JoBros Bring 'Love Bug' To Leukimia Patient

JoBros Bring 'Love Bug' To Leukimia Patient

The Jonas Brothers took time out of their surprise theater invasion this past Sunday (March 1) to bring a bit of joy and “Love Bug” to one very special fan, Jayla Cooper, in Grapevine, Texas.

Nick, Kevin and Joe surprised 9-year-old Jayla, who is battling an aggressive form of leukemia.

Jayla gasped and then later received a hug from her favorite musicians after they sang an a capella version of her fave song, “Love Bug.”

The Jonas Brothers Bring “Love Bug” to Leukemia patient,
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  • allyt

    this just shows how sweet the boys are and how much they care for their fans… this is such a sweet story

  • Robynhollywood

    Oh my gosh im gonna cry, they are so sweet for doing that! I agree with Allyt, they are such great guys! ILY JB, and im praying for you Jayla!

    I played a girl with Leukemia in a production and i saw how hard it can be while looking up stories to use for my acting! I hope you get better fast!

  • :)

    Omg, thats soo sad :/, but the boys were sweet for doing that

  • sweetbutterflies

    That almost made me cry. That was so sad for the little girl, but the wedding was so sweet. And so sweet of JB to do that just for her…

  • uiui

    WOW i don’t know how joe didn’t just start sobbing in the middle of it, i know i was.

  • Emily

    man…. i cried when i watched that! when she was on the couch, and they were singing to her. what a sweet girl.

  • Annette

    that is so sweet!

  • jilli

    Omg that’s soooo sad.

  • Crazyfor JB

    OMG!! i almost cry… it was so sweet from the guys to visit her and make her dream come true…sometimes.. life teach us something, i guess today that video change my life.

    I’m gonna be more apprecciate with all i have and the things i dont haven’t.


  • ursha

    The Jonas Brothers are so nice to do that. When they started to sing I started to cry. That girl is so sweet.

  • Katie

    the jonas brothers are soo sweet. It made me wanna cry when I watch it. i’m glad they made that little girl happy.

  • liz

    that is awesome! so weet. God bless them…

  • jannae

    this video made me cry. it’s so touching to see that fame hasn’t gone to their heads, and they really are sweet, caring people.

  • nick i love you

    OMJ that’s so cute .x3

    i love jb (especially nick =) )

    i almost cry about the little poor girl….
    and jb was so nice to her =)

  • nick i love you

    OMJ that’s so cute

    i love jb (especially nick =) )

    i almost cry about the little poor girl….
    and jb was so nice to her =)

  • listen to mayday parade

    They seem to be really nice guys,
    I am glad they are doing some good.
    I love the new song.
    And Nick is taking over as the hottest… He is so fit now.
    Although, Joe in glasses = wow super hott

  • Yvonne

    Are you guys serious? This is not the time to be all up on the boys looks. There are so many JB topics to hash that about, but this is an emotional story that tugs at the heart. What a wonderful thing these boys did for her. I am quite proud of them and she seemed to be happy to meet them.

  • nicklovesemily:] sitbbing..this is the number one reason those boys are my hero…

    howw many ppl would do that for that sweet little girl?! that was not suprised they did though, bc they are the sweetest boys alive!!

    my mom texted me while i was at school saying i had to see this as soon as i get home bc it was the sweetest thing she ever saw..and now were both looking up ways to become doners..bc we lost a friend to this and my cousins boyfriend nick is fighting luekemia too and its not looking good..

    they really give me hope in this world..i love them, god bless the jonas brothers:)<3

  • a

    she deserves to get better<3
    jb are amazing also for doing this

  • A

    This made me want to cry, i’ll be praying for that little girl.

  • ashley

    wow, thanks for making me cry, my heart goes out to this family & from the beginning of this video it touched my heart, & it shows how much the boys have hearts. wow.

  • camz

    this made me cry. =[ being a cancer survivor (diagonsed when i was 5) i know what jayla has to go through, and JB just taking time off for her is just amzingly sweet of the boys. my prayers go to jayla and her family.

  • mrsefron.

    i feel bad for her. and everyone in her condition.

    i wish there was a cure :(

    i started tearing. that’s cool of JB to do.


  • Taytay

    That’s the most amazing thing ever. I sobbed through the whole thing. That girl deserves to live a long life. I cannot believe how touching that was. Those boys are quite possibly the nicest, most caring, generous people in the world. Thank God for having people like them. Pray that a miracle comes about for Jayla.


  • Jonas 09

    That made me cry, The Jonas Brothers looked like they were gonna cry. They are the best guys in the world, and everytime I listen to,
    ‘Love Bug’, I will always think of Jayla and The Jonas Brothers.
    Love you Jayla and JB all my Hugs and Kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Cals

    O my gosh that was amazing! They are so cool! I love that they took the time out of their schedule to visit that sweet little girl. I pray for the all the best to Jayla and her family! God Bless the Jo Bros!

  • ally

    I CRIED WATCHING THIS. this is such a sweet story and shows how amazing the joans brothers are. god bless them and i wish this girl alot of luck she looks like such a sweet heart <3

  • mogi

    #17 Yvonne, I agree with you.
    These guys are so sweet and really good guys, I watched this video like two hours ago, but I’m still crying.
    God bless them and also Jayla. She’s such a strong girl.

  • Mkaaa

    OMG thats so sweet.
    I was in tears actually, it just amazes me.

    I hope there is indeed a miracle!

  • JennyJONAS

    im happy that she met them before she goes
    and thats so sweet what JB did and so cute that lovebug was her wedding song!

    i love this story!
    ill keep Jayla Cooper in my prayers and her family! :)

    i really hope there is cure for this!

  • Cynthiaa

    Omg.. how sad.. I actually started crying when the Jonas Brothers sang to her…im such a little baby… I hope she gets better shes too young to die. : /

  • Courtney

    Awhh :( she seems like an amazin sweet loving little girl she derseved to meet her favorite band (: The boys are strong for going there and meeting her If I were them I would have started to cry This video touched me I wanna find out how somehow I can help-Courtney
    P.s.Jonas Brothers are amazing!

  • katie



    omg that is so sweet :]

  • karina

    this made me cry. this makes me love the jonas brothers even more. They are such sweet guys. My prayers go out to Jayla and her family, may she get better and be able to live a long life.

  • jasmine

    that was so amazingg !
    i freakin got on my hands and knees praying for that little girl to get better :(

    goshhh , that was sooo sadd .

  • Nick Jonas’ girlfriend

    Aw I’m crying my eyes out right now I cant hardly see the screen. The Jonas Brothers are the BEST so down to earth they really care. Its hard to believe people actually hate them. My prayers go out to Jayla may the Lord be with you Jayla! God bless.

  • Meepzy

    Yeah yeah, the Jonas Brothers were incredibly sweet to do this, they’re great whatever.

    But am I the only one who thinks a 9 year old having a wedding is really ridiculous?

  • http://deleted Kristine

    i’m really speechless right now.
    THIS is the most, depressing, unbelievable, heart warming story of a innocent , loving, kind, little girl with a sickness :’(.
    SO sad, that she risked to get married at such an early age, cuz she didn’t believe, she can make it through her life..
    ALL of this, def made me cry
    I feel so bad for Jayla!! =[

    and bless the boys for being such sweet hearts, and such caring, down to earth, loving guys, to come to her home and sing her, the song of her life— the song she’s wanting to hear, once she feels better. MAKES me love them even more, to risk, a busy schedule, just for the sake of a child’s ( fans) life. (:
    I can tell, they were crying inside and trying to stay strong, just sitting there, singing a beautiful song, for such a sweet little girl.
    AND for that, they should def give back, more often, when they find time..
    for all the other kids with sickness’s.

    I know, she’s gonna get through this
    with the good hearts and loving minds like the boys
    to give her strength from that song
    and inspire others to help
    and remind her, that, she’s def loved, to get better
    no matter what — jayla is gonna live.
    my prayers go to you, jayla
    every day & night <3
    I know friends, who are facing the same treatments as you..
    & there lucky to have people , simliar to what you have
    to help you :)

    no one needs to die at such an early life, with not living their dreams …

    THIS VIDEO/ The jonas brothers/ Jayla/
    i will never forget.


  • melanie

    that actually brought tears to my eyes! they are the sweetest gentlemen ever! :] thanks JJJ!

  • Julienne

    aww that is so sweet :]
    i really hope Jayla Cooper lives :]

  • Kayla Taheri

    wow!! that is amazing!!!! wen i was 22 months old i was diagnosed with leukimia and i know how it feels too go through this!!! i am now okkk but all my heart and hopes goes out to jayla!!! stay strong!!! she is one lucky girl to have met the jonas brothers and to have her wedding before she passes away!!! i love you!

  • rocksii

    aww .. this is so sad.
    it made me cry.
    nick, that was the sweetest hug ever!

  • melissa

    This means sooooo much to me because my little sister died from leukemia 8 years ago. I really hope she gets better, because i know how hard it is to loose someone from leukemia. Love ya guys!

  • the.KT

    oh my gooooodness! aaah i would start crying if i tried to sing to her thats so beautiful but soo sad.

    WOW is all i can say

    some things can be so ironically beautiful* <3

  • Lauren

    omg. that wasn’t just sweet because the jonas brothers came, it was just a moving story in general. :’( i hope she gets to have a second wedding too!!!!!!!!!!

  • luis

    Hi JJJ!! This is Luis from Guatemala… this is really great! I mean… The JoBros are with all of their fans… and this nice and sweet act is one of the best things they have ever done… great!

    Greets from GUATEMALA!!



    Jayla really is true angel. I don’t know her, but she is beautiful, inside and out. It was so bittersweet to watch this, happy seeing the happiness on her face at her wedding, and meeting the Jonas Brothers, who are such sweet, genuine people, but sad to know why this is all happening. May God Bless such a beautiful child. Miracles can happen.

  • maddie

    I cried watching this. Poor little girl. I’m glad she is getting her biggest dreams to come true, but her situation is still heartbreaking. God bless her, and her and her family are in my prayers.

  • Zoe.

    That was sooo nice of them, that poor little girl

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