Tiger Beat Goes 3D -- FIRST LOOK!

Tiger Beat Goes 3D -- FIRST LOOK!

In honor of the Jonas Brothers new flick, Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience, Tiger Beat mag is going 3-D!

In their April 2009 issue, you’ll find a pair of 3D glasses so you can go see the flick and peep the cool posters inside!

Check out some of the issues hottest stories:
Demi Lovato‘s style secrets
Taylor Swift‘s obsession
David Henrie‘s Italian holiday
Nolan Gerard Funk‘s secret crush
Nicole Anderson and Chelsea Staub talk JONAS

Peep some of the cool 3D posters inside and be sure to pick up a copy of Tiger Beat TOMORROW!

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  • a

    i dont get it
    why doesnt 3D work
    like i tried to watch the hannah montana 3d concert thing after i got home from the jonas bro s movie
    but it didnt workkj
    and these dont work either!

  • a

    oh and first!

  • jeremy


  • ;o

    my friend has this!

  • ilovezanessaxo

    ^ you need the glasses hon..are you stupid?

  • W

    I used my 3D glasses that I got from the JB 3D movie
    and these posters don’t seem 3D. Unless it’s a diff
    pair of glasses they give you in the magazine.

  • katelyn

    no offense…but why would someone want to put up a 3d poster?
    i don’t understand, then every time you look at them you’ll have to put on glasses? so then without the glasses…it would look stupid. well cool.

  • laur

    i want the poster of zaccc efroonn

  • KK

    that’s amazing!
    brenda, demi and jonas = love love love!!!

    # 6
    same here!
    and i agree!
    the pic doesn’t have that 3D effect like from the movie =/
    yea, maybe a different type of glasses for the mag, would explain it :S
    but that would be stupid- cuz your wasting perfectly good glasses from the movie and not using it for something else..like..ummm.. their picture!!

    # 7
    who wouldn’t want a 3D poster?
    the movies are always awesome..so why not a picture? ;)
    well..if you saved your 3d glasses, then you can re use them for something else- like this picture :D
    it’s not that hard..

  • mel

    This is a DIFFERENT kind of 3D effect than the JB movie in theaters right now!!!

    The movie theater uses two cameras projected at two different angles and polarizing filters in the 3D glasses to create the 3D effect. This magazine, like the Hannah Montana Concert that aired on TV, uses two different colors and color filter glasses because it obviously can’t shine two projectors down on the TV or Magazine page. =P

    I don’t know; I learned about it in physics last year! HAHA!! It has something to do with what happens to light when its reflected off a flat surface . . . I’m a nerd because I still remember that

    **IN OTHER WORDS : You need the RED AND BLUE 3D glasses, like the ones that you used for the TV version of the Hannah Montana Concert, to see these pictures in 3D.
    I can see them and they are pretty cool! =D

    It says they give you a pair of 3D glasses, so don’t worry about it. =)

  • ella1170

    I used the red and blue 3D glasses and the posters are awesome!!!!

  • Lauren

    that’s actually a really cute idea. i just tried them with the red/blue 3d glasses from the hannah montana dvd and they sorta work! very cool idea tiger beat. kudos. 8)

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    YAY! a Jonas 3D poster
    I’m sooo getting this

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    I agree

  • alecks

    I snagged this from the store about a week ago. It isn’t really worth the money.. the posters are not that amazing.

  • JEMILOver

    i have this
    it does work!!!!!! :D


    DUDE YOU CAN BARELY SEE MILEY hahahahaha sad! i almost lost it i thought she wasnt on the cover! but i saw selena and tay right off the bat!!! yay!!! selena+miley+demi+taylor=love jonas brothers= BLAH

  • B


  • maria

    i got the magazine and the 3d glasses work
    its really coool!
    goo gett it=]

  • lizzie

    brenda rox, i love the pic… so cute

  • jasmine

    #7, dude ! i knoww rightt ?

    it’s the stupidest idea ever !
    i got dizzy just reading the thing .

  • http://tigerbeat yulie claros

    i have the 3D magazine and is the best people that dont have it buy it!!!!!!

  • Jaewon

    OMG COOL! :> I used my Hannah Montana BOBW Concert 3D and it worked :] its so dang awesome! :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvkh29RKFRY sweet girl

    look…mily is the beast in the all this world

  • http://americccaonline PUMKIN

    these people that says the glasses do not work are CRAZY THEY WORK JUST FINE I COULD BARLEY SEE MILEY LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE HOT BURNIN-UP DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CaoimheJonas

    OMG that is soo cool. im not sure if id want one but that is amazing!!
    well i would want one cause if something has the jonas brothers on them i have to have it and if it makes it look like there in my room then even better. just wish if u could get it in the UK :(

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