Zac Efron is a Minivan Man

Zac Efron is a Minivan Man

Zac Efron tries to lay low by riding a blue Toyota minivan in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (March 1).

The 21-year-old actor is gearing up to premiere his new flick, 17 Again, on Wednesday, March 11th in Sydney, Australia.

Zac and BFF co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale all signed hardhats to benefit Habitat for Humanity. You can check out all three auctions at Clothes Off Our Back.

Check out Zac driving a minivan below…

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zac efron toyota minivan 01
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zac efron toyota minivan 03
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zac efron toyota minivan 05

Credit: Greenworld Pictures, Monterotti; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • zanessa forever

    He’s amzing

  • Alex

    cute <3

  • zacfan

    wow he´s sooooo cute

  • THeresa

    Vanessa is not his BFF Jill and she and Ashley are not the same to him. Do the girls at FF know the crap you post with your Ashley icons.

    Maybe it’s time for me to register.

  • TitanicGirl

    not cute…he’s messy sexy.<3

  • maria

    Wonder if his mom is in town visiting!!


    Aww the card matches his T-shirt <33

  • alice

    vanessa is her gf not her “bff” like ash , ash is his bff , v is his girlfriend!

  • omg*

    vanessa is his girlfriend!!!! or idk ppl say that they are engaged? whatever.–hope so!

  • tizzylove

    so what if it said bff vanessa hudgens does it really make a big deal?
    gosh stop making zanessa a big deal if u know and everyone else knows that they r dating then whats wrong with J posting as BFF??
    huh see theres no point to go screaming about it!!
    for crying out loud stop worshiping zanessa its not ur god geeshh people get a life!!

  • Vanfan

    wtf? I do not like him at all…idk why.When Vanessa breaks up with him then I ‘ll be happy : D

  • nicklovesemily:]

    ahahahaha awww how cuteee:)
    and modest.

  • suzy
  • sheila

    you guys obviously don’t see when a post is written a particular way just to get your juices flowing. some of you take the bait so easily.

  • tabia

    jared said zac and bff co-stars he is saying that vanessa and ashley are bff not zac and vanessa

  • Kaio

    vanessa BFF ?
    she’s a girlfriend !

  • Kaio

    vanessa BFF ?
    she’s a his girlfriend !

  • eol

    laying low? if he’s laying low he’d have the window up not down.

  • Ann

    This post is about Zac, who looks great, Why all the garbage about the others who are not in this picture.

    He is a boy unto himself. Unfortunately , he will never be a man with that thang hanging around his neck.

  • Zanessalover4ever

    he is hot
    love zanessa i think jared ment ash and vanessa as bffs

  • zanessa forever

    Tabia you’re right!

  • THeresa


    The woman he is with (Vanessa) is there because he wants her there and BTW that does make him a man, screwing everything is sight makes you an insecure fool. Now we know how disfunctional your relationships are.

  • Athenais

    Zac said Vanessa is also his BBF …

    On the picture I find that Zac is angry … and how many have cars ?

  • TitanicGirl

    fyi, a girlfriend is a girl ur in a relationship. not only as a gf but also as a lover and a best friend for u to talk to. being only a girlfriend is no fun.

  • Sina

    hahahah hottie with the van.. :D

  • BabyVFan

    Hey guys! I contacted JJJR bout Ashley’s new shoot and this is what he replies.:)
    Thank you for the tip. We’re waiting on some news from Warner Bros before we publish anything.
    Ok, thats a reply for u guys.:) Looks like we have to be patient. ;)

  • jane

    oh god… please jared, post the cosmopolitan cover with ashley in it..!! its long overdue!!

  • Lilly

    he is so practicing being a soccer dad! Bless him, he looks good!

  • iloveuzac

    heyyy!!! he’s way too hot mann.. I LOVE YOUUU !! i know, im dreaming too muchh..i wont b able to see him in my entire lyf i think..sad hunh!!well, i wont lose my hopes! :D

    Mwahh xoxo

  • vancrazed

    Ann how sad that you think that. It would be really unfortunate to be a fan of a star yet hate who they are with. It shows that you think very low of your own fan. Zac adores Vanessa. Has been through so much with her, and a very intelligent guy. i think if he honestly felt she was ruining him or a waste of his time, he would dash. He obviously doesnt, and unfortunately for you, I don’t think these two are going anywhere anytime soon. They are going to be around for a while. Maybe if you hate her so much, you should begin to question your loyalty to Zac as his fan.

  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    Zac looks great.

  • zanessa4-life

    he looks so sexy with his beanie :)
    love him!

  • Poppy

    your girlfriend should always be a best friend. Zac has said on many ocassions that V is his bff. His other bff I would say is Bubba. See those pics of him and V at Bubba’s bday last week, super cute.

    I would hazard a guess and say he is moving stuff around. A mini-van is a family car..

  • zane

    ATTENTION !!!!!

    let’s vote for VANESSA and HSM3 in KCA everyday starting today!

    show our love and support for Vanessa!!!!!!!!

  • BabyVFan

    Once again. This is a reply from JJJR bout Ashley’s new photoshoot.:)
    Thank you for the tip. We’re waiting on some news from Warner Bros before we publish anything.
    I hope this will make u guys happier. Just ask JJJR by contacting them.

  • TiTanicGirl

    nah, not really. He looked better with his cool baseball cap.:P

  • Karen

    I wondered how long it would take before someone found fault with the BFF reference and it only took to the fourth poster to get it started! That goes to show how many of you truly understand adult relationships. Trust me, if all you have going for you in a relationship is the hots then you won’t last very long. There are days the hots just isn’t going to get you through it. The hots can die out at times due to other pressures and just various things that I won’t bother with now. However, if that person who you can have the excitement with also is someone you can act goofy with and who just makes you feel relaxed or comfortable that it something that will work on ANY day. I have been married a very long time and when I went to NYC for the first for the first time and stood in Time Square it was my husband, lover, and BEST FRIEND who’s hand I was holding—lucky for me it was the SAME person! LOL And there was nobody who I would rather have been with when that happened. Trust me to have a marriage or a relationship that will last for a quarter of a century you MUST have friendship and I certainly hope after all that time that you will consider that person your best friend.

    However on here I think the article is meant to say how ALL 3 of them are the best of friends since they are like family and know and trust each other so much. Let’s not make something out of it.



  • Nash

    Wow,all this commotion just because Jared referred to vanessa as a BFF,shows how many of you don’t know what a real relationship is.Even before they started dating zac and vanessa were always friends,then they became best friends,and they were lucky enough to find love along the way.It’s always important that your partner is also your best friend,someone you can pour your heart out to,someone whos there to listen to you when they need you and I can see that with zac and vanessa.Now I don’t wanna be hypocritical and say that I completly understand what a real relationship means since I’ve never really had a real relationship with someoneBut when I see a realtionship that is like zac and vanessa’s,I just take it as an example and tell myself that if one day when I find that special someone that’s how I’m supposed to be,because what’s the point of being with someone you can’t trust with your secrets and open your heart to.

  • peggy

    My husband is my best friend some days, my lover other days, my partner, co-parent etc. and on some days he is all of the above all together.

    Anyway I think she meant that Vanessa and Ashley were best friends and you would have to be on another planet not to know Van and Zac are a couple.

  • oth ! (L) (:

    haha dont freak out just because jared wrote bff ! xD and btw, its normal to be bestfriend with ur boyfriend too ;P

  • zanessa4everr

    hhaha awww he’s so cute!

  • jo

    WOW…I didn’t even notice..Just for you to see how important it is…
    C’mon people give me a break…

    Anyway..Zac looks hot as allways..

    P.S. I already voted for hsm3 and our gourgess Vanessa…Keep voting people…

    Peace and Love

  • gina

    vanessa is his girlfriend!!!!

  • maddy_loves_zanessa

    woo australia first!!!! does any one know if V is going? she did go to the hairspray one is Australia! BTW melbourne premier is on the 16th!

  • nikki

    OMMMGG HE IS SSOOO HOT<33!! wow! he getts hotter and hotter every day!!! i LOVE HIM! i love zac efron!!

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Aw, Australia is SO lucky !!! 17 Again comes out on April 17 here in Canada..and I think the U.S too..

    ..Hm, he looks yummy :D I love his beanie hat. I wonder what happened to HIS car ?

  • zaclover

    I VOTED FOR HSM3 AND VANESSA!! i cant wait to see zacchary efron their! HE IS THE BEST EVER!!

  • pop86

    Some of you people are so pathetic. Getting upset over titles. As stated earlier, your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife can also be your best friend. One title does not exclude the other.

    Zac had said interviews that Vanessa was his BFF( we know she is also his girlfriend).

    P.S.: You can also have more than one BFF.

    P,S.S: Only Zac can make a minivan hot.

  • popsicles

    only the amazing ZAC EFRON can make a minivan hoottttttt!!<33 hahaaha!! i love zachary david alexander efron sssooo much!!! he is the most favorite person in my life right now! he is more important than my family to tell the truth!!!