Robert Pattinson: Nominated for an Empire Award

Robert Pattinson: Nominated for an Empire Award

Robert Pattinson keeps his head low as he heads into his hotel in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (March 3).

The 22-year-old British actor was just recently nominated for Best Newcomer for the 2009 Jameson Empire Awards. Voting is now open for registered Empire Online members. The awards ceremony is slated for Sunday, March 29.

Robert recently returned from premiering Twilight in Tokyo, Japan with co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

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Credit: Gabo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • baby m

    ahhhh hottie ;)

  • Gabriela Aroca

    Sooo beautifuul !
    Love him ♥ *-*

  • maariya

    aww….. i love robert. ive seen him wear that shirt like so many times lol =]

  • Diana

    so hot!

  • twilghtost

    he looks kinda sad.

  • sam

    i love you rob^^

  • dancedance

    gorgeous guy <3

  • Ella

    Oh my god he is soooo SEXY!!

  • jen

    he is always sexy!!love rob

  • Meepzy

    Are you serious? Why the hell was he nominated? He’s really bad at acting, all his lines look so forced!

  • joss

    he is so sexy! <3
    hope he wins!

    #7 if you only watched twilight than i don’t think it’s fair to judge him based on one movie. He’s done others, aside from the HP series, he’s great in ‘How to be’ and others like ‘bad mother handbook’

  • riana

    he actually aint that hot in real life but in twilight he is

  • mee

    OMG, he is soo hot !!
    Love R-Patz =)

  • Lorraine


  • Mani

    Did you not see him at the Oscar? He was the hottest guy there. I also like his personaliy and sense of humor too. That is extremely attactive to me. Beauty is def in eye of the beholder..

  • Anonymous

    ALWAYS looks GOOD!!!

  • Elise


  • lili


    he’s Mr. Sexy!

  • Maria

    Why is he staying in a hotel?

    By the way to my Twilight fans…he’s heading up to Vancouver TODAY to start shooting for New Moon…YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  • Russian girl

    LOve him.
    But I don’t think that he is a Newcomer. He was acting before Twilight.
    But no, Ok. He must win)))

  • abi

    These are important awards so please vote for rob

  • BEBE

    yay, he is definitely ready for new moon and eclipse, he shaved and his hair is ready…good luck rob

  • Alison

    Yes, newcomer is not exactly appropriate, but I hope he wins.

    Can’t wait for New Moon!

  • b chick

    JJJ, thank you so much for posting rob pattinson!
    post more things about him, pleeeease!

    he is so freaking hott!


    I love this guy to death!! He is soooo sexy….. He is my life!

  • Anizinha

    I never believed that story of him being dirty, I think he must have a very good smell.

    Robert so hot

    kisses from Brazil

  • Alice

    He is not really sexy compare to zac but just cute :)
    Anyway im looking forward to see new moon

  • New Moon fan

    Uggh as much as I love him, but ROB NEEDS NEW CLOTHES!
    wearing the same shirt OVER AND OVER AGAIN is not being down-to-earth, it’s just plain wierd.

  • julie

    Rob looks like he just got out of the shower…YUMMY! Sexiest man alive! Dont judge him by Twilight, he had a crappy director, watch his other stuff, Bad Mothers Handbook, Haunted Airman and How to Be, he is a very talented actor who can do drama or comedy very well. The Empire awards are very prestigious, go vote for him on Empireonline, its a really big award in England.

  • barbi

    i love his smile, he’s so hot, so nice.. anyway i love you roob!!
    and yes, buy some new t-shirts :)
    so bad that in new moon he’ll not be in so much scenes but well..

  • TiTanicGirl

    never liked him in twilight.:/ but he looks awesome after he shaved.<3

  • Cullen Boys Anonymous

    Thanks for these amazing pictures! The shot of Rob running that is taken from behind him is incredible! You need to issue warnings on stuff this HOT.

  • Lucie

    I LOVE his t-shirt, hope he never buy new clothes :}

  • Sia


  • sweetnessa

    he’s NOT sexy

  • Michelle

    You dazzle me…. :D


  • Meepzy

    @#11. Dude I was #10, not 7 LOL

    I’ve seen his Harry Potter movie, I’ve seen his trailers and clips of his other two movies. Not only is this kid NOT a newcomer, but really, he can’t act.

  • lower

    # 37
    Shut the f*ck up, he is amazing in How to Be and Little Ashes, this ‘oh, rob can’t act’ BS is already overrated

  • zenster

    awww he’s having to run =(

  • .:Gaby:.

    I love him !!! I am reading Twilight and I just passed the part that edward and bella kiss for the first time!

  • arantxa

    Aw (L)

  • anaaaa

    i freaking adore himmm!!
    omgg he is sooooo hoott<3

  • s.m.s rob

    he looks much MUCH hotter with his hair more tamed.
    i think it’s perfect that way :D:D


  • evaaa!

    i love robert pattinson so much!
    he is the sexiest man alive and is a great actor (: