Nick Jonas Makes His Blackberry Float

Nick Jonas Makes His Blackberry Float

Nick Jonas has got the magic touch!!!

The 16-year-old made his Blackberry float in mid-air aboard a private jet as the Jonas Brothers continues their Surprise Theater Invasion on Sunday (March 1) powered by Marquis Jets and NetJets.

Other pictures include the JoBros arriving in Vegas, Joe meeting fans at the theater and Kevin resting up in one of the nine arm chars on the plane.

The Jonas pimped-out jet also had 3 bathrooms (with showers!!!), 3 TVs and 2 big “L” couches that pulled out into beds. It was amaaaaazing!

The Jonas Brothers blogged on JJJ yesterday. Check out what they wrote! 10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Rob Hoffman/Jonas Enterprises
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  • me

    love u nick!

  • TiTanicGirl

    awesome news!
    JJJR just send a reply to me*cuz I contacted them* bout Ashley’s new photo shoot! Here it is.
    Thank you for the tip. We’re waiting on some news from Warner Bros before we publish anything
    Ok. Later!:D

    nick- he’s tired.

  • gina

    We love you guys!!

  • me

    oh yeah!!!
    i love the jo brossssssssssssssssssssssss!
    nick looks hot and how the heck did he do that???

  • gina

    I love you Nick!! <3

  • lesha

    wow. thats crazy.

    ps. he looks extremely hott while doing so. ; )

  • me

    also joes glasses r so cute :)

  • vulgarity

    dayummmmmm look at nick work that blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lol i love you nick joe and kevin.<3

  • sophia

    rofl. that’s awesome. xD

  • Lacey

    nick has mad skills <3

  • Annette

    ah nick is gorgeous!<3

  • mariana a. jonas

    omj they all look so hot! especially joe with
    his glasses!! i looove them. they all inspire
    all of their fans! I LOOOVE YOU JOE,
    lets make this sentence better , I LOOVE
    ALL OF THE JOBROS ! (including Frankie,
    Mama J. + Papa J.)

    mariana jonas

  • maggie

    how did he do that????

  • jane

    wowwwiieee!!! just look at him!!!!!!

  • tori

    AHHHHH i love them
    nick’s amazing
    joe is adorable with his glasses
    and kevin is the best ever

  • chelsea

    i love when joe wears his glasses. he looks 10x hotter.

  • jb 4ever!!!

    I am from Greece and I love JonAs BroThERs!!!!!!<3<3

  • amanda

    i’m sorry there movie wasn’t 1st at the bow office…:(( i live in europe so i can see it until may… and poor guys look exhausted!!! i hope r getting some rest after all that promotional duties… they r awesome and i can’t stop listening they new song love it’s on it’s way cuz it ‘s really an amazing song!!!

  • e

    can i just say, that i love nick ughh i want to meet him

  • Yvonne

    I dont knoe how anyone can call Kevin ugly after looking at that pic of him in the chair and him getting off the plane in the daytime. He is hot

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    i still find it hilarous, they go on about saving the enviroment, then use private jets, bunch of talentless hypocrites.

  • Rosa

    wow .. so many posts about JB =)

    hey Jared ..
    got an idea 4 ya ..
    open another site for JB only ..
    and u’ll have a site called JJJJ ..
    “Just Jared Junior Jonas” ..

    jk ;p

    keep on rockin guys ^_^

  • nick (L) alica forever

    I LOVE YOU NICK YOU LOOK SO CUTE . Also how did you make the cellphone float?>??

  • cc27

    Joe and his glasses :) Dorky and Nerdy = Hottie! xD hehe.
    JB has Powers :O lol

  • Zackoid

    Thanks JJJ For covering the Crazy JB Weekend!

    OMG! Ya need to let Joe know that he’s got to wear Glasses More OFTEN!!! He’s Looking HAWWWT! :D

    (Also, twas nice to meet ya in Vegas!) Awesomeness!

  • Zanessalover4ever

    cool wuz him ttyl

  • carolineee

    Umm… Nick looks cute, like always but he could use a little exercise… it’s like plain bones and no musceles… Get ur gym pass and then u’ll be probably the hottest guy on Earth <333333
    i know probably a bunch of wild teen JB fans are gonna kill me for saying this, but hey, Nick, u do look like u were 14.


  • Mrs.NickJonas

    OMJ how did Nick do that?! That’s so awesome!! :D
    I think I’ll try that with my blackberry now. lol
    *drops blackberry* oops 0.o “DAD!”

  • Joejonas girl

    OMJ! How Does He Do That? Make It Float? What? VERY VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Lu

    why’s it floating in mid-air??

    lol he’s so cute! x

  • nicklovesemily:]

    thanks for the postings jared:)

  • randa


  • cyn

    I have the same phone! <33

  • Jerseygirl

    Joe is one hot goober in those glasses! PLEASE keep wearing them!

  • Melissa

    omg how did he do that??? haha he looks too cute while he’s creating magic though!

    and anyone know if they’re doing the movie tour for this entire week, or is it ending today?

  • evie

    nick is so cute! :D

  • Cals

    wow he can come to my birthday party and do magic tricks… but only if Joe wears his glasses!! :D

  • JennyJONAS

    man jared im really jealous and happy for you because your meeting the jonas brothers and talking to them

    JOE LOOKS HOT IN GLASSES he should wear them more often

  • mrsefron.

    KEVIN IS SEXIEST MANNN. <33haters.



  • Meepzy


    Oh wait, photoshop duh.

  • Angelica

    nick is sexaayy!!

  • Denise

    wow um….how did he do that?
    who knows! haha
    we have the same phone!

  • yessir.

    seriously, i never noticed the phone floating,
    i was too caught up on how hot this picture makes him look.
    and im a joe girl, so thats saying something.

    and joe in glasses is so adoreable!

  • ella1170

    I wanna know how he does that!!!!!!
    He looks tired yet hot while doing it.
    Joe looks soooooo cute in his glasses!!!!
    And Kevin, wat can I not say about him? XP

  • Sarah


    r u going to post the videos u took also??

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Haha at first I
    thougt they were in space.
    And yes Jared Nick does have the
    magic touch… on my heart that is!
    NICK J

  • love

    what kind of blackberry is that?

  • nikka

    oh ya they ALL look amazing and fit!

  • Lipi

    How did he do that??

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    i always knew nick was a sheer genius…a magician as well to his resume…is there anything he cant do….god bless him and kevin and their talent………OK JOE keep the glasses on and i might reconsider….

>>>>>>> staging1