Camilla Belle is Gonna Make It After All

Camilla Belle is Gonna Make It After All

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

Camilla Belle flashes a big smile on her face as she re-enacts the opening sequence to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The 22-year-old actress, along with Hayden Panettiere, Alexis Bledel and Alicia Keys, is helping Glamour magazine celebrate over 70 years of female American icons.

Camilla shared with the mag, “We all should continue to be as independent as Mary was and unapologetically push for equality in the workplace.”

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Photos: Brigitte Lacombe
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  • sarah

    i just think she is great

  • kwel

    you rock camilla belle

  • Elise

    coming from an Australian I think that Taylor Swift would be my american idol as she is naturally beautiful and dosent need to wear makeup to be pretty. Cant wait till she comes here to Australia in a week :)

  • Mrs.NickJonas

    I predict that Joe and Camilla will be over in a month or two. I mean come on this “relationship” is just for publicity! She never got this kind of attention before and no one barely talked about her.

  • Elise

    oh and by the way Camilla give me Joe so he and I can get Married :) lol

  • Violet

    Camilla Belle is gorgeous, and I don’t know why, but I like the pink tweed. Ha.

    I’m less of a Mary Tyler Moore girl and more of an Audrey Hepburn. She was beautiful, her films were amazing, she had great fashion sense, and she was active in a number of charities. Classic.

  • Violet

    #3…I think Joe and Camilla still have a while to go yet in their relationship. I also don’t think it’s for publicity. I think they genuinely care about each other; it’s the papparazzi taking a greater interest in her that makes it seem as though she’s seeking attention. It’s not her fault. They obviously know what they’re doing. Let’s just be happy for them. :)

  • Jasmine

    Jared you are just promoting her because she’s associated with the jonas brothers.

  • cheergirl

    Mrs.NickJonas and Jasmine have a point. Camilla was never really on JJ or JJJ until she and Joe began dating. And here’s everyone thinking they’ll be together for a long time, but let’s face it. They won’t. Everyone also thought Joe and Taylor would stay together, too. Wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and that’s mine.

  • Adriana


  • Cals

    I love Camilla! she’s naturally beautiful, but I watched some of her earlier movies like The Ballad of Jack and Rose… strange.. and The Quiet.. STRANGE… but I liked her in When A Stranger Calls… I think my American Icon is… Joe Jonas! lol just kidding hes my American Hottie! lol .. my real Icon is prolly Audrey Hepburn! She was so elegant!

  • jennyjonas

    its joes choice if he wants to date her

    just leave joe and camilla alone

  • LO

    Kelly Clarkson, fa shoooo.

    I’m kinda over Camilla. I mean, yeah she’s pretty, but really… who cares?

    And who cares about Joe/Camilla. It won’t last. He’s 19. She’s 22. They’re really young, they’ll move on.

  • Lucy

    Actually she has always been on JJ, just no JJJ… she’s already a well known actress… is just now that she’s becoming “popular” between the tweenies because she’s dating Joe Jonas.
    Trust me dating a Jonas didn’t gave her the parts on the movies she’s starring this year ;)

  • Ava

    Why is she on JJJ? She should be with the grown-ups. I’m so sick of her being associated with Jonas Brothers. We get it, she and Joe are together, but we don’t care to see her on a teensite. Put her back on JJ, even though they don’t care for her either.

  • ok


  • mariana a. jonas

    i don’t camilla for dating joe.
    i hope they break up soon!

    mariana jonas

  • Jayde

    Yes, you go girl! :) I love her ha ha

  • gossip girl

    dude who is she?!
    i swear i see her everywhere

  • alli

    why didnt u post the other pics from that glamour series? i saw them on another gossip blog, they’re awesome!

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    at least we went a whole week before we heard or saw her again….its getting quite pathetic really how all of a sudden shes back in the limelight this past few months……but joe has nothing to do with this….she was very well known before………good luck to the pair of them but give us more of nick and kevin please…….joes love life is getting old come out with something new…..camilla is not the only actress in the world to do good……….we need fresh new material JJ AND JJJ……

  • Tracy

    Don’t forget….even if Joe and Camilla break up tomorrow, that doesn’t mean he’s going to date YOU dumb fangirls. Why would you, who call yourself fans, wish for him to be unhappy. Because that’s what a breakup makes people…unhappy. What morons you are.

  • Giuls

    I Love Camila, she is great and beautiful <3

    my american icon: Rita Hayworth. I looooove her *-*

  • anon

    God her and joe make the perfect couple!
    they’re both really fugly and look alike lol GREAT!

  • Kristi jo dee

    JJJ get over this. Apparently this chick is dating a JoBro. Nobody really cares about her. I saw her on Kimmel and she sucked…she was trying to be interesting and it fell flat. Since she is using Jonas Bros she better step it up to the max the next six months or she won’t be able to play that card cuz they will be washed up.

  • kate

    And here I thought we could get by this whole week without seeing any new stuff on her. It was nice to just hear about Danielle more. Oh, well

  • TiTanicGirl

    geee, the fans love him so much and started to bash on her. Thats why the girls have to be the villain in the relationship of hollywood. -_- U guys r so pathetic. she looks very pretty! Like in a photo shoot!!

  • Briana!

    Haha my friend and I made a bet when Joe would break up the that ho I mean Camilla….=] I can’t stand her not because shes dating a jonas brothers cause shes disgusting

  • c

    ewwww ewwwww ewwwwww


    joe is mine and will always be mine♥

  • Alex

    have you guys seen the interview with Joe when he talked about being so in love with Camilla and if he ever met he he would propose to her? He feels about Camilla the way we all feel about him! Come on guys, she makes him happy. Be real fans and support him :)

  • chrissy

    hmm. well camilla belle is alright
    and honestly she seems to mature for Joe.
    i dont like Joe or am jealous.
    It’s like bill clinton and paris hilton dating.
    but not my buisness

    my american idol??
    Hmm…I would say Ellen Degeneres
    she’s just so awesome
    but my idol is emma watson too!

  • sdq

    you know what?

    i think she DOESNT love joe, and joe loves her.

  • http://jjj LAURENJ

    we feel for the guy and he can be happy BUT STOP SHOVING HER DOWN OUR THROATS……he doesnt care how we feel im sure but stop with the crap please….surely there is other jonas news besides camilla belle or is she the fourth jonas NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • http://jjj annony

    how can she represent an american icon when she doesnt acknowlege at the best of time she is an american…..she does so when it suits her otherwise its brazil this brazil that…… not mocking brazilian becauz alot of my friends are and personnally i think gisele budchene is a brazilian icon and should represent brazil because she is what u call BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!talk about being a two face bitch with no morals whatsoever………

  • Emmaxx

    I didn’t even know who she was until she started dating joe. lol.

  • natalie

    i think shes fishy..i know all you guys think joes happy and whatever but the guys never go out in public that many times with their girlfriends and i think shes just using him..shes known to do that with guys. i met her a few years ago and she was very mature and sophisticated…not really like the kind of girl joe says he likes. i think hes just having fun but they will be over in no time. especially since his 3d movie was a big flop. shes using joe whether you guys would like to believe it or not. if you dont like this comment then dont read it cuz i really dont wanna hear everyones replies

  • jess love jb

    My american icon is Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler

  • christa

    She is so pretty when she smiles it like shows her personality. In pics where she is papped looking sad she looks kinda grumpy but she looks gorgeous.

  • http://YAHOO Tiffany lynn

    Aw, I love Mary Tyler Moore,
    And Camilla, she looks so pretty…as always!

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