Kristen Stewart is a Cake Eater

Kristen Stewart is a Cake Eater

Kristen Stewart smiles and waves to photographers as she runs some errands in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 3).

The 18-year-old actress just returned to the States after premiering Twilight in Tokyo, Japan with co-stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Kristen‘s other flick, The Cake Eaters, is being released on March 24 on DVD. The flick is a quirky, small town, ensemble drama that explores the lives of two interconnected families coming to terms with love in the face of loss.

Kristen Stewart – “The Cake Eaters” Trailer

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Credit: ISBP; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • b chick

    cant wait to watch it!
    i love kristen
    and she is drop dead gorgeous. (even with short hair)

  • arantxa

    she looks a lot different with short hair

  • IsCeLLe

    So glad she’s finally smiling!
    cant wait for Cake Eaters!

  • Coii

    wiii!!! you guys should put more news about her and the cast!! she looks great!!!

    Team KStew!!

  • cc27

    She’s so simple! :) I love her. I didn’t realize she has shorter hair? ‘o’

  • arantxa

    she looks great in this pictures
    i mean she is smiling & her eyes are okay
    in som pictures she looks tired but not this pictures

  • jaime

    she looks great! and she’s smiling!
    can’t wait to see cake eaters!

    more kristen news and pictures! <3

  • Sara

    Nice to see her smiling, she’s actually quite pretty. Wish she would smile more

  • seems like she had a good day =)

  • twilight fan

    Kristen doesn’t have short hair its a Wig….I look forward to seeing this movie its definitly a challenging roll and Ill probably need some tissue!

  • duddeee:]

    woahhhhh slow down a little…is she…is she..smiling? thats foreign for her.

  • lore

    shes really beautiful :D

  • Diana

    go kristen! woohoo, back in town!

  • laura-c

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this character she plays seems mentally challenged. Autistic or something. I’m just asking, no offense if Autistic people don’t act like that, it’s the only one I could think of.

  • amelia

    ^ lol i get what you mean don’t worry! (i’m not autistic.. i just agree haha)

  • vanessajonas

    i dont know whats the fuzz with her/…
    she is awkard and always looks tired..
    i think she fits really well with bella’s description

  • LIZA

    your plain stupid ^

    love kristen and rpattzz!

  • jl

    stunning. love her.

  • iluvrobpattz

    she looks great!

  • lower

    Jared, why you never post new robert pictures? Thats why all rob’s fans are at perez hilton

  • joss

    kristen! <3

    agree with #1 she is so pretty! without make up and the add-ons

    can’t wait to see cake eaters!

    kstew & rpattz!

  • Rebecca

    i absolutely adore Kristen. she is so beautiful and simple. and she is an amazing actress! she isn’t like the rest of them, she is her own person and she’s different. thts what i love! like rob pattinson <3

    …. i honestly love her outfit her. very simple.

  • nadia

    Kristen’s character isn’t autistic. She has Friedriech’s Ataxia. It’s a disease that attacks the nervous system. That’s why Georgia (her character) can’t walk right and her speech is slurred.

  • shelby

    hey JARED quit posting her on this site. maybe justjared but not this site for little disney stars. it’s getting old.

  • Cris

    She looks great and happy!

    I can’t wait to see The Cake Eaters. Kristen’s performance in this movie has gotten a lot of positive reviews and praise.

  • laura-c

    Thank you, nadia.

  • Ella

    Shes so gorgeous!!

  • Shannon

    she should smile more often she’s really pretty when she does!

  • Patty

    Kristen you should smile more!!! You look great with a smile :) … Love ya anyways.

  • Kris

    Oh man !!
    im way excited to see the cake eaters
    i heard it’s one of her best performances ever!!
    and the trailer looks really good …
    i love how she tackles on such different characters

    she’s going to play a stripper and then a man in her next couple of films coming up ! i’m really excited to see her range of talent and work that hopefully one day will earn her an oscar nomination because she’s absolutely amazing !
    && it’s great to see her smiling..
    i’m glad she’s finally taking a step into accepting her sudden fame and appreciating it even though she may not like it.

  • leaf

    you can go to for a synopsis of the movie and screenings in theaters starting March 13!
    i’m going!

  • blaster

    Looks like she had a good rest.. Twilight promo was really tiring for her.. she’s very busy doing a lot of films.. after finishing Twilight, she started doing Welcome to the Rileys and then promotion for Twilight. and now pre-prod for New Moon, there The Runaways too..This girl is SMOKIN’!!!!!!

    she’s amazing in this film.. i have read great reviews about her performance and was even nominated for best actress in one of the Film Festivals it was invited to.

  • blaster

    and BTW Jared.. Why do i see her in this junior site of yours?

    she’s a serious actress not a bunch of teeny weeny disney star!!!!

    and then i see annalyne maccord in JJ… seriously??!!! that girl can’t even act!!!!

  • roslina

    cool girl. When I saw twilight I was wondering who’s this girl, then I remember she was the Jodie Foster’s kid in Panic Room. Cool. Very nice girl. Agreed with some of you, she’s kind of Angelina Jolie. Look forward to her new sequel of twilight.

  • Maria

    You’re gorgeous Kristen!

  • Russian girl

    Kristen is really so much prettier when she’s smiling!
    Can’ t wait for DVD
    Can’t wait for Newmoon
    Want to see Adventureland and Little Ashes

  • den

    She looks so cute when she’s smiling <3
    GAHHHHHHHHH I love her sfm!

    I’ve been waiting so long to watch The Cake Eater. I’m glad it finally got distribution. :)

  • Gemm

    She looks completly different when she smiles! She should do that more when paps are around!

  • chantal

    i really like her shoes! what are they/where are they from??

  • Samantha

    I am glad Kristen looks like she’s doing good and she’s smiling. I love Kristen so much she’s an amazing actress and I also agree she shouldn’t be on the junior site she’s a serious actress so I think she should be on jj

  • indiesr

    Wow! Kristen, I for one am happy to see you smiling and waving? @ the paps. After all the harsh scrutiny you just went through (yes I was one of them that scrutinized you,you do @ times come off with a bad attitude:) ) I must say I’m very impressed. Keep it up girl. :)

  • Pan

    Kristen is super pretty! :) i love how simple yet beautiful she is! She seriously is bad ass! i love her!

    please keep posting kristen stewart news and pictures! thank you!!!

  • Jennifer

    woah cool!! Cake Eaters will be released on my Birthday :D
    Actually I hate my birthday.. I dont like celebrating and Partys and especially on one particular day in the year – my birthday! Birthday is smth..cruel xD I mean.. u get older everyday, closer to death…
    even Im going to turn “only” 17 but that doesnt matter xD
    anyway, now im looking forward to my b-day cause The Cake eaters DVD is releasing there! yay, at least smth :D
    P.S.: Kris totally rox, shes awesome :D

  • Mary

    Kristen looks so gorgeous
    love her, foreeeeever <<<33 can’t wait new moon, so nice
    suddenly half smilling kiki? AWESOME! love ya

  • shiley

    she is soooooooooo pretty

  • Michelle

    She’s even more gorgeous without make up!!! And she’s smiling for once…good for her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yashi

    im soo happy to see NO MORE BASHING OF KRISTEN IN THIS SITE im really happy people are starting to notice that the media is constantly putting her down for being herself.

    seriously i cant wait for this movie, the yellow handkercheif ( she got an award in sundance last year cause of this movie BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS) welcome to the rileys and adventureland later this month GAH IM SOO EXITED KRISTEN IS SOO AMAZING

  • samantha

    aw its so nice when kstew smiles

  • anaaaa

    i love her!
    even though she says rude stuff, she is still a wonderful actress
    and really prettyy, she is amazing as bella!


  • i love kristen but…

    Is Kristen even wearing a bra in these pictures? Because it doesn’t look like it…?