Taylor Swift Pulls Off A Quick Change

Taylor Swift Pulls Off A Quick Change
  • Taylor Swift is a quick-change artist
  • The Jonas Brothers remember your face
  • Miley Cyrus doesn’t get the drama
  • Jordin Sparks sings the National Anthem
  • Corbin Bleu goes free-styling
  • Ashley Tisdale will be on E! News tonight. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot for Cosmo. Check tune in times so you don’t miss it!
  • Jennette McCurdy brand-new single, “So Close,” will drop on Tuesday, March 10th!
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  • SooCute x

    Love Er x

  • jane

    Cant wait to see her in E! News!!!

  • Kristi jo dee

    Taylor needs to give back. What the Jonas brothers did by showing up to visit that girl who has cancer was wonderful and shows they care and are good people. Love Taylor too but she needs to show compassion for others instead of the act of self pity because Joe found the love of his life. Taylor please get over Joe and move on, invest your time in others…give back to those who love you. Wishing the best for her and Joe.

  • lesha

    kristi. if all you see in taylor is someone that ‘cant get over joe’ then you obviously don’t even try to know her at all. i see taylor give back in almost everything she does. i see the genuine conversations she has with fans, as if they were long lost friends. i see the interaction she has with fans. its never ‘stand her and take a picture,’ if anything she takes the camera herself and takes the pic with them. it never ceases to baffle me how people can only see one dimension to people. i love taylor. i love who she has become. and if you honestly can not see the compassion in almost everything she does, then i guess their really is no hope for humanity. if that is your example of person who simply ‘doesn’t care,’ then i would hate to see what you say about people who really are self-proclaim selfish, uncompassionate, people. shame.

  • lesha

    anyway. less serious note.

    i will always love that performace at the AMAs; the quick change, the rain, haha. it was like her reigning moment. she was so pysched about that performance, as was i.

  • kelly

    i like taylor. she seems like a sweet ahd compassionate girl. however, i think all her songs sound the same. :/

  • hun98

    Taylor is overrated. and seems a bit self absorbed. ok, not entirely she is nice to her fans. but she is kinda hateful to people who aren’t obsessed with her.

    by the way, I love Miley on the Ryan Seacretst inerview. geesh people, what’s the big idea?

  • Melissa

    anyone know where a video of this quick change is?

    haha and i love taylor! but i kinda wish people would stop talking about her like she’s their best friend, we really don’t know if she’s self-absorbed or not.
    anyways, taylor is an awesome artist.

    and i think Miley’s story is funny, like the paparazzi make stories sound so different from what they really are! haha

  • Annabel

    Ugh, I think Taylor needs to stop it with the onstage theatrics. Some people can pull them off… she’s not one of those people. She should focus more on giving a good vocal performance, or at least a passable one, because Lord knows she’s lacking in that department. And, after all, she is a singer. It’s kind of her job to be able to, you know… sing. And please note that this is coming from a fan of Taylor.

  • lisa

    well i love taylors singing and love her performances. like someone said, her AMA performance was one of the coolest things. any artist could have their band play out some song while she went to change, why not just quick change right there. it looked cool and unexpected at the AMAs, im sure it was the same.

  • me

    Taylor actually is a genuinely sweet person. I love her for it. Yes, i have met her, and she is actually the nicest person that I have ever met. You would never know that she was a celebrity by the way she treats you, she always treats fans like her best friends, I love that. She sees no difference between a ‘fan’ and a ‘friend’. She never ceases to amaze me at how much she actually does give back. Sure, its not making an appearance on a tv show, visiting a kid’s house ( which was REALLY sweet or the jonas brothers, by the way) but she does give back in other ways. She donated $100,000 to help people from a flood. She always has meet&greets and never denies to talk to a fan and take pictures. She is a really sweet girl. :].