Miley Cyrus Tee Pees A House!

Miley Cyrus Tee Pees A House!

Miley Cyrus puts on a big smile as she poses with a young fan after performing an acoustic concert during her on-air interview with Ryan Seacrest on Monday morning (March 2) in Burbank, Calif.

The 16-year-old actress and Ryan shared a funny story about Miley and Demi Lovato tee-peeing (toilet-paper-ing) Ryan‘s friend’s home.

Miley shared, “Me and my friend, who’s also on Disney Channel, with dark hair that I’ve been hanging out with a lot lately, [her name] maybe starts with a De and ends with a Mi, we were having a little party at her house. We were really bored because we were watching the life story of the Kardashians, and then we got really bored and watched the life story of Mario Lopez and we’re like, ‘We have got to get lives.’ [Demi] said that her friend lived down the street so we walked to my house and literally got about 15 rolls of toilet paper. We were like, ‘This is not good enough.’ We went and got ketchup, mustard, and from my sweet sixteen party, I still had some sparkly things left over so we had some of those, forks and knifes. The thing was that your friend came to us and said that we were doing a good job!”

Take a listen below to Miley‘s full interview!

Miley Cyrus – On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Part 1, 03/02

Miley Cyrus – On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Part 2, 03/02

Miley Cyrus – On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Part 3, 03/02

Miley Cyrus – On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Part 4, 03/02
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Photos: Sadeo Turner
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  • ella


  • carolyn

    she s singing awfully and i’m normally a fann

  • mrsefron.

    lol. Miley is weird sometimes. but love her show and acting so whatever.

    Love De Mi too! haha couldnt she just say her name?

    lol whateevv like em’ bothh.

  • I_love_Miley

    Miley is so awsome and so talented. love her<333

  • :)

    HA, she wasn’t jogging people. She was WASHING a car !

  • hun98

    Miley is hilarious! and awesome! She seems so cool to hang with! I am super happy they she and demi hang! :) They’re both really talented girls!

  • sarah

    She suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ass live! and recorded.

  • padfootcullenblack

    i wish u had the full interview
    i really wanted to hear the 7 people she wants to perform with and the story of the car wash

  • matilda

    i hope this will shut all the haters about the “jogging” thing!! Miley’s AMAZING and she singed BEAUTIFULLY!! i love the climb and four walls…

  • MILEY fan!

    shes so funny!!! i love her!

  • jo


    I love this girl. She is so freakin hilarious!! She and Demi seem like SO much fun.

  • d

    WOW- The Climb! Amazing!

  • Cals

    Shes a really good singer! … and she can totally study fashion at FIT in New York City! that where I go :D

  • anna

    hahahha she is soo funnnyy !!!
    she was amazingg livee !

  • laura

    i wouldn’t want my little sister hearing that and thinking teepeeing houses is ok!

  • vote selena!

    lmao me and demi oh oops
    i meant me and selena lol.
    miley selena in puerto rico haha
    miley, selena, and demi are
    so cute togetherrr.

  • N’keeyah

    I love Miley. She is so talented. I love her songs four walls and the climb. Go Miley!

  • katie

    lmao, she is amazing. i seriously want to be her friend. oh, and her voice rocked today. <3

  • katie

    oh and hey guys, just a reminder to vote for miley at NOW for

    favorite animated movie (bolt)
    favorite voice from an animated movie (penny-bolt)
    favorite female singer
    favorite tv show (hm)
    favorite female actress (hm)

    you can vote once a day. :)

  • cyn

    isn’t it TPing?

  • ;o

    i like her hat!

  • Victoria

    haha thats awesome!
    i love her and demi so effing much <3
    they are amazing :)

  • tizzfan

    I don’t really like Miley as a person but somehow I love all of her songs….. I can’t get tired of it…….. why oh why…..

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Haha thats
    funny I love
    Miley & Demi
    sooo glad they’re

  • Megan

    she amazing!!! i love miley! and see, she wasnt only jogging, she was washing cars! see you dont know everything about her life, so ppl have to stop judging her so quick! haha lol noah is the devil! lol they r typicial sisters…<3

  • andrea


  • ammmmmze

    Awww. Love her. Hilarious. =]

  • Cassidy

    Ok, who said she sung awful are obviously deaf! Are you crazy?! She fine! Who agrees?!

  • Cassidy

    *She sung fine*

  • shane



  • jess

    i don’t like her but the story about demi and her was funny…and how she didnt wanted to get demi in trouble she said selena bahahaha

  • 251458


  • karina

    wow she sounded amazing and glad that people now know that she wasn’t just jogging. I would love to meet her, she seems like she a cool person to hang around with.

  • miranda

    she is amazing. end of story.

  • Jaime

    Miley is awesome :) How great is that!

  • yo


  • Melissa

    she’s awesome and hilarious and sang beautifully. I wish they didn’t cut off some of it, I want to hear the rest of the car washing story! hahaa but I love her and her music!

  • lalaine

    i think all the singers in disney are kinda ok [vanessa, miley and selena] but people from the editing department edit their voice too much that sometimes they sound like chip and dale..

    and comment related to this thing sis that i don’t like her in that pic…she looked shock and plastic

  • MTV

    WoW… how she would rather get Selena in trouble than Demi shows that there’s still some beef between her and Selena. what a drama queen

  • pshhitsh

    damn everyone always has to give her crap they never know the full story why cant they just let her be
    i love this girl she reminds me of my friends and i hahah tee pee-ing houses its great

  • Billythekid

    Well that was interesting even if it wasn’t the entire interview as JJJ suggested. Missing several minutes of it. Anyhow, I guess that kinda explains why Miley was bouncing around the neighborhood the other day somewhat underdressed for the occasion. And I am assuming that the car wash was going on inside the gates or those paps would have been snapping away with Miley getting wet in a bathing suit washing a car.

    But Miley could certainly use a good publicist to teach her what not to say in public. Calling the Obama girls short wasn’t necessary and will be taken the wrong way, and dumping on the state of Louisiana won’t sit well in that state, I am sure. It’s these little slips of the tongue that keep the tails of the online media wagging. Jason Earles was correct when he mentioned that she pretty much speaks whatever is on her mind. No doubt about that.

  • katie(:

    i love how she has a personality!

  • 251458

    vote miley

  • lilix

    she looks constipated when she smiles! LMFAO!

  • Francisco

    I love she , she is perfect … She is Miley ! (L

    So hilarious

  • sb


  • jimmy

    Awesome! I have been waiting for this like forever. Miley interview with Ryan always been amusing. Kinda feel like my love for Miley is replenished and all my hatred for the ‘jogging’ incident is gone (sorry Miley).
    Yeah love the songs… Miley voice really suit the country style..

  • name

    miley is super funny haha! everyone seems to have a good time with her! love her interveiw they are so much fun!

  • Emma

    Miley :D <3 i wanted to her the rest of the car washing story :P

  • joecool

    She sounds great! Miley is also on the country charts you can help
    her video by going to CMT TOP 20 and voting for THE CLIMB!!


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