Selena Gomez: I'm So Out Of Shape!

Selena Gomez: I'm So Out Of Shape!

Selena Gomez is currently filming the Wizards of Waverly Place movie in Puerto Rico and popped in on her MySpace to update all her fans. Check out what the 16-year-old actress had to say:

“Hey guys, I am sitting in our green room right now with my little brother Jake [T. Austin] in Puerto Rico shooting Wizards. I wanted to tell you guys that we are so excited to be here shooting our first movie together. I have to say, I can’t wait for you guys to see it! The cast and I are getting wonderful opportunities to meet our fans here in PR and they are so incredible! Not only are we grateful for ALL of you but being able to travel as a cast meeting our fans in other places is amazing!

“I have not stop listening to Hellogoodbye and Sarah McLachlan while I’ve been here and I love going to all the cool shops out here. I picked up a couple of gifts for Demi [Lovato], my cousin Brandon and my friend Jonathan. The other weekend we went to the rainforest for 5 hours and had sooo much fun AND realized how out of shape I was! I’ll be putting up pics soon and a new video I’ve been working on that I’m really excited for you to see. I want to show you guys PR, if you don’t already live here.

“I also have been editing videos like crazy. I think I should stop because that’s all I do now! Just wanted to check in and see how all of you were! Hope you’re doing well! I love you guys so much! Sel.”

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  • shaky

    w0wsz no shes not shes so skinny !!

    if shes outta shape den im hudge XD

  • shaky

    ohh yeha i was furst =P

  • Katy

    you dont have to be big to be out of shape.
    infact there are alot of heavy people who are in better shape then people selenas size.
    im just sayin hahha
    oh the things we learn in health class…

  • nicklovesemily:]

    i love selena:)
    cant wait for that movie!

  • N’keeyah

    Selena is so pretty. I can’t wait to see this movie and for her album.

  • ♪ Music is my life ♫

    Ahh! Wut is she talking about, she’s so skinny!!!

  • hun98

    Yeah, you can still be skinny and out of shape.. sluggish, stiff, etc.

    Selena seems cool, but just a wee bit overrated. Miley and Demi are way more awesome!!!

  • sarah

    It doesn’t matter if your skinny, you can still be out of shape.

  • mrsefron.

    You can be skinny and be out of shape. and you can be big boned and in shape, depends on the bodies strenghth, not size.

    anywayss- love selenaa<3

  • Maria

    aww lovee her =)


  • angel

    She’s adorable. I love her, sfm. Can’t wait for the movie and her album! She’s my saving grace for the Disney Channel.

  • vote selena!

    lmao so me and demi oh oops
    me and selena

  • Becky

    Okay people, being out of shape doesnt necessarily mean that you are overweight, or that you arent skinny. people as skinny as selena can be out of shape. Maybe while they were spending those 5 hours in the rainforest Selena got tired of walking or something, and so shes saying shes “out of shape” because she got tired so fast. (I’m not saying thats what actually happened, thats just an example.) lol anyways i hope you guys get what im trying to say :)

  • buttoms up

    ha ha thats because since she reads oceanUP
    and people were bashing about her on ther new puerto rico
    picture that she is pregnant :)

  • jav

    k, i kinda look abt the sme size as her, but still- i’m kinda underweight- not by alot thgh!! lol :)

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Her face may
    be funky lookin
    but she does have
    a good body.
    But you never know
    maybe she is kind of
    pudgy or something.

  • andrea

    she is super skinny :s
    thats a sickness and its called anorexia . hahah

  • Amanda

    Andrea, how freaking ignorant of you to say that! I hate that people assume that anyone that is thin is anorexic or has some kind of food issues. Some people just have naturally fast metabolism. Think before you speak next time because that made you sound like an idiot.

  • yashi

    ohh for god sakes why people think that a person is thin the person is anorexic??

    she isnt super skinnny she looks fine and im glad she is enjoying her time inPR and in El Yunque our rainforest

  • jenna

    i love her :)

  • Bailey

    This is kind of a bad picture of her.
    she’s not fat, it’s just a bad picture.

    I haven’t been hearing about her in a while.
    but yeah, i know she’s in purto rico.
    but it’s like she broke up with Nick (tear)
    and then bam! She’s gone for several months.

  • lalaine

    out of shape does not only mean not skinny…

    it has alot more reasons like she easily gets tired and so on…

  • MTV

    That’s cause Just Jared Jr. is being lame and posted SOOOO many articles on Ashey Tisdale and Demi Lovato instead of Selena. GET MORE SELENA ARTICLES!!!!!

  • TiTanicGirl

    MTV, u do know this is for every celeb update right? besides, if there’s nothing bout Selena then there’s no need to do anything. it depends on the updates we get.

  • Summer

    she’s slim and gorgeous but can definitely be out of shape. i mean my friend’s got a gorgeous body but that’s cuz she’s built that way and absolutely does NOT exercise. i’m not skinny but i’m not fat, i’m athletically built, and when we run the mile i can run it in like 9 min jogging and she can’t even barely keep up. so yeah there’s a difference between being skinny and being fit. BIG.DIFFERENCE.

  • kristan

    yet she stays so freaking skinny.
    would you rather be in shape and not thin or in shape and have a fuller body type?

    clearly, selena has made her choice.

  • marymarie

    out of shape is she crazy, she’s skinny.

    but maybe by out of shape she meant that she doesn’t get enough exercise?? maybe? or that she just gets really tired easily while in walking through the forest. who knows.

    but one thing i know for sure is that she has a normal body…well right now she’s gotten skinnier than usual so yea.

    i guess she just need to balance out her food and exercise.

    we don’t want an anorexic as a role model for the younger kids.

  • dickspitz

    Selena got tired because her legs and glutes need more muscle tone. I would have you squatting your ass hole on my prick, getting your buttocks a good, sweaty workout! Just bounce your bunghole on my c*ck in various positions for a couple thousand reps a day and your legs will strengthen while also putting meat on(and in) your skinny ‘lil ass! A good old sweaty anal sex workout Selena. It’s just what you need!

  • selena gf

    you are so pretty and so not out of shape i love you

  • janae hooker

    Hey selena gomez you area really great person and a cool person to watch on telivision, I have a sugestion to make though my friends and cousons really love your tips and clothing style so if you could share that with your fans that would be really awesome and cool. Keep doing whatyou do because we are defintallly here for you big time!-janae-

  • janae hooker

    @janae hooker: selena always feel good about yourself andnever lose hope of that. Your are a slim teen and if you want to add mucle you can but I can give you tips on how to stay exstremly fit because my mom is a cna and goes to heath school.
    1.Did you know that if you eat fastfood too often you could get worms such as ,parasites,tape worms, roundworms,and more. these worms can eat your food that you digest and if you dont get rid of them this could be a huge issue.
    2.Things that say diet, low fat, low carbs are even worse they add extra sugar to make you crave those things.
    3.Dont eat any thing after six pm.drink pure water only unpurified waters cantain germs and worms that are dealdly.
    4. If you go to any fast food resteraunts if its allowed ask the watraises if you can watch your food be prepared and it can also be a fun exsperience for you.
    5.If you travel to a forien country bring your own food and water because some of the water they use can make you very sick and the wash the veggies too and that could make you sick.
    6.go to your own excersise class for 25 to 30 min total to get the fit ness you want and possibly need.
    7.Things that have Msgs{Monosodium Glutamate} or lots of false seosongs turn away fromitlowers your life span.
    8. Organic and Natural are two diffrent things when it comes to foods and drinks, Organic means pure, natural means half pure but not fulley.

  • Nikki

    Yeah, I’m underweight lol

  • Ashleigh

    Skinny does not mean healthy. I mean obviously some skinny people are, but not all. I am naturally big boned, but I have really good running endurance and stamina, and barely sweat at all even if I run 3 miles or so. i have a really efficant body. I am 108 pounds which is because I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. I’m not saying because I want to brag or anything, I’m just using it as an example. Selena is probably just skinny because of good genetics or a really fast metabolism (I wish I did!!!!!!)