Jesse McCartney - 'How Do You Sleep?' Music Video!

Jesse McCartney - 'How Do You Sleep?' Music Video!

Jesse McCartney sits on top of an old-school car in his brand-new video, “How Do You Sleep?” that premiered on MySpace Celebrity on Tuesday morning (March 3).

The 21-year-old musician teamed up with rapper Ludacris for the remix of his hit song. Jesse shared with MTV about the video, saying, “We’re moving through the desert at high speeds, like 80, 90 mph. I’ll be jumping in and out of cars. I’m jumping in and out of cars, talking to different girls. Fast cars, fast women.”

Depature: Recharged is in stores on Tuesday, April 7th. Check out the vid below!

Jesse McCartney feat. Ludacris – “How Do You Sleep?” Music Video
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  • Lottelise

    Hope he can come to Norway soon.

  • cc27

    ‘o’ this video is weird lol :) But Jesse looking cute xD

  • AJ

    He can jump in my car anytime! :P

  • Shannon

    yay that’s my fav song from the album and Luda how did jesse pull that!

  • Mandy

    love the song but it doesn’t really go with the video. i mean, hes hopping around from car to car, girl to girl and he’s singing about missing his girlfriend?

  • NoNi

    Love it

  • Danii

    owwwww love him seeexy tnx j

  • biggest fan of Vanessa hudgens

    love it.
    its so good.

  • carolineee

    haha, what does he mean by ‘fast woman’??

  • camz

    yay JMAC!!! haha =]

  • N’keeyah D.

    Sexy Jesse! He is so fine. I need to go breathe.

  • Angelica

    jmac lookin good, too bad hes a man ho, lol

    didn’t like the video..

  • Shafira

    0:11, isn’t that katy perry?! lol

  • Michelle

    Is it just me or are his music videos getting more stupid?

  • kmiila

    Jesse is the best OK!
    nd his videos are better old the time

  • yaya

    i love this song the video dont look bad either. jesse is looking good as well as ludacris. and who is that a picture of in the beginning of the video??

  • louise

    He can jump in my car anytime!

  • Naomi

    This is really weird but jesse mcartney reminds me of leonardo decaprio

  • camilita

    in my car, too
    he is sO hOt!!!

  • Sarah

    ahh so sexy! i want him so bad!
    that is a sexy car too, what is it? mustang? what year?

  • Ann

    He is really hot stuff

  • Megan

    Oh perfect. another video showing how many hot girls still want him even though 99% of his FANS don’t.
    I miss the old Jesse that sang about girls with beautiful SOULS not butts. But I guess he’s just trying to have an older fan base. But the truth is older fans would still think he’s a ‘pretty boy’
    I’m really disappointed in him. I use to really love and look up to him, now he’s just like every other hollywood playboy.

  • Noelle

    So cute :)
    I love how he can just you know “hop” out of his car and visit the other car… then he just “hops” back in his car.


    i love this video and him. he’s so cute :)

  • marco

    This video is pretty funny haha. Good song.

  • any

    kinda sound like justin timberlake

  • Mario

    anybody know where can i get his glasses, and what mustangs were those ???

  • zanessa/jashley/ashnessa

    Wow..he looks SO hot in the video.

    ..Love the song..but don’t love the music video…yeah, it doesn’t go with the song..but him jumping in and out of cars looks

  • Brittney

    I love the car!!!! What is it??

  • Hazal

    @MEGAN : I agree. ..he used be ..truly ..honest and cute :) not like a guy who is just focused on s*x ..I mean..since he broke with really changed.
    and NO no bashing katie because you girls are jealous that she was and is the love of his life.

    end off.

  • Sheena

    was the girl on top of the car he was singing to last HAYLEY DUFF???

  • Megan

    Hazal: That’s how I feel. He use to seem wholesome but now you know the only thing on his mind cause that’s all his songs are about.

  • anja

    does anybody know what made and year the car is jesse drives in the video?


    This music video is awesome, you’re really great pop star Jess, by the way i love ur shoes in this video

  • erikaiscool43219

    I love this music video.I think it’s cool.I bet Jesse McCartney should jump in my car and if he does,I would become his fan! I like him.He’s cute.Please let him jump in my car.Just kidding about the jumping car thing.I wonder how the cars drive all by themselves when he and his girlfriend are hanging out.This video is not that funny,but I think Jesse McCartney is still cute.If I was his girlfriend,we could hang out in our cars.Jesse McCartney has a great voice for talking and singing.

  • erikaiscool43219

    I like this music video.Jesse McCartney is so cute that he can jump in my car.

  • fareazy

    who is the girl under him?
    the girl wif white singlet…

  • beatizzllee

    i don’t get this…
    he misses his girlfriend a lot; but then he drives in his car and meet girls in the video and thats weirdd..
    but i agree with mandy

  • loopy lou

    hes sooooooooo hottttttttttt and sexy i like the video as well

  • http://google superjessefanever

    he can hope in my car any time he is so hot ;]

  • Blueberry

    which kind of car drive Jessy in video ? (:

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