them didnt believe them so they didnt go to the movie! but after miley saying recently that she friends with them well we know miley dont lie like them so little by little the word is spreading around!maybe they should sing come and party with us at the nickelodiang kids choice award with miley duet like before! and sing their song together! just and idea but jonas fans! miley fans are voting for them on the awards so we expect the same from you guys! and yeah i spoken to a lot of fans and a lot of them didnt know that they were friends again!

  • mj

    I’m sorry but 12 million and beat out by Madea which is in it’s second week (last week it made 41 million) it’s a box office and critical flop. Nothing to do with the economy, movies actually made over 60 million this weekend (if you add them together) no one wanted to see them.

  • katiee. (:

    glasses <3

    i love these boys,
    & can’t wait for the 3D movie to be released in the UK.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    awww joe looks soo HOT with the glassed :)
    OMJ i lov these boys, soo much !
    i cant wait 4 the movie 2 be released in th UK. long wait i guess..
    but it’s well worth it.

  • TLT

    yeah that was my thought, about joe :D he looks so cute with glasses

  • maggie

    joe with glassses = HOT HOT HOT

    I’m in love again <3

  • Cals

    the glasses are so hot on JOE! and Nick is AWESOME! and KEVIN is sweet! I’m surprised that no one jumped up and attacked them!

  • Cals


  • Bailey

    I love joe’s glasses. he looks super hot.

  • ella1170

    I don’t understand why the movie only got 12 million in the opening weekend!
    I hope once it’s released worldwide it will make a little more.
    Either way JB RULES!!!!

  • disney

    Joe is hot with glasses. :) me like!

  • ace

    wow!! joe looked so cute with glasses!! i wear glasses too but not too often:-)and nick and kevin looked worth rocking…!! :-D

  • itsme

    Joe looks cute with glasses, Kevin is hawt as usual and Nick is so Nick. Also who cares how much their movie made? It made more money than you will ever see in your LIFE!

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